Are you excited about The Royal Wedding tomorrow? Or at least curious? I thought it would be fun to join in the celebration of Will and Kate’s fast approaching nuptials by posting some fun royal wedding things today, starting with ten royal weddings. I’ve chosen some because they are eternally iconic, and others because I thought they were lovely. Which royal weddings inspire or fascinate you most?

Prince Rainier III of Monaco to American actress Grace Kelly, April 1956.

Duke of Windsor to American socialite Wallis Simpson, June 1937.

{Clockwise from top left}
Princess Alice of Battenberg to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, October 1903.
Princess Marina of Greece to Prince George, Duke of Kent, November 1934.
Princess Margrethe of Denmark to Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat, June 1967.
Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece to Marie-Chantal Miller, July 1995.

Prince Edward, Duke of Kent to Katharine Worsley, June 1961.

{Clockwise from top left}
Princess Margaret Rose of York to English photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, May 1960.
1854 re-enactment of the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, February 1840.
Princess Anne to Captain Mark Phillips, November 1973.

Charles, Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer, July 1981.


Check back in a bit for more royal wedding fun!

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  1. Andrea

    I love Royal Weddings and cannot wait to tomorrow! Lovely to see all those photos…thanks!

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  2. Naturally Carol

    I think I was fascinated by the thought of Grace Kelly’ marriage to Prince Ranier..but it was before I was born. The first royal wedding I really observed on the tv was Princess Diana and Prince Charles…disappointing in the end as I think both were manipulators of the public and deceivers of each other…but I really hope that Kate and William are different. They seem to be really in love. I can’t wait to see the dress, the hair, the pomp and ceremony and ‘that kiss’!! I am still a romantic!

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  3. Sara

    can’t wait for the royal wedding..I’m such a wedding junkie!how beautiful Grace Kelly was!

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  4. Gabriella {sensiblyluxe}

    I love all wedding and royal weddings in particular because they’re particularly grand. The story of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson fascinates me just as much, if not a teensy bit more, than that of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier. He abdicated, after all.

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  5. Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay

    I look at pictures of Grace Kelly all day. She’s so gorgeous and elegant.

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  6. Jocelyn Stott

    Love this! It’s fun to see how much the styles have changed over the years.

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  7. myra :: twigs & honey

    Grace Kelly – timeless. I can picture any modern bride wearing exactly what she did.

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  8. joanna goddard

    such a fun round-up!

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  9. the Perfect Palette

    Great collection of royal wedding photos. Truly special.

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  10. Kelly Oshiro

    Grace Kelly hands down!

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  11. Jessica

    Beautiful compilation! Though I have to admit a slight chuckle at the inclusion of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor before tomorrow’s wedding. Their story is not looked upon quite as fondly by the British royals (yes, I’m historical nerd… indulge me little bit).

    Also, notice how all the brides are wearing sleeves? I seriously hope that if there is one trend that comes out tomorrow’s wedding is the demise of the strapless wedding gown. For real. Oh, Grace Kelly owned it on her wedding day.

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  12. Cocroft & Delbridge

    I agree with Jocelyn…it is so cool to look at the evolution of bridal style! I can’t wait to see how Kate Middleton translates the modern royal bride!

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  13. Janet

    Grace Kelly and Princess Margaret will always be style icons for me. What a lovely line up! Thank you. My alarm clock is already set. . .

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    So funny that with all the Royal Wedding fever WellWed Magazine is holding its own royal event, the annual Hamptons Wedding Affair. Located at Brecknock Hall in Greenport, NY this luxury bridal event is true vintage-Americana–an event not to be missed! For more information visit Look forward to seeing all of you beautiful brides there!

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  15. Stephanie U. {Preppy Chic}

    if you’re interested in more of the top royal weddings in the modern hisotry… i had put together a post about them a couple days ago with info about each wedding & some background history:

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  16. Lydia

    The Duchess of Windsor is a strange inclusion indeed. Not only because her wedding was very much frowned on by most British people (including the royal family), but also because she was a Nazi sympathizer and a blatant racist. She was a selfish and frivolous woman who went on lavish shopping trips in the US while her people in Britain were rationing and enduring air raids. She also used to call her husband’s niece Elizabeth fat. To her face. I find it puzzling that merely her status as a princess is enough to put her on a list of women we should be inspired by. Personally, her inclusion rather ruined this otherwise delightful piece for me. What a shame.

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  17. Sammi-J

    Oh my what a glorious array of fascinating fascinators at The Royal Wedding earlier. Love Victoria Beckham’s look and Zara Phillips has to win the prize for the best Royal – along with The Countess of Wessex. Thought Victoria Beckham looked quite Grace Kelly-esk!

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  18. Stephanie @rhinspirations

    Thanks for the recap of all the royal weddings! All so fascinating to me –

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