The key to DIY wedding invitations that don’t look DIY? A fabulous font! Last week we featured this DIY invitation suite that used Belluccia to create an expensive, custom look for less, and it inspired me to round-up 50 of my favorite fonts. This post doesn’t even begin to do justice to these beautiful typefaces, so make sure to click through and see them in action – some of them will really blow you away.

1. Aguas Frescas by Chank, $29
2. Ambassador Script by CanadaType, $70
3. Aphrodite Pro by Typesenses, $15
4. Attic by YouWorkForThem, $30
5. Aunt Mildred by MVB Fonts, $39
6. Baronessa by Juraj Chrastina, $39
7. Belinda by Mikas Melvas, $35
8. Belluccia by Correspondence Ink, $39
9. Bodoni At Home by Giuseppe Salerno, $1.00
10. Bookeyed Suzanne by Tart Workshop, $30

11. Breathe by Lián Types, $20
12. Brioche by Jessica Hische, $79
13. Buttermilk by Jessica Hische, $49
14. Carolyna Pro Black by Emily Lime, $89
15. Cerise by Magpie Paper Works, $69
16. Channel by Mans Greback, FREE
17. Cheap Pine by Hannes von Döhren, $25
18. Chopin Script by Diogene, FREE
19. Cowboyslang by Hannes von Döhren, $30
20. Dear Sarah by Betatype, $119

21. Emily Lime by Emily Lime, $29
22. Fidelia Script by Melle Diete, $50
23. Gelateria by Flat-it, $20
24. Guadalupe by Latinotype, $29
25. Harmony by YouWorkForThem, $20
26. HoneyBee by Laura Worthington, $27
27. Jacob Riley by Magpie Paper Works, $32
28. Jane Austen by Pia Frauss, FREE
29. Jeeves by Red Rooster, $79
30. Lavandería by Lost Type Co-op, FREE

31. LiebeErika by LiebeFonts, $30
32. Mary Read by Melle Diete, $45
33. Matilde by Type Depot, FREE
34. Mishka by Fenotype, $30
35. Muncie by Lost Type Co-op, FREE
36. Nelly Script by Tart Workshop, $39
37. Packard Old Style by Red Rooster, $60
38. Parfumerie Script by Typesenses, $30
39. Respective by Mans Greback, FREE
40. Saissant by Magpie Paper Works, $54

41. Saltpetre by Magpie Paper Works, $32
42. Samantha Script by Laura Worthington, $29
43. Sudestada by Sudtipos, $59
44. Sympathique Pro by Canada Type, $30
45. Trithart by Emma Trithart, $25
46. Vermandois by Magpie Paper Works, $76
47. Verner by Fenotype, $35
48. Victoria by Eric Carlson, $25
49. Weingut by FaceType, $12
50. Wisdom Script by Lost Type Co-op, FREE

Whether you want something retro, timeless, playful or elegant, beautifully designed fonts offer affordable graphic design for your wedding projects. There are thousands upon thousands to choose from – these 50 are just a place to start, and I’d love it if you’d share your favorite font finds and font projects in the comments!

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  1. Madison

    This post is solid gold! Beautiful fonts–thank you for the resource!

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  2. Leandra

    Great idea – a font is one of those things people forget about when designing invitations etc. until they need to pick one and once you start playing with different ones you realize that each has a ‘voice’ or ‘feel’ of its own… and then the options are endless!

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  3. Punctuation Mark

    Thanks for this… i love adding fonts to my photoshop!

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  4. Lisa

    These are amazing! I love finding gorgeous new fonts, as well as seeing my favorites in other places. Thanks for this round-up! :)

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  5. sarah k

    Goldmine of inspiration here! I actually used Respective on the paper items I DIY’d for my own wedding. It’s so great!

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  6. Patti

    I see a lot of my favorites & new favorites! thanks for this resource!

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  7. Heidi

    Fantastic round-up! The right font is so important for setting the mood and style of a wedding. These could all be my “favorite” and am especially drawn to the sweet simplicity of #11 & #14- gentle, easy to read, playful, decorative … Thanks for the inspiration.

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  8. Emily Rolfing

    This is such a great post! I LOVE all of your choices!! Nice work!

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  9. Megan Clouse (cardigan)

    I am desperately font deprived. THANK YOU!!!

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  10. Emily Crawford

    This is a beautiful gathering of fonts and their sources! I have many of these, but some of them I’ve seen, liked, and wondered where to find them. Thank you for sharing!

