I thought I’d get in the holiday spirit with a week of winter wedding inspiration boards. Today’s board is not just a warm and wintry wedding, but it’s also a new look at pink and green. I imagine this wedding taking place at home in the depth of a snowy winter, with lots and lots of candleglow, and touches of greenery in the details. Greet guests with miniature cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Set the ceremony up at the fireplace – even if it’s not a working fireplace, you can fill it with large candles, line the mantle with them too, and light those. Give your attendants cardigans (personalized with their initials) to keep warm.

Mood: warm, light
Palette: pastel pink, pale yellow, boxwood green

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow from Martha Stewart Weddings, veil by Rosa Clara, favor boxes from Martha Stewart Weddings, snowy house photo by Cameron Purdy
Row 2: photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, fireplace altar from Wonderful Grafitti, typography by Jessica Hische
Row 3: topiary banner from Martha Stewart Weddings, shoe photo by Jamie Grenough, boxwood wreath cake from Martha Stewart Weddings, peach bouquet from Rebecca Thuss
Row 4: dress from Martha Stewart Weddings, candle centerpieces from Red Orchid Design, shortbread cookies from Martha Stewart Weddings, green tie from Brides

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  1. Shana

    Oh, I just love it – everything about it! This might be my new favorite save Little Prince (nothing will ever beat that for me, I don’t think).

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  2. Lucy & Madi

    How beautiful! I love the whole concept, lots of snow and candlelight=magical!

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  3. annabelle

    Absolutely beautiful. It’s the soft pink and green spin-off on festive winter that Blueprint Mag was going for last December (remember the sparkly pink tree?), but you’ve captured it perfectly here. Btw, my mom was tickled to death with the three green/orange boards you emailed, so thank you again, Kathryn!

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  4. Amy

    I love it. The light pink and emerald green is unexpected and lovely!

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  5. Kate

    Just when I thought I was tired of pink and green. That’s spectacular. You are such a talent! You have a great eye. You should really starting charging and make people inspiration boards to help with their planning. I know I’d pay!

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  6. Veiled Vows

    Wow, this is probably my favorite board. That is really hard to say since I love all of them so much but it is so romantic and simple!

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  7. Melissa

    So pretty! I love the house :)

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  8. maggie moss

    it feels so southern old world. how refreshing!

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  9. sweatergirl

    I’m so excited! A full week of winter inspiration boards?! Count me in!

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  10. Jennifer

    I really like this. I want my home to look like this board lol. Too bad I live in Georgia, where snow is a very rare occasion.

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  11. ZenadiaDesign

    Love love love this!! Calm and bright is right. I love how soft these colors are!

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  12. Jane

    gorgeousness.you’ve captured the prettiness and coziness of winter in this board.

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  13. étudiante

    so lovely! i actually have most of these photos in my scrapbook! love love love how you put them together :D

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  14. Mollie

    So cute! If I was a winter wedding I would be this one :)

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