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I’ve been thinking about Monday’s post, which I think conveyed my feeling about the parts of wedding planning that are crazymaking and emotionally exhausting. But honestly, a lot of it has been wonderful and even fun. So in addition to some fun weekend links, I thought I’d share some of the things that are helping me to stay sane and/or smiling, in no particular order:

– Ignoring anyone who tells me being a bride is all about the little details.
– Making decisions for ourselves and our families and not for some perceived audience.
Jim and Pam’s wedding (this clip is missing the part where Jim cuts his tie, but I love that).
Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding.
– Letting our wedding venue and season be a style guide.
A Practical Wedding.
– Remembering what weddings are not.
– La-la-la-love songs.

If I was cool I’d wear a scarf like this.

Girl crush at Design Crush.

Classified calendar.

The Jazz Singer – gorgeous.

Heirloom vegetables are delicious and beautiful.

Will someone stop by Jennifer Behr‘s new studio for me? via Brooklyn Bride

Exercises in gratitude, via Blah Blah Blahg.

Circus circus.

Gotta love a really cool map.

I think not.

My honey needs to start painting so we can do this.

Inspired by a midnight garden stroll.

Vintage stamps made easy, via Letter Writers Alliance.

Polaroid still lifes.

How cool is this wedding dress?

Fork and knife.

A raffle for Liam!

Two different color charts, one and two.

How trustworthy is your beard? via auburn & ivory

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! And if you feel like it, share what’s keeping you sane and smiling with the rest of us.

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When I opened the email from Amy & Stuart and saw their incredible photos of Kate and Jesse’s garden wedding, I couldn’t wait to share them with you. And then when Kate told me that she’d found inspiration on Snippet & Ink when she was planning her beautiful wedding, that just made my day. Dear readers – I love seeing your gorgeous weddings! It was really tough for me to narrow down the photos, so this post is a little longer than usual, but I didn’t think you’d mind.

 Says Kate, “It was 103-degrees that day in Ojai, so we served lavender-infused lemonade and blackberry mint lemonade before the ceremony to help guests cool down.”

Kate tells us about the ceremony:  “Our wedding party was comprised of our parents, step-parents, and siblings, but we also wanted to honor our friends in some way. We asked our dearest friends and siblings to come stand around us in a circle at the start of the ceremony while everyone took a moment to silently make a wish for our future. In looking back on the photos, we’re so happy we made the decision to do that – it was such a beautiful moment! We both would say that one of our favorite moments was hearing each others’ vows for the first time. Jesse brought the house down with his, and I surprised Jesse by reading from the first love letter he wrote to me over 10 years ago.”

At the end of the evening, guests lounged on rugs and pillows on the grass, enjoyed dessert and Chai tea, and watched an old black and white film projected in the garden.

Here, a few more details from Kate about the day:

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  Jesse proposed to me on my birthday – Christmas Eve – in the garden of my family’s Ojai, California home. Within hours of the proposal, we decided we would be returning to that garden to be married. To us, the property has always been reminiscent of places like Tuscany and Provence. From the roses and lavender to the citrus groves and ancient oak trees, we felt as though we were able to capture what we love about those places without leaving home.

Tell us about your fun save-the-dates.  Jesse and I had so much fun making our save-the-dates. We took some of my old cameras up to Ojai and shot a series of Polaroid pictures that our talented wedding planner, Emily Kelly from Unscene, Inc., laid out and printed for us.

Any other fun DIY details?  Instead of having our florist arrange flowers for the cocktail tables, bar, and cake table, we spent a day potting succulents in pretty containers and putting together bud vases of roses from the garden. My sister and I also went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market where we were able to buy lots of the little touches at very reasonable prices, like trays and cutting boards for the dessert table and umbrellas to shade the guests from the sun.

Is there anything else that helps tell the story of the day?  Our parents all got together and surprised us by making medicine pouches in the Native American tradition for all of our guests – medicine pouches are something I’ve always loved and I was given one as a child. They were set on the tables with a little note explaining their meaning and how each parent contributed to it. It was an incredible surprise and meant so much to both of us.


