So sorry for the late post today friends! Some inspiration boards are easier to finish than others, and for some reason I had the hardest time finding just the right images to pull this look together. I was going for a picnic wedding, but with a slightly different feel than some of the other picnic inspiration boards I’ve posted. This time, instead of a retro kitschy look, I wanted something that was a little bit bold and utterly feminine. Maybe with a bit of a woodsy feel to it? Anyway, I hope you enjoy and that it was worth the wait!

Mood: relaxed romance, flirty fun
Palette: oak leaf, raspberry, marigold

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: beribboned tree, bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings, photo by Ericka McConnell, family photo clothesline display by Nicole Hill
Row 2: ring pillows from Martha Stewart Weddings, dessert table photo by One Love Photo, flowers in tin can vases via Earth Friendly Weddings, vintage stamps from Chelsea Fuss via Once Wed
Row 3: picnic blankets via Oh Happy Day, picnic meal on Mottahedeh tin plates, sodas from Kate Parker Weddings
Row 4: tart photo by Valls Photographic, flowers via Toast & Tables, photo by Liz Banfield via The Bride’s Cafe, bride with roses in her hair via Black Eiffel

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  1. the future mrs. j

    This is stunning! I love the juxtaposition of a ultra fem with a little laid back picnic! Perfect!

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  2. KarenB

    It was worth the wait. ;-)

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  3. CaraBella

    So fresh & pretty!! Truly summer picnic — great board!

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  4. Kristy

    Oh, I love it!

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  5. Cookie

    So awesome. Great ideas in here. I love the photos on the clothesline, and I’m loving the multiple cakes more and more each day.

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  6. {The Perfect Palette}

    great board!

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  7. Kelley at My Island Wedding

    Really great board! For a “woodsy feel” check out my post dated today… aren’t these favors from etsy fun?

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  8. Mo

    I love this board, raspberry is such a fun color!

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  9. Michelle

    Lovely! I love how there is such a wide spectrum of colors but it still looks so fresh, elegant and coordinated. Thank you!

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  10. Sarah Elizabeth

    Please keep up the inspiration boards! I love that you use the words oak leaf, marigold, and raspberry versus brown/yellow/pink! Your site always gives me major loads of inspiration.

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  11. umama

    great collection of photos! How did you get them all to come up… usually when I go past two photos, the colors invert!

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  12. blushingjoy

    I love this board! It hints at spring for me and it’s what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks!

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  13. Gabrielle

    Oh wow! i love it! this is perfect for my wedding!much love from

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  14. One Love Photo

    Oh my favorite little desert table! Thanks! Loving this one! I love the idea of a picnic wedding with LOTS of blankets!!!!

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  15. brides and babes

    Oh, how I want to be there!

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  16. Out of the Blue

    I love the family photo clothesline! I did something very similar for my daughter’s first birthday and it was a big hit.

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  17. Helenna

    It’s truly amazing how happy I get everytime I look at your blog. Now you have just given me a fantastic idea about using picnic rugs and baskets and lovely flowers for a party at Sea Salt Beach House. Thanks!x

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  18. Jasmine

    i can’t stop looking at this one. i saved it on my computer yesterday. i showed it to my boyfriend, and he loves it too (hint, hint boyfriend!). we both love the blankets with flowers, picnic baskets, and pillows and how homemade everything is. thank you! i have a feeling we’ll be putting some of these ideas to use in the semi-near future. :)

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  19. kt

    I love this board and it is along the lines of the theme of our July ’09 budget friendly wedding- a Garden Party. Our details are based on saturated colors inspired by the garden. Check out as I’ll be posting more details about the wedding over the next few months.

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  20. kate holt

    So punchy with a relaxed feel. It makes me want to play hooky and have a picnic…with a raspberry crisp dessert.

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  21. karla

    Love love love this!

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