How could I possibly resist that lollipop photo by Jamie Hammond? A carnival inspiration board for you now that summer is officially here…

Mood: sassy summer fun
Palette: candy apple red, cotton candy blue

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: dress photo by Shannon Renee, garland photo by Jennifer Kloss, lollipop photo by Jamie Hammond, bouquet photo by Johnny Miller
Row 2: red and blue balloons, marquee letter from Urban Outfitters, caramel corn from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 3: candy apple photo by Whitebox Weddings, carnation boutonnieres photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, ticket save-the-dates from Martha Stewart Weddings, cherry soda from Wedding Style Guide
Row 4: dahlia photo by Cheri Pearl, ