I know that so many of you are probably tired of brown as an accent color, but what about when it’s accenting an array of bright, fun colors? Often, a multi-colored palette can seem garish, or silly, or any number of unflattering things, but there are ways to make it work. I hope that this inspiration board proves that!

Mood: playful, bright
Palette: espresso, aqua, lemon, orange, fuchsia

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: jumping attendants photo by Christine Farah, ceremony decor from Todd Events, hydrangea bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: pom pom drink stirrers from Martha Stewart, bouquet from Ink & Peat, dress photo by Jude Mooney, lollipop seating cards from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 3: lemon centerpiece from Martha Stewart Weddings, boutonniere photo by Jennifer Dery, yellow shoes photo by Jonathan Canlas, orchid chair by Beautiful Blooms via The Bride’s Cafe
Row 4: ribboned book from Pauseability’s flickr, bouquet photo by Anna Kuperberg, truffle cake by April Reed, invitation by Linda & Harriett

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  1. Colleen

    Playful and very pretty! It somehow reminds me of my childhood… I’m especially loving that truffle cake!

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  2. Lara @ Southern Weddings

    I love this board! That bouquet in the center just makes my day…. how fun!

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  3. Melissa

    I love this board! I still love brown :)

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  4. Jana

    This makes me happy. This is what I did at my own wedding. I couldn’t make up my mind on two or three colors so I cose several. I had so many comments about it, and I just love how bright and happy the look was. My wedding wasn’t anything compared to some of the creative masters you display, but I love it, and all the details that some people never noticed.

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  5. Truly Engaging

    Very playful and fun! Love it!

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  6. PP

    this is one of my favorite board’s you’ve done. how can you not just smile when you see such bright, fun colors?!?

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  7. Bri and Adam

    As a faithful Snippet and Ink reader, I’m happy to see my feet on a board! I’ve seen the multi-color wedding done horribly…but this would be quite lovely!

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  8. M and M

    I was catching up on blog reading and was so excited to see this board. This is the color palette we are going with for our wedding – minus the espresso. Although seeing this wonderful board makes me think about it…

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  9. Maria @ {ritzy bee}

    Ohhh I love this!!

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