If only all of us were so lucky to have such a dreamy garden, I don’t imagine there’d be anything but at-home weddings!

Photographer: Amy & Stuart / Venue: private home in Ojai, California / Invitations: Lauren Spencer King, a friend of the couple / Other printed materials: designed by the couple, printed by Emily Kelly / Bride’s Dress: Carolina Herrera / Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin / Groom’s suit: Band of Outsiders / Floral and Event Design: R. Jack Balthazar / Chalkboard Lettering: Jane Anne Thomas, a friend of the couple / Catering: Josh Jackson at Great Taste Catering / Cake, Desserts: Jamaica’s Cakes / Music: Valida / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals / Planning, Coordination: Emily Kelly at Unscene, Inc.
  • Vintage Garden Wedding in Ojai

    29 April 2010
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    As much as I love all of the pretty little details that go into a wedding (love them), few things inspire me more than wedding photos and movies where you can really see how much the couple loves one another – where you can get a sense of the joy in the day. That’s why Neda and Sati’s incredible wedding film is what’s inspiring me today. It is utterly joyful.

    Now what if I tell you this is the first wedding film by Rob, Jesse and Nick, the team at Cherish Films and Sandbox Love. No really – this is their first wedding film. Rob’s story is inspiring in its own right – he left a successful job in the advertising industry to follow his heart, to tell beautiful love stories. What could be better than that?

    Congratulations, Neda and Sati! Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding with us, and thank you so much to Sandbox Love and Cherish Films for sending over this incredible film – I can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store.

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    I’m really excited about today’s sponsor, because this is exactly the sort of thoughtful beautiful detail that I was talking about in this post awhile back. Courtney Khail creates the most incredible little works of art, so your guests are not only opening a wedding invitation; they’re opening a little watercolor gift. Each piece is hand-painted, so each one is totally unique. (Honestly, as pretty as these look on your computer screen, the photos don’t even begin to do justice to these little paper gems.)

    If you have something special in mind that you don’t see on her site, Courtney will create a custom design for you. Check out her newly launched website, and then head over to her blog and see all the pretty projects she’s working on, including table numbers, Ketubahs – you name it, she’ll make it. What would you have Courtney make for you?

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    Happy Monday morning! I apologize that I don’t have an inspiration board to share with you today – I haven’t been feeling super inspired by pretty pictures for the past couple of weeks, so I keep starting inspiration boards and then getting bored with them. Inspiration boreds. (Sorry, sorry!)

    {Not that it has anything to do with this post, but who doesn’t love kisses and puppies?}

    Part of it might be that my honey and I are in the midst of our own wedding planning (Yes! We’ve set a date and picked a place and everything! Well, not everything, but you know – we’re on our way.), so that’s sort of dominating the wedding part of my brain, which is interesting when I sit down to create a blog post, because it’s not all pretty details and inspired ideas. It’s the budget and guest list and vendor decisions and what I guess you could call the bones of a wedding. It’s trying to hear 8 million opinions graciously and without heading straight to Crazytown (I get about a C-minus in that area; hoping to bring it up to at least a B). And I’m just not so sure about putting all of that on Snippet & Ink.

    Thinking about my own wedding can make blogging a little tricky, and being a wedding blogger has shaped my planning process. In lots of ways it’s been amazing (I’ve made some really wonderful friends who have been such incredible resources and so supportive) and in other ways it’s been overwhelming (I have so many ideas, yet nothing seems original because every clever wedding idea anyone ever had has been posted on a blog somewhere and then re-blogged a hundred times over). There’s also this thing where everyone seems to think that because I blog about weddings, I should know exactly what I want my wedding to be. (People. I’ve been engaged since last May. Between then and August we changed the date twice, at three different venues, in two different states. And then we put things on hold. Does that sound like a person who knows exactly what she wants for her wedding?)

    So, that’s kind of where my brain is (at least, one of a few places). I’ll be back with inspiration boards just as soon as possible, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll share some of your thoughts here in the comments – what’s inspiring you, or how’s your planning going, or anything else you feel like chatting about.

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