Board #170 | Nasturtium & Lime

How fabulous is that horseshoe table with that fabulous red tablecloth and orange lanterns (found via Elizabeth Anne Designs)? That was the main inspiration for this sassy outdoor summer wedding board. Also, I think nasturtiums and limes are an excellent choice for a palette, because they are both fun and bold, and you can include them in so many other elements (nasturtiums on salad, limes in drinks and desserts). I know I could probably say this about most of the inspiration boards I post, but I would love to go to this wedding.

Mood: sassy, fun summer elegance
Palette: nasturtium orange, lime green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: Sasha Souza decor via Elizabeth Anne Designs, photo booth from Ariella Chezar, nasturtium and limes
Row 2: place settings from R. Jack Balthazar, photo by John Dolan
Row 3: nasturtium headpiece by Jude Miller, green bridesmaid dresses from In Style Weddings, bouquet photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, nasturtium cake from Oh How Charming!
Row 4: citrus decor by Ariella Chezar, invitations by Studio on Fire, photo by Pen Carlson

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