Board #298 | Emerald and Aquamarine

Though I love green and white weddings, and I make plenty of green and white inspiration boards, I’m not sure I’ve ever showcased emerald green. And I don’t know why – it’s such a rich color, with so much depth, and I especially love it here, paired with pale green-tinted aqua blue. Perfect for a whimsical garden wedding, with a touch of vintage details.

Mood: whimsical garden romance, with a vintage twist
Palette: emerald green, aquamarine

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: hairstyle from Brides, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, tables and lanterns via {frolic!}, cake topper from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 2: chrysanthemum and vase from Inky Pink, green candy buffet by Amy Atlas, green vintage dress from Antique Dress via So Sweet & So Cold, centerpiece photo by Elizabeth Messina
Row 3: VW getaway photo by Duston Todd, invitation via Brooklyn Bride, peony bouquet and cocktails both from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 4: boutonnieres from Martha Stewart Weddings, Vera Wang ring via Coco + Kelley, Rosa Clara dress via Zoe Lingard, Llubav Choy Duerr ring pillow via Design Sponge


  • Colleen says:

    I never thought to put these colors together, but I am absolutely enchanted!

  • Anna says:

    I love love love this one! It’s so cool and lush – gorgeous! This would be an amazing summer wedding.

  • Mrs. in May says:

    Wow, I totally never ever would have thought of this but I love it! It has the feeling of seaglass without being over the top beachy.
    Good stuff!

  • Kristen Nichols says:

    You never cease to amaze! this is one of the most gorgeous boards yet!

  • lovelymorning says:

    now again, here i am 1.5 weeks from the wedding and wanting to add new things because of a s&i board!

    the internet is killing me.

    I LOVE this board!

  • citysage says:

    Ooh- loving this one. The two variations on the color green complement each other so beautifully.

    And the hairstyle on the top left is exactly what I wanted my hair to look like on the big day but my mum deemed it ‘too messy’. Seeing that photo makes me wish I’d overrode her! Can I get married again? :)

  • Abbie says:

    LOVE THIS BOARD! These are our colors. I’m so excited to see a new board for inspiration. I’ve kind of been lacking in inspiration lately. Thanks so much!

  • •ciaotay• says:

    i love these colors! I did some save-the-dates recently with a similar color scheme! love it, ciao~

  • Kristen says:

    I think these are going to be my colors….maybe with a light red incorporated…what do you guys think??

  • coco+kelley says:

    wow… i LOVE this board! and you’re right ~ we don’t tend to pair those two together on their own (without some yellow or coral or something!). and you’ve got my ring in there!! :)

  • Jessica says:

    i am by no means planning a wedding anytime soon, but as a girl dreams about her big day….this pallette is that dream. absolutely beautiful! i enjoy browsing your work, you have great talent!

  • Elinor says:

    hooray for vindication! These are my wedding colors for my May wedding in Atlanta. So far every one I’ve told my colors to has made a little face and scrunched their nose up, since it’s not a traditional color palette. Glad to see I’m NOT crazy for loving this color combo!

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