Board #139 | Purple Rain

It’s raining and this board is purple. There you have it. Apparently gray is the accent color of the year, and you can see why. It’s subtle and sophisticated, and it adds some depth to your other color choices. And I think this palette would work nicely in either Winter or Spring. Something to think about when choosing your colors: they shouldn’t have to compete with each other. This board ended up mostly purple with touches of gray, but mostly gray with touches of purple would have been nice, too. Keeping equal amounts of all your colors, you can end up with something that resembles a circus more than a wedding (this is especially true when you combine two or three bright colors).

Mood: sweetly sophisticated
Palette: purple, gray, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: lanterns via being SOCIAL, photo from Love Luck Angels, cake from Rebecca Thuss, veil via Brooklyn Bride
Row 2: photo from Ashley Baber Weddings, favors from The Green Vase, flowers by Loop
Row 3: miniature pies by Callahan Catering, boutonniere by Ariella Chezar (photo by Dasha Wright), suit from The Sartorialist, dresses from In Style Weddings
Row 4: bouquet from Real Simple, RSVP card by Ceci NY, groom’s cakes from Martha Stewart Weddings, grape spritzer from Matthew Mead Style


  • I would never think of doing a purple wedding. But this feels quite attractive … even warm, thanks to the gray. I love an unexpected color combo. Beautiful!

  • Mariam says:

    I really really love this one! I think you have a gift for purple, even if it wasn’t your favorite to begin with… You make it so classy, as usual. I heard you have a new logo coming??? :)

  • Angel says:

    Another great reason purple is my favorite wedding color for 2008. Beautiful board!

  • Joanna Goddard says:

    these are such pretty colors, i would never have thought of purple!

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