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  11. Rachel W.

    Thanks for posting this! I work in event planning, so any fresh takes on fonts/invite design are always welcome. Saissant (#40) is fantastic, as are Bodoni At Home (#9) and Bookeyed Susan (#10). Also, if you get into the nitty gritty of the font websites, many of them offer deals on fonts if downloaded during particular months or for if the font is only for ‘personal’ use. Happy hunting!

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  12. Shayla

    This is fantastic! I work at a paper/invitation shop and I love all of the suggestions. Bookeyed Susan I’ve seen around, but never had the name for, so many thanks! For those looking at Carolyna Pro Black, there are thinner versions, and it’s a great font for addressing if you want the calligraphy look with out breaking the bank :)

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  13. Erika [small shop]

    Great picks! I use quite a few of these and am looking forward to getting a few more!

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  14. emily

    wow what an amazing post! such beautiful fonts…!
    and led me to a lot of great resources :)

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  15. jacin {lovely little details}

    i love when people post their favorite fonts!

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  16. Josh Gruetzmacher

    This is amazing. I’m glad other people geek out on fonts too! I want/need Baronessa. Thanks for sharing these :)

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  17. natalie

    I just posted my entire diy wedding suite and included the fonts i used and where to find them here:

    I really loved Ostrich Sans as a great free font find!


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  18. Allison

    I’m in the process of deciding whether to DIY my own invitations or not.. Would love a feature on the step by steps of making them look great!

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  19. Laurel {Esla Events}

    Definitely putting this post in my bookmark folder for great type inspiration! Fantastic idea for a feature—so inspiring AND helpful.

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  20. ellen patton

    I love fonts — thank you!

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  21. Jessica @ birdie to be

    Lovely run down! I love fonts!

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  22. Sandy McClay

    Wow…I have never had to pay for a font before….and some of these are really expensive, or am I reading this wrong????? Why pay for them when there are so many out there for free? :) Thanks for the lists!

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  23. Stephanie

    Lobster is a must-add to this list! Good free fonts are hard to come by, and this is one of my faves.

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  24. Mindi

    am totally filing this post away for the very near future… its like you read my mind! x

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  25. Julie @ Kiss and Punch Designs

    Thank you, thank you! These are such fantastic fonts for a Font Hoarder like myself. :)

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  26. Amy

    Much like Stephanie above me, I’d like to recommend for a treasure trove of absolutely free fonts. I do a lot of graphic design work and this resource is a godsend.

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  27. Emma

    Wowwowowowowow, this is a gorgeous font roundup! I’m honored to have mine featured among them (#45).

    To the folks wondering about the cost of fonts, obviously DA Font is a great resource if you don’t have the budget for a font costing more than a couple bucks. However! When you pay for a font your dollars go towards ensuring glyphs that might not be included in a free font, as well as additional work on how the font types out. Plus you’re (normally) supporting the person who worked on designing it. So if you have the money you should considering buying a font!

    I promise I’m not knocking free fonts, though! They’re fantastically useful and I’m always appreciative of the folks who put up their hard work for free.

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  28. Donna

    Thank you for this!! I bough Carolyn when it was on sale just for my DIY wedding invites.. now I need to find an accompanying font. Would love to see your suggestions ;)

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  29. chandra ~ oh lovely day

    such a fab list Kathryn!

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  30. April Guzik

    thank you so much for this wonderful resource! I was looking for some fonts for a baby shower invite, wish I had this last week!

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  31. kalanicut

    I looked at this hours ago and I am still thinking about it. Fantastic post.

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  32. Sally C

    Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been hunting for wedding fonts and you provided so many good ones. It’s going to be a tough decision.

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  33. Eliza Coleman

    What an awesome post!!! This is so valuable even for people not planning their weddings right now – thank you!! I’ve spent hours looking through fonts and there are so many that it’s overwhelming. What a great resource.

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  34. Michelle Hickey

    Thank you so much for sharing this list. The fonts you showcased are beautiful— saw some of my favorites in there. : ) As an invitation designer I’m always looking to add new fonts to my collection. Will definitely be downloading some of your suggestions!

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  35. Kelsey

    You were goin strong in the running, but wih this post you became my favorite blog!!

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  36. Lynn

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I’ll browse and use in my handmade cards and memory books!

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  37. Adrianne

    Dear Sarah is one of my favorite fonts. It’s fascinating the way the ligatures work so that it really looks like handwriting. This is technically and artistically exciting – those of you skeptical about buying fonts should check it out and it’ll help make sense of the awesomeness you’re paying for. (Yes, the arrival of the e-newsletter is one of the highlights of life at our office. That’s ok, right?)

