I know it makes me a delinquent blogger, especially since this is my second day playing hooky in a week, but I was just having too much fun with my nephews to finish a post for today! I hope you’ll forgive me, and accept this lovely photo from Rodney Smith as a bit of daily inspiration. I’m traveling home today and will be back with regular posts tomorrow. Have a lovely Tuesday!

by Rodney Smith

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  1. Shay

    I love the green and coral together. They really make each other POP. And that sun hat…and that dress….Can I please live in this picture??

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  2. Paper Moss

    This picture is just stunning! Safe travels!!

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  3. chandra

    girl, you deserve time off! I get the same way when I’m playing with my little one.

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  4. bridal girl

    This is so cool! I love it! Such a great design! I love the balloon, the bed, the dress, and the photographer for being so creative with this picture.

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  5. Susan @ My Place to Yours

    Family first! I’m so glad you’ve had the time away to make some great memories.

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  6. Cocroft & Delbridge

    Oh my goodness…what a wonderful picture! Enjoy your time off…we all need to play hooky sometimes!

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  7. The Perfect Palette

    glad to hear you’re having fun with family! this is an inspiring photo! i’m a sucker for balloons though.

    xo, chrissy.

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  8. Amanda Castellote

    This is my favorite photo since subscribing. Deliquency forgiven!

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  9. Farmgirl Susan

    Love this gorgeous photo!

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  10. Mike Carreiro

    I love Rodney Smith, great choice!

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