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Remember a few weeks ago when I told you about the brunch I was hosting for my girlfriends? I’d say for my first brunch, it was quite a success, thanks in large part to the many wonderful gifts Ryan and I received from our Williams-Sonoma registry. So, since our friends from Williams-Sonoma are here today giving away a $150 gift certificate, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to share some of my favorite registry items, and at the same time share my tips for hosting a brunch (now that I’m an expert with that one brunch under my belt)…

1. Pantry Tablecloth
2. Bee Pressed-Glass Tumblers
3. Peach Streusel Coffee Cake
4. mixed berries

I tried to keep my menu fairly simple: coffee cake, scrambled eggs with scallions and cream cheese, bacon, berries with honey yogurt, and fresh-squeezed juice and coffee. (Okay, the juice was excessively time-consuming, but it was delicious.) The night before, I set the table, put the berries and yogurt in serving dishes, and made a coffee cake (I’d like to thank my Kitchen-Aid mixer, various measuring cups and rubber spatulas, and the seriously-no-stick Anniversary Bundt Pan, all of which came from my Williams-Sonoma registry).

The next morning, all I had left to do was to make the bacon and the eggs. Now, let me confess something. Every time I make bacon on the stovetop, I burn it. Every. Single. Time. Which is why I love this method of cooking bacon in the oven, by placing it on a cooling rack set over a jelly roll pan. All you have to do is set a timer, and the bacon does it’s own thing while you cook the eggs. Brilliant.

1. Williams-Sonoma Traditional Finish Jelly Roll Pan
2. Rösle Silicone Locking Tongs
3. Steel Cooling Rack
4. Williams-Sonoma Oven Mitt

Once the bacon was in the oven, I started on the eggs. I generally don’t care for scrambled eggs, but my mom has made this version with cream cheese and scallions since I was a kid, and it’s one of my favorite breakfast foods. By the way, can I suggest that you strongly consider registering for a nonstick pan if you don’t already have one? My eggs are infinitely better now that they come right out of the pan when I want them too. Not that I’ve tried an actual omelet yet…

1. All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel Nonstick Omelette Pan
2. Rösle Silicone Egg Whisk
3. 10-Piece Glass Bowl Set

Then there’s the aftermath of hosting a Sunday brunch: clean-up. And again, Williams-Sonoma steps in to make the whole experience all the more pleasant. Their Meyer lemon dish soap, hand soap and lotion all smell so bright and clean, and they look way nicer next to my kitchen sink than some of the alternatives out there (I may or may not have bought a set as a little gift for myself…). Together with a set of dish towels and a wood-handled brush I think they’d make a perfect shower or wedding gift.

1. Maier Nonstick Pan Cleaning Brush
2. Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Collection, Meyer Lemon
3. Williams-Sonoma Set of 4 Assorted Kitchen Towels

Okay, so who wants a $150 gift card to Williams-Sonoma?! To enter the giveaway… if you haven’t already registered with Williams-Sonoma, sign up and then leave a comment here telling us the registry item you’re most excited about. And if you are already registered, you can add another item and share it in the comments. You have until next Wednesday, March 9th, to enter. I will announce the randomly selected winner on Friday, March 11th. Oh, and I should also mention that you can receive an extra entry if you include your public registry link in your comment. I can’t wait to hear all about what you’ve registered for!

Official giveaway rules.

This post sponsored by Williams-Sonoma.

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  1. sarah g

    such a great giveaway! we’re already registered, but i added the white kitchenaid stand mixer. can’t believe i hadn’t added that to begin with!
    here’s the link to our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2666253/registry-list.html

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  2. Whitney

    I’ve already registered but I’m most excited about the All-Clad Slow Cooker that is exclusive to WS. I hope one of my guests gets it for us. It would be such a lovely gift.


    / Reply
  3. Jill

    I’m super excited about our stainless steel (brushed) pans and some le cruset pieces (including a grill pan and some baking pieces, like a loaf pan). I also saw that someone purchased the Oval Stoneware Bread Basket (in blue) for me for my bridal shower and got SO excited! :) LOVE WS!


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  4. Katy Graham

    I just added the egg waffle iron to our registry. It looks so cool. Can’t wait to get it.

    / Reply
  5. Courtney F.

    We’re already registered, but I added some in-drawer knife racks to the list. I like having sleek, clutter-free countertops!

    / Reply
  6. Rachel F.

    We really need new tongs so I’ve added them to the registry!

    / Reply
  7. Ken

    I want the 10 inch Staub grill pan in gray.

    / Reply
  8. Abbie

    I am SO incredibly excited about our upcoming wedding..and our WS registry! I just added a monogrammed wine cooler to ours.


    / Reply
  9. Bethany

    oooh! i love those dish towels!

    / Reply
  10. Bethany

    and here’s my registry :D

    / Reply
  11. Lia

    I am really excited to have nice knives – I picked the Global 3-piece set!

    / Reply
  12. Lia

    And here is our registry! https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2724368/manage-registry-list.html

    / Reply
  13. Olga

    I am really excited about the pizza stone. I love making pizza at home.

    heres my registry:

    / Reply
  14. Lily

    I am flippin’ short so I added a 2-step ultraslim step stool to our registry. That way I can reach all the other great items we’ve registered for!

    / Reply
  15. Lily

    Here’s our registry:


    / Reply
  16. Alison Jarman

    I have to say I am most looking forward to having Le Creuset Classic Round Dutch Oven, 5 1/2-Qt. in Dijon yellow. It’s beautiful!


    / Reply
  17. Jordan

    Had already registered, but added the Multicolor Ceramic 7-Piece Mixing Bowl Set to the list. Love the bright colors!

    / Reply
  18. Natasha

    I added the SodaStream Penguin Water Carbonator – I lived in Europe for awhile, and loved being able to make my water fizzy right at home! Here’s my registry-

    / Reply
  19. Maggie

    I’m super excited about my Le Creuset items!

    / Reply
  20. Maggie

    Here’s the link to my registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2631551/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  21. Josh

    I just registered for Williams-Sonoma and the first thing I did was add the Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan. That thing is awesome!

    / Reply
  22. Josh

    Whoops! Almost forgot to post my registry for public viewing! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2736013/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  23. Palmer

    We are registered at Williams-Sonoma and I am soooo excited about the Le Creuset items on our registry. Our registry is… http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2643996/registry-list.html?bnrid=3117895&cm_ven=AfRegistry&cm_cat=RegistryOth&cm_pla=GAN&cm_ite=Std

    / Reply
  24. Erin B.

    I’m registered and LOVE the Le Creuset Teakettle in Lemongrass.

    / Reply
  25. Roxanne

    I am desperate for all of the baking equipment, and the kitchenaid ice cream attachment. :)

    / Reply
  26. Roxanne

    And here’s my registry.


    / Reply
  27. Gail

    The item in my registry I’m most excited about is the All-Clad d5 Stainless Steel 10-Piece cookware set!

    / Reply
  28. Gail

    Link to my registry: https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2669492/manage-registry-list.html

    / Reply
  29. Rhian

    We already have a registry though it isn’t all that big yet since we still have over a year to the wedding. I just added the KitchenAid Stand Mixer Pasta Press Attachment but my favorite item is the Molcajete!

    Here is a link to our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2700795/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  30. sarah piper

    I think our blue-banded plates are going to be so sweet, and I’m also crossing my fingers for that Emile Henry artisan pie plate! Here it is: http://bit.ly/hk8Uyu

    / Reply
  31. Leslie

    We were also already registered, but added the All-clad d5 Brushed Stainless Steel 15 piece cookware set (fingers crossed someone loves us A LOT!) :)

    Here’s the link – http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2578599/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  32. Heather

    Most excited about having REAL knives in the kitchen! Or at least one, with this $150 giveaway ;)


    / Reply
  33. Megan Chambers

    who doesn’t love brunch? those bee glasses are divine – i think they’re unique conversation-starters. love it all!

    / Reply
  34. emily f.

    Ooh! I have my fingers crossed that I get the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker! I forsee delicious follow off the bone pork in my future!!! ;)

    / Reply
  35. emily f.

    Here’s our registry page- http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2734816/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  36. Emily

    We’re most excited for the tagine dish– we both like trying to cook things that we have only eaten at restaurants.

    oh, and here’s our public registry:


    / Reply
  37. Mrs. Puma

    I’m most excited about Wustof knives!

    / Reply
  38. Jamie

    I would love a great set of Wusthof knives! We have such terrible ones right now! However, my FI and I don’t believe in having registries so we’re not registring anywhere besides letting our guests know about certain charities that are special to us, so that if they feel like giving, they can give to a charity in our name. Otherwise, we’re not expecting, nor wishing for any gifts. They’re presence at our wedding is gift enough for us!

    / Reply
  39. Ally

    I’m thrilled to get any gifts from WS but I’m really excited about getting the pepper mill. Growing up my parents used one in our everyday cooking and now it’s hard not to use one when I cook.

    / Reply
  40. Juliana

    Wow! I don’t have anything on my registry yet, but I’m definitely going to add the dish towels and meyer lemon soap ASAP :). https://secure.williams-sonoma.com/registry/N2873765/manage-registry-list.html?cm_type=gnav

    / Reply
  41. Amanda I

    I added the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Metallic Chrome!

    Here’s a link to our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2613497/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  42. Caroline K

    I love, love, love the bee pressed glass! So fun and classic!

    / Reply
  43. Rebekah

    Cooking together is one of our favorite things and we just started on our W&S registry… Here’s the link!

    / Reply
  44. Jessica

    Just added a kitchen torch! Can’t wait to make some creme brulees!

    The registry is at:

    / Reply
  45. Christina

    I am so in need of the All-Clad roasting pan with rack.


    / Reply
  46. Larissa

    OMG I didn’t even know a calzone press even existed. It’s definitely on the top of my really really want list!

    Here’s our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2736286/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  47. Jessie @ Tasty Fare, Pretty Wear

    I am not registered yet, but I can’t wait to register for a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! Hopefully my day will come soon!

    / Reply
  48. Amanda H

    What an exciting giveaway! We’ve already got a lovely registry, and I just added something wonderful just for this occasion, the set of 4 Williams Brandy Glasses. Having a touch of brandy during the evening is something my fiance and I do together almost every night, and it would be wonderful to finally have the correct glasses for warming and sipping something so wonderful.

    Our registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2611278/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  49. Eileen


    My man and I drink lots and lots of tea, so the One Touch teapot is definitely going to be my top pick!

    / Reply
  50. Maria Malaveci

    The registry item I am most excited about is the Kitchen Aid Mixer!!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway!


    / Reply
  51. Maria Malaveci

    Here is a link to my registry! Hoping I can mark something off of it!



    / Reply
  52. Sarah H.

    So excited for the griddle so we can make weekend pancakes!

    / Reply
  53. terri oconnor

    ceramic heatable bread basket

    / Reply
  54. P.K. Pandian

    La Chamba Colombian Clay Round Casserole!

    / Reply
  55. Melissa


    That’s my registry!

    / Reply
  56. Melissa

    And I added the goldtouch sheet pans. I know, it isn’t exciting or glamorous or drool inducing, but this lady just needs some good sheet pans!

    Plus that rack is great for cooling just about anything.


    / Reply
  57. Eli

    Thanks Williams Sonoma!


    Just added the Global Bread Knife.

    Most eager to get anything from the All Clad Copper Core line.

    / Reply
  58. Bernadette

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been wanting a Williams Sonoma damask tablecloth for years and am so excited that I now have two of them on my registry!

    / Reply
  59. ashoz

    I just added the Fine Mesh Grill Pan to our registry. So excited for grilling season!


    / Reply
  60. Amy Burke

    Just added the Round Waffle Maker! Cant wait to make breakfast in bed…wait, hopefully someone else will be making the breakfast in bed!

    / Reply
    • Amy Burke


  61. Maria

    I added mixing bowls…we need them! registry link: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2735283/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  62. Shae

    I just added a dutch oven and am dreaming of all the savory stews I could make in it!

    / Reply
  63. Raechael

    I am so excited about the large double-handled soup bowls! I love to make soup, and these are oven safe!


    / Reply
  64. Stacey

    We just registered at the Store is Yours event with Anne Chertoff of Aisle Dash last Sunday and it was so fun! As much as I am excited to have a set of matching pans (no more hand me downs!), the item on our registry that I am most excited about is the french bread pan. My grandpa used to make the most amazing french bread and I can’t wait to continue the tradition in my own home.

    / Reply
  65. Eleanor

    I just created a registry simply for those wonderful bee glasses. Bee’s are my favorites. Lovely!

    / Reply
  66. Kaitlin

    Definitely most excited about the Wüsthof Classic 7-Piece Knife Block Set and Steak Knives! I have been building my kitchen since I graduated college 4 years ago and this is the biggest thing I’m missing – good knives!! :)

    / Reply
  67. Ashley L.

    I’m excited for pretty much everything on my Williams-Sonoma registry but I think my most lusted after items are the Perfex Salt & Pepper mills. I would love to get those!


    / Reply
  68. Kiki

    I love to cook and bake, so I’m very ecstatic about the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer!

    / Reply
  69. EmilyS

    I once worked in a commercial kitchen where I had use of a really nice thermometer pen. Nothing like being able to whip it out and get a super-accurate read on your food… so… I’m looking forward to the WS Digital Thermometer Pen in my registry: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2694977/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  70. Claire

    My fiance and I love to cook together, so W-S was the first place we registered! We recently added a Microplane Box Grater, we have a microplane we love but would love the ability to control the size a little better, which we could by choosing the appropriate side of this box grater!

    / Reply
  71. Tiffany


    We are so excited about our Shun Classic 3-Piece Starter Set! REAL Big-Girl/Boy knives are so important in a kitchen! We have a collection of hand-me downs and garage-sale specials that just don’t “cut it”. HA! Get it? See what I did there? :)

    / Reply
  72. Letitia

    Sweet!! We’re really looking forward to getting the Pillivuyt Basketweave dinner set.

    / Reply
  73. Letitia

    And the registry link for a second contest entry…

    / Reply
  74. Ashley K

    I love their cherry wood salad bowls! Wonderful :)

    / Reply
  75. Alison

    What a fun post! I love your brunch details!! Brunch w/girlfriends is quickly becoming my favorite girls get-together.

    / Reply
  76. Kiki_Dawn

    I love the Monogrammed Decanter


    / Reply
  77. Jenny


    My fiancé and I are most excited about our Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker !! We LOVE lattes (and each other!) :)

    / Reply
  78. Mila

    We can’t wait for our All Clad pots and pans!!!!

    / Reply
  79. tricia

    I’ve been eying the Peugeot u’Select Lacquered Pepper Mill in Dijon for years – so glad we can finally put it on our registry!

    / Reply
  80. Melissa

    We are most excited about the KitchenAid stand mixer (Especially the pasta attachment). We were so happy to add this to our registry!

    / Reply
  81. Melissa

    Sorry, forgot to put the link in my comment:


    / Reply
  82. Jeniva

    I love pretty much everything from Williams & Sonoma!

    / Reply
  83. Ali

    Just added the All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster! Love everything Williams-Sonoma!


    / Reply
  84. Christi

    Williams-Sonoma makes the best dish towels. Love the hand soaps too.

    / Reply
  85. Carly S

    I am soooo looking forward to getting the Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother. Here’s to FINALLY making that perfect foamy latte at home! :)

    / Reply
  86. Judith

    I finally added a knife set to our registry. I’m tired of convincing myself that my knives are supposed to cut my bread in weird shapes.

    / Reply
  87. leanne

    I have a double waffle maker on our registry that I am dying to have. If we don’t get it, i’m totally buying it with our post-wedding discount.

    / Reply
  88. Valeri

    Just added the Fagor Futuro 6-Qt. Stovetop Pressure Cooker to our registry! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2665763/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  89. Amy L.

    Just added the anniversary bundt pan to my registry :)

    Anniversary Bundt® Pan
    Item #: 71-8232084

    / Reply
  90. Amy L.

    Just added the anniversary bundt pan to my registry

    Anniversary Bundt® Pan
    Item #: 71-8232084


    / Reply
  91. Danielle L

    I want, and must have the VITA MIX!!!

    Added some awesome dish soap! :)

    / Reply
  92. Danielle L


    Here’s the registry!!

    / Reply
  93. Alexa F.

    We’ve been wanting a mandolin and saucier for awhile (oh, Alton Brown… I love your Good Eats) so those definitely made it on the list.

    / Reply
  94. Caitlyn

    Just added a Stainless Steel Pastry Blender and am dreaming of the day when I finally have time to bake! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2671296/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  95. Melonie

    I’m registered for the Bamix White Immersion Blender and I’d really love to win it because next week is my birthday!

    My public registry is: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2737036/registry-list.html !

    / Reply
  96. catherine

    I am very excited about W&S’s Marseille Table linens! They are so cheerful, and I can’t wait to have fabulous meals with them! Combined with a beautiful blue pitcher full of tulips….it just doesn’t get much better than that.

    My registry is simple, and I’m still building it up. But here it is so far!

    / Reply
  97. L

    We just registered at W&S this weekend! It was awesome!
    I am most excited for our Le Creseut dutch oven. Although the microplane zester is a close second. :D

    / Reply
  98. Joan

    I just added the Monogrammed Glass Pitcher to my registry. I imagine the sun shining through a batch of fresh squeezed lemonade while we relax on the deck this spring.

    / Reply
  99. Marjorie

    I just added the Birch Serving Salad Bowl – we’re most excited for our dishes that convinced us we had to register at Williams-Sonoma!


    / Reply
  100. DJ

    Anything yellow and cheery! I love the dish towels, the meyer lemon essential oils…I could go on and on:)

    I’m ready for Spring and yellow anything from William Sonoma will do!

    / Reply
  101. Ashley

    I registered and am super excited for the mini-pie maker! Favors!!

    / Reply
  102. Laura W

    Registering has been so much fun! WS included

    / Reply
  103. Kelly B

    I am already registered, and I can’t wait to get some of those beautiful Aplico dishes!

    / Reply
  104. lindsey

    Just added the breville pizza stone– would be so fun to have :) your brunch items look sooo yummy! thanks for the giveaway

    / Reply
  105. Jessica

    I love Williams Sonoma, and am so excited about the mini tiered cake pan. They could make perfect favors! The link to my registry is:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    / Reply
  106. Amy

    I am so excited about my multicolor ceramic mixing bowls!!

    / Reply
  107. Alaina

    I swear, the thing I was most excited about post-engagement wasn’t getting the dress…it was registering at WS! I am so excited about my All Clad roasting pan, and the amazing family dinners I can create with it!

    / Reply
  108. Heather P

    I already had a Williams-Sonoma registry, but today I added the silicone measuring bowls. I don’t know why someone didn’t think of these babies before! after you mix your liquids, these bowls make pouring so easy!

    / Reply
  109. Mona

    I just registered for the dijon grape scallop tablecloth, gorgeous color. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2627024/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  110. anash

    i just registered and I am excited about the Percale Border Bedding, Flat Sheet, King, Blue

    / Reply
  111. anash

    i also added the Cuisinart 7-Cup Food Processor to my registry- I have been needing this for the longest@!

    / Reply
  112. Thu

    I heart WS! I am so excited over our registry there, wish me luck!

    / Reply
  113. Mara

    I am a huuuge Williams Sonoma fan! It was the first place I went to register when I got engaged in October. I am sooo excited about the waffle iron. It’s one of my favorite breakfast items and being able to make them will be so awesome. I’m thinking chocolate chip waffles, banana waffles..I’m basically going to go crazy!

    Here’s my registry! http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2652276/registry-list.html

    Crossing my fingers :)

    / Reply
  114. Sabina

    That cake looks really yummy

    / Reply
  115. Nathan

    My Favorite items are the Deep Fryer and the Electric Griddle. I can not wait to get new kitchen items!m http://www.williams-sonoma.com/registry/2737559/registry-list.html

    / Reply
  116. snowygreen

    what i can’t wait to get, hopefully, is a kitcheaid stand mixer!!

    / Reply
  117. Katherine

    I would absolutely love the the Orangex chrome juicer!

    / Reply
  118. Jenny

    I am dying for a kitchen aid mixer. My wedding isn’t until may 2012…too long to wait!

    / Reply
  119. kaity

    i would love the mini tiered cake pan!

    / Reply
  120. Brook

    I am really hoping to get the Shun Kaji 7″ hollow ground santoku knife!

    / Reply
  121. Amy

    We’re still working on our registry. There are just so many good items and only so much space in our cabinets :)

    / Reply
  122. Alicia


    Whether we get it as a gift, or buy it ourselves in the completion program, I’m really excited about the Wustof santoku knife we picked out. Our old knives have had it!

    / Reply
  123. Lisa

    Just registered for the Emile Henry Pizza Stone. Can’t wait to bake the perfect pizza!

    / Reply
  124. Ceej

    I am REALLY hoping someone gets us the Star Wars Cookie Cutters.

    / Reply
  125. Virginia

    I love love love the Olive Wood Salt Keeper! What a (functional) beauty..

    / Reply
  126. Allison


    We had one of these growing up and we used it ALL THE TIME… I need it!!

    / Reply
  127. Elizabeth McCoy

    I am most excited about the oval Stoneware Bread Baske. It is so dainty and pretty but also functions to warm its contents!
    My future husband is craving the monongrammed beer mugs and old fashion glasses!

    / Reply
  128. Liz M.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I already registered, so I added a Le Creuset skillet that I’m really excited about!

    Here’s my link:


    / Reply
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