Board #274 | Playful! (Budget Friendly #6)

I want to kick off these three weeks of budget friendly wedding boards by saying that, as with all of my inspiration boards, these aren’t necessarily exact blueprints for a wedding. I hope that you will pick and choose the ideas that you like, no matter how general or specific, and that there are some things here for you even if you’re not working with a smaller budget.

There are two key elements that each of these budget friendly boards have in common, flexibility and creativity. If you’re working within a budget, remembering those two points will help you not only maintain your sanity, but also put together a beautiful and meaningful wedding. To maintain this “thinking outside the box” mentality, each of this month’s budget boards has a little tag line to challenge conventional wedding thinking. Here’s today’s:

Who says…you have to take your wedding so seriously?

Mood: playful, quirky
Palette: orange, yellow, red

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Top row from left: tissue paper pom poms from Blueprint via All Things Bright and Beautiful, carrot cupcake from Martha Stewart, button seating cards via Black Eiffel, gold fish wine glass photo by Michele M. Waite via Married & More
Row 2: save-the-date by Cheerup Cherup, J.Crew image via Nibs, crepe paper flowers from Martha Stewart Crafts, crudite centerpiece from Martha Stewart
Row 3: Tory Burch Olivia banana flats from Net-A-Porter, ribbon board via Weddingbee, convertible Bug photo by Amy Squires, dahlia boutonniere via {frolic!}
Row 4: burger truck, orange candy from Martha Stewart, orange iPod nano, birdcage veil via Brooklyn Bride

The Paper: Cute calendar save-the-dates by Cheerup Cherup are under $2 apiece. Seating cards are probably unnecessary at a playful, casual reception, but these ones are too fun to resist – each one is adorned with a customized button, which acts as a fun favor for guests. You can get similar buttons for about 25 cents from One Inch Round, Busy Beaver Button Co., or Feeling Is Mutual. In lieu of a traditional guest book, make a ribbon bulletin board for guests to leave cards with good wishes – something you can use even after the wedding is over.

The Fashion: What is more playful than a short dress for the bride, and khaki shorts and a jacket for the groom? You can find fun neckties at a thrift store, and there are so many affordable options for birdcage veils (like this, this or this). A fun gift for groomsmen would be a pair of Lego or Monopoly piece cufflinks for as little as $12 a pair.

The Decor: Hang tissue paper flowers or pom poms for a fun pop of color. If you don’t want to hang them over every table, you might hang them at the venue entrance, or over the bar or buffet. Instead of floral centerpieces, goldfish in wine glasses or unique vases make for an interesting visual.

The Flowers: A single button dahlia is a fun addition to the groom’s lapel. For the bride, why not carry a bouquet of crepe paper blooms? This peony kit from Martha Stewart Crafts is only $15, and can be made as far in advance as you’d like.

The Food: By hiring an alternative caterer, such as a burger or taco truck, you can feed your guests for as little as $10 per person (check out’s list of ideas). A clever idea for hors d’oeuvres is to fill a clean planter with crudites and dip so that it looks like a miniature vegetable garden, and it will double as a centerpiece. Simple cupcakes are generally cheaper than a tiered wedding cake, and easier to make yourself (you can freeze unfrosted cupcakes for up to three months – for tips go here). Keep in mind, though, that elaborate cupcakes can easily cost as much per person as wedding cake. If you go with a candy buffet, save by choosing candy you can buy in bulk. You could even use a jar of candy as a centerpiece at each table.

Other Details: For a casual reception, there’s nothing wrong with using your iPod to DJ for you. If you don’t feel confident in your own abilities to create an appropriate playlist, check out Audiostiles – they’ll create a 4-hour playlist for $200, and you’ll have it as a fun keepsake of your wedding day. Instead of renting a fancy car for your getaway, see if you can borrow something fun from a friend – generally anything vintage will make for fun photos, no matter how funky.

Splurges: If you can wear them again, why not splurge on a pair of Tory Burch Olivia banana shoes? They even fold up so you can carry them in your bag if you want to change from heels to flats.

For Free: Something fun that won’t cost you anything, is to have a wedding parade. You can provide guests with flags, ribbon wands or bubbles if you like, or you could just have your reception walking distance from the ceremony and all walk over together.

Real Wedding Inspiration: Todd & Sarah, via Offbeat Bride and Brooklyn Bride

(If you’re new to Snippet & Ink, you might be wondering why this budget friendly inspiration board is number six. I did a week of them awhile back, and you can see them here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.)


  • Jessica @ budgetsavvybride says:

    Kathryn- this is AMAZING! A girl after my own heart- love these ideas! You ROCK!

  • Adrienne says:

    These are some great ideas! I have been considering the IPOD idea myself but I really want the dance floor to be packed and I am a little hesitant in my own abilities. However ordering a playlist sounds like it may be the solution!

  • DomestiGals says:

    Kathryn – I LOVE everything about this post! Thank you for focusing on budget-consciousness once again. I also love orange! It will be a main color in my wedding's color palette. Hooray! I don't know what I would do without you and S&I. Thank you! Cheers, Jen

  • Kate says:

    I love this! I can’t help but think how cute these colors would be for a kid’s birthday too! You could easily use some of the same ideas and a budget party is always a good idea! Thanks!

  • meredithkwilliams says:

    Amazing! When are you going to do a Pink and Orange inspiration board?!?!?!
    Cheers to YOU!


  • ericablonde says:

    That’s my dream wedding transportation right there! Sadly it’s not going to happen :(

  • Alicia says:

    That vegetable crudite centerpiece is awesome… I might just do that for my next dinner party…love it!

  • ylfrettuba says:

    were you thinking of me when you did this one? if I ever get married, it’ll probably look A LOT like this… thanks to you! -edubs

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