Board #357 | Good Morning Love (Budget Friendly #20)

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Palette: butter yellow, milk glass, garden green

A morning ceremony followed by an outdoor brunch is a wonderful way to throw a beautiful, budget-friendly wedding. By holding your wedding earlier in the day, or on a Sunday, some vendors might be willing to bargain. Incorporate vintage elements to add a sweet touch, as well as to help save money, and stick with a simple color palette (I chose buttery yellow and soft white) to create a cohesive look.

The Paper: Take a cue from Linda & Harriett, and create your own invitations with rubber stamps – they create a look that is both low-key and whimsical. You can use that same rubber stamp to continue your motif throughout the wedding, on cocktail napkins, thank you notes, you name it.

The Fashion: Choose a beautiful skirt and top for your bridesmaids, and they’ll appreciate having separates that they might actually wear again. How about a charming bow tie for the groom, and maybe as gifts for the groomsmen? This one by xo elle is only $36, and is made from vintage materials. You can save with a vintage wedding dress, too – the one in this inspiration board is only $275. Vintageous and Cherished Online are two places to look. Pair it with a gorgeous, wide-brimmed sun hat – it might be a splurge, but it will certainly get more wear than a veil!

The Decor: Instead of one sheet of fabric for a photobooth backdrop, hang several panels of fabric from a large tree – either for photos, or just for visual interest. Rent simple white linens – they’re often the cheapest option, and will work with the simple yellow and white color scheme. Other than that, an outdoor venue shouldn’t require much other decorating.

The Flowers: If you have a wholesale flower market nearby, pick up a variety of flowers in the same pale yellow. Arrange them in mismatched milk glass containers – you can find these for as little as $1 from flea markets, antique stores, and eBay. Have a floral designer create a small bouquet for you – cutting down the size can cut the cost in half, and allow you to include pricier blooms.

The Food: A brunch buffet may or may not be cheaper than dinner, but you’ll certainly save on alcohol. Guests will drink less earlier in the day, and you can get by with only two alcoholic options – mimosas and bloody Mary’s. Ask friends or family to contribute their baking skills – if someone is up to the challenge, they might even make a traditional tiered wedding cake for you.

Other Details: Vintage cream-colored rose earrings are the perfect accessory for the bride, and at only $8 they would make a great gift for your bridesmaids, too. Embellish your bouquet with vintage ribbon – a yard of pricier ribbon won’t break the bank, and Etsy is a great place to look for cheaper options. Place a customized crossword puzzle and pencil at each seat – a perfect detail for Sunday brunch, and something you can easily print off your own computer at home.

Vendor Credits

Row 1: stamped gift tags from Linda & Harriett / dahlias in milk glass from Martha Stewart Weddings / dress from Vintage Dress / hanging fabric photo by Adrienne Page  //  Row 2:  bridesmaid via {frolic!} / rose earrings from Out of the Blue / mimosas from Martha Stewart / custom bow tie by xo elle via Casando Ideias  //  Row 3:  scones from Martha Stewart / garden gate via Peach & Pearl / bouquet and horsehair hat both from Martha Stewart Weddings  //  Row 4:  roses in milk glass photo by Punam Bean / crossword puzzlecoconut cake, and ribbons all from Martha Stewart Weddings


  • Anna says:

    Oh wow! These are the colors we choose, AS WELL as the theme- garden and early morning ceremony/brunch! Fantastic! Thank you!

  • Caitlin says:

    I love the title of this one, as well as the color scheme.

    Also love the budget friendly boards!

  • ali blagg says:

    i love this!!! i am getting married in nov and doing a brunch!!! i have followed your blog for the past year and i LOOOOOVE your ideas! keep the morning/brunch ideas coming!!!!

  • Out of the Blue says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my cream rose earrings ~ what a wonderful surprise!!

  • april~living the sweet life says:

    Butter yellow is one of my all time favorite colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • citysage says:

    I don’t know how you do it Kathryn–a gorgeous board AND all these brilliant tips? you’re a one-woman wonder!

  • shani in arabia says:

    I am SO excited to see this, as it is basically EXACTLY what we are planning for our wedding in three weeks! The yellow/white palette, etc. AND I have been collecting hobnail milk glass off ebay for MONTHS. (ps if anyone wants to buy any milk glass or any other yellow/white deco after our wedding, I am posting it on weddingbee). Great post!

  • Mindy says:


    I am really loving your posts! I love how your inspiration boards have evolved.

    I was wondering if you got my email about a custom board?

  • Kelly says:

    this is so beautiful!
    i absolutely love your blog and tell everyone about it :) this might be a silly question but how do you make your boards?

  • mimi says:

    so excited to see your budget friendly ideas again. one of your boards inspired my wedding venue and the one from yesterday is helping round out my rehearsal dinner. what would i do without these?!

  • Emily says:

    Wow, you are rocking this week! I especially enjoy this one’s and Monday’s.

  • Sofia Negron Photography says:

    I love the fresh crisp look of yellows and creams. Brunches are fabulous. that is what we did for our wedding and people still rave 6 years later.

  • Christina Marie says:

    Kathryn, my friends and I have fallen in love with this. We are stuck on the floppy hat. Now we are thinking about the bridesmaids wearing floppy hats. But we’re skeptical that that would look good. Please give us your advise!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Thank you for validating my choice color palette! Some naysayers said that yellow and gray was a little off for a May brunch reception! My fiance and I love it!

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