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  38. Amy

    Awesome list! Thanks!!!

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  39. Anna

    Jane Austen has been my favorite font for a while, but a close second – and the one that I used for my wedding – is Porcelain. It’s a gorgeous degraded script – and it’s free!

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  40. Amanda

    I love all of these fonts. Thank you so much for sharing! You have great taste!

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  41. Debi Sementelli (@Letterheadgirl)

    Thanks so much for including my Belluccia font on your list!
    I created it with Invitation designers and DIY brides in mind. It’s always fun to see all the creative ways people use it!

    FYI I have examples of invitation designs using Belluccia on my blog and will be creating short videos talking about special features.
    Debi S]

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  42. Jessica Ellingsworth

    I chose ‘Guadalupe’ for my blog! So pretty and I love the swoop options for a bit more flourish.

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  43. Miss B.

    Kathryn this is a gorgeous list! I love seeing them all in one place, and am happy to say that there’s some I have ignored before that I will be giving a second look to, thank you!

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  44. Naomi Anselmo

    These are so stunning, thank you so much for pointing them out! I love finding new unique fonts!

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  45. Liz

    Omg these are amazingggggg!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!

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  46. Shea

    Thank you for posting these. I do want to tell you about another font site I stumbled upon. It has loads of beautiful & unique free fonts. Here is the website:

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  47. Jenni

    Thank you so much! I ended up using Lavenderia (and another font from that website called Vevey) for my invites, and they look incredible!

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  48. rhoda alex

    thank you …these are wonderful resoruces

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  49. rubydorcas

    Bodoni at Home is not free, it requires a donation of at least 1 Euro. JYSK ^_^

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  50. Sheila

    awesome! thanks for this! :)

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  51. Melissa Say What?

    So many beautiful fonts! I’m not getting married nor do I have any special events coming up, but they’re just lovely!

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  52. Melinda

    Thank you, a great reference. I have been looking for a font like LeibeErika for ever!

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  53. Darlene Propp

    Beautiful fonts, but I got this site from Pinterest and it said 50 free fonts. Where are the free ones?

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    • Luckyberg

      I am wondering how these work – I downloaded but some are not in PDF but in esp and getting error of not supported so I am not sure if I save if I can retrieve. I have downloaded the ones listed as free. Need some assistance. thanks

  54. Natalie Bowman


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  55. Garth Wilson

    Really good choices.
    This coming from an art director with 30 years of experience.

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  56. Kristen Ramsey

    Awesom, thank you! I needed this quick today for a last minute invite!

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  57. Kristen Ramsey

    *And it would be even more awesome if I could spell! :)

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  58. BabyBumpBeyond Heather

    Thank you so much for adding CORRECT LINKS and prices!! Very few blogs do.

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  59. Pat Klassen

    You have some very beautiful fonts.
    I am the creator of some new and fun ways to announce your wedding.
    I design a very cool and unique handwritten, virtual invitation that is captivating everyone and very popular with social media.
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  60. Kim

    Spectacular post! Beautiful beautiful fonts.

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  61. Eve

    Thank you! So many beautiful fonts!

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  62. bryony

    Just stumbled across this post whilst looking for font ideas for my wedding stationary that I am designing myself and this is a fantastic resource! I’ve used most of the free fonts on this post! Thank you so much!

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  63. Robin

    What a great resource! pinned, fb-ed, and bookmarked!

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  64. Robin

    What a great resource!! pinned, fb-ed, and bookmarked

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  65. Hannah

    These are wonderful, thanks for putting them up! I am making my friends wedding invitations and now feeling inspired… :)

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  66. Claire Gould

    I couldn’t agree more – this is a fantastic resource with some delicious and creative fonts for weddings. I can’t even pick a favourite, there are so many to choose from! Nice work and thank you for tracking these down and sharing!
    Claire x

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  67. Shannon

    These are lovely fonts but what isthe font that you used for your own logo? I really like it.

    / Reply
    • Kathryn

      Thanks so much Shannon! It’s actually a custom hand-drawn logo – I wish it was a font! :)

  68. Leah S.

    Thank you for sharing this! I will be sure to use some of these fonts for future projects!

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    • Christina

      Hi Janet, Thanks for writing! It’s custom and hand-lettered, but we hope you find our font guide useful. :)

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