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As a bride, I’ve really been trying to maintain perspective about my wedding choices, and when you look at weddings all day long like I do, it’s definitely easy to get lost. It’s no secret that I love the pretty details, but there’s such a thing as too much. Instead, why not choose a few elements that matter to you and to make extra-special, focus on marrying the person you love and on being good hosts to your guests, and forget trying to style your wedding for a magazine/blog feature. Personally, I find understated elegance to be the most appealing look anyway! So, today’s inspiration board is another attempt at finding that balance of beauty and simplicity…

I’m a total sucker for lush florals, especially when they include seasonal fruit like this arrangement from Saipua, with its giant dahlias and young persimmons. That arrangement served as the inspiration for this board: a late autumn/early winter wedding with unexpected rustic details. We seem to see mason jars everywhere these days, but this porcelain version is a refined update, and giving off a pleasant glow when used as a votive. A basket of ganache-filled egg shells is both farm-appropriate and a delightful surprise for your guests. As for the color scheme, ochre is an unusual choice, but used sparingly it adds subtle richness and depth to a backdrop of cream and barnwood gray – pops of golden yellow in the form of persimmons, the bride’s bolero, and the velvet ribbon adorning her bouquet. Stationery pieces are printed on cream paper in black ink, allowing unique lettering to stand out.

Mood: heirloom rustic
Palette: cream, ochre, gray, brown

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Top row from left: centerpiece with dahlias and persimmons by Saipua, porcelain mason jar votive by Pigeon Toe Ceramics, calligraphy by Maybelle
Row 2: rustic apple tart photo by Gemma Comas, white ranunculus in vintage apothecary bottle photo by Tec Petaja
Row 3: birthday menu by Cynthia Warren (photo by Aya Brackett), bride with birdcage veil and ochre bolero photo by Rachel Thurston, brown and white invitation suite by Alee & Press, wine tumbler photo by Johnny Miller
Row 4: rustic farm building and chocolate ganache filled egg shells both from Martha Stewart Weddings, hand-drawn wedding invitation by Liam Stevens, bouquet with velvet ribbon from Martha Stewart Weddings

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The color red and I have a funny relationship. I avoid wearing it and using it in my personal decor, and I especially dislike red flowers, but then I see it in places where no other color would do, and it surprises and charms me. Red lipstick on a bride (the perfect accessory!), red letters on a bistro chair, a shockingly red door or piano. But it’s a dramatic color, so use it wisely – perhaps against a crisp white backdrop as I’ve done here. Though I love the bride’s red lipstick, I’ve imagined her carrying a bouquet of white flowers and some foliage. Red ranunculus have made their way into the centerpieces, but the gorgeous porcelain vase by Frances Palmer has enough personality to hold its own (you’d better believe this woman’s work is going on my registry). Though I think this palette could work well in most seasons, right now I can’t help but think of it as a cheery color scheme for a snowy winter wedding – appropriate for this first day of December, don’t you think?

Mood: cheery and charming
Palette: lacquer red, snow white

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Top row from left: Jenny Lee dress from Martha Stewart Weddings, bistro chair photo via Sunday Suppers, “quilted” wedding invitation by Prentiss Douthit, IKEA tea towels via The Kitchn
Row 2: red velvet layer cake via The Bride’s Guide, red piano from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet with white roses and snow berries photo by Clark + Walker Studio
Row 3: red ranunculus in a vase by Frances Palmer, red door photo by Love Life Images, white chocolate wedding cake favors from Martha Stewart Weddings, blind letterpress save-the-date by Alee & Press

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