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After posting nearly 500 inspiration boards (good grief!), I figured it was okay to revisit some of my earlier ones. Pulling from them and re-working them, at the least making them new, and at best improving on the originals. I first posted an inspiration board called Chasing Butterflies back in 2008, and decided to change it up a bit in today’s post. A butterfly-themed wedding could so easily become too sweet or cute, which is why I love this antique, scientific take on it. Maybe incorporate magnifying glasses and vintage scientific illustrations to complete the look? Also, notice the use of old jewelry and keepsake boxes – I think these could be a wonderfully unexpected decorative element. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this revised version as much (or more!) than the original.

Mood: adventures in romance and academia
Palette: blue gray, caramel, oak, dry hydrangea

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Top row from left: butterfly chasers photo by Rodney Smith, moths and robin eggs photo by Cori Kindred, Angel Sanchez dress from Town & Country Weddings
Row 2: butterfly jar photo by Mandy Lynne, specimen box from The Society, Inc.
Row 3: bouquet with orchids and ferns by Ariella Chezar, pink ring photo by Johnny Miller, wild floral centerpiece by Ariella Chezar, twine-wrapped invitations photo by Elizabeth Messina

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Traveler’s Joy was one of the awesome sponsors who made possible the NYC engagement shoot giveaway last fall, and they’re a great resource for anyone looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding registry.

Traveler’s Joy allows members to register for any portion of their honeymoon, from flights and hotel stays, to snorkeling trips and spa treatments, and they have the lowest service fee of any full service honeymoon registry. And, when you register with them before April 15, you’re automatically entered to win a 7-night all-inclusive vacation to Jungle Bay Resort & Spa in Dominica! So if you’re already stocked up on pots and pans, Traveler’s Joy may be the perfect registry option for you.

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Today, a classically beautiful wedding between two high school English teachers at – where else – the library! From the lovely bride, Linda: We went to the Harold Washington Public Library in downtown Chicago on one of our first dates, and we just sort of knew that if we ever got married, it would be there. Our friends and students weren’t surprised by our choice of location – we got a lot of responses like “Of course you would!” After we booked the gorgeous Winter Garden room, which has domed skylights, ivy and trees, we decided on a literary theme. We spent lots of time scouring antique stores for books we’d like to keep, as well as some that would be good conversation starters.

Since we didn’t have a ring bearer, Cameron and I tied our rings around our wrists before the ceremony. We untied each others’ ribbons before we exchanged rings, and I will remember that forever.

My dress is a custom-made Alvina Valenta. The designer happened to be at the Ultimate Bride in Chicago during a trunk show, and she was so nice. When I mentioned liking the styles of two dresses, she offered to combine them for me!

Heather and Jon from One Love Photo are ridiculously talented and fun, and having them come all the way to Chicago was incredible. They knew about our literary theme, and found a bookseller called Printer’s Row that had a wonderfully homey feel for our after-ceremony pictures.

The most memorable moment has to be our first dance. Our wedding happened to fall on Venetian Night, which is like a big parade of boats on Lake Michigan, and the city does fireworks for it too. We had no idea until the fireworks started, which happened to be right when our DJ began playing our song!

Some planning tips from Linda, “My (totally subjective) advice to other brides: 1.) Saying hi to all of your guests is important, but so is dancing with them! 2.) Don’t allow wedding magazines to make you feel like your details are not up to par (inner envelopes? why?), but don’t let the indie bride blogs make you feel lame for not wearing a feather headdress or giving out felt mustaches, either (I’m looking at you, Etsy). 3.) Do NOT purchase a pre-worn dress if the seller writes “no returns” at the bottom, unless you have an opportunity to go try it on. Opening the box and finding stains on your dress is a sad (and expensive) moment! 4.) DIY does not necessarily mean less money, especially if you don’t have a crystal-clear idea of what you want and what you’re doing beforehand. 5.) Read A Practical Wedding.”

Ceremony venue: Old St. Patrick’s Church, Chicago, IL

Reception venue: Harold Washington Public Library

Bride’s dress: Alvina Valenta from Ultimate Bride

Groom’s suit: Formally Modern Tuxedo

Seating “card catalog” / centerpieces: DIY

Congratulations Linda and Cameron! Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding with us, and thank you to Heather and Jon at One Love Photo for sending over these beautiful photos – see tons more from this gorgeous wedding over at their blog.

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Okay, I have to confess something. Ever since I tried it a couple of weeks ago, I cannot stop thinking about the marble layer cake from SusieCakes. I mean, it’s marble cake, and then it has chocolate chips in it, and the perfect amount of delicious chocolate and vanilla buttercream frosting. Drool. (If you’re near a SusieCakes, get one of these cakes for yourself, and then get one for everyone else who is jealous and wants you to share.) It would be the perfect thing for my big sister who is celebrating a birthday today – Happy Birthday Abigail!

One of my favorite parts of the Met.

Cognac never looked so good, via Happy Cavalier.

Golden honeycombs, via Satsuma Press.

Vegas in Kodachrome.

Sweet dress and a chicken.

Fabulous free iPhone wallpapers.

The Bright Side Project.

I adore this short swiss dot dress, via Lovely.

Look what lovely thing came to live with me!

Vintage labels, via simplesong.


The bride wore hot pink.

Patagonia in pictures.

Congrats to Ami on the launch of Edit and Post!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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