So after last week’s inspiration board and conversation on purple, I thought I’d try again. There was something a little too My Little Pony about the lavender and pale blue for me. But, instead of scrapping the blue, I changed things by going with a richer, more grown-up shade of plum. Also, to keep things from feeling overly girly, I thought I’d try this palette in a refined yet rustic, country setting. What do you think? How do you feel about this color combination versus the one from last week?

Mood: rustic, subdued
Palette: plum, baby blue, dark wood accents

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: ribbons from Linnet via Once Wed, photo by Erik Ekroth, photo via Perfect Bound, invitation by Bird & Banner
Row 2: boutonniere from Wedding Style Guide via Brooklyn Bride, cakes from Gathering Events, pansy nosegay by Artfool, flower girl from Carolyne Roehm
Row 3: chocolate truffles from Matthew Mead Style, dahlias photo by Mikkel Vang, blue cardigan photo by Ann Hamilton, lanterns stairway via {frolic!}
Row 4: wine bottles photo from Jupiter Images, locket necklace, ceremony seats photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, jam from Maine Crafts, sweet pea bouquet photo by Jasper-Sky via The Knot

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  1. *Michelle

    This one is pretty, but I like last week’s better because of the bolder brighter blue.

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  2. Shelton

    OK, so this whole discussion over purple has brought me out of hiding! I was just looking back through the boards the other day and thought to myself: “Kathryn’s so wonderful at this, she can even make me enjoy something purple!” I’m a known purple-hater, but I do enjoy this aubergine board.

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  3. bri

    Now, see… See! This is how you do purple, if you must do purple. I love this, esp. with the rustic touches. Purple is not my thing, but this could be my thing. Well done!

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  4. Riley

    I do like this one better – the deeper purple grounds it. You could still add a few touches of lavender, I think, if you really wanted to.This would be great for a fall wedding – the photos you chose just say “fall” to me.Beautiful!

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  5. Meg

    Now I love purple, and I love this. I would never say anything bad about one of your boards, but I will say that unlike last weeks board, this one is for me!

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  6. Andy Dawgs Mom

    So pretty and kinda subtle but it def. stands out.

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  7. Tara

    I love the “more grown up purple” but I think that I wouldn’t use the aqua/teal blue with it… I would use more of a “gray-blue” that would also be a more grown up shade to compliment the purple and fit in with the rustic aspect.

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  8. Kelly

    I agree, this deeper purple is much more sophisticated. I think that dark purple is almost like brown, it goes with everything, but has more personality and dimension. Seriously! I liked the lavender too, it is a very sweet and soft color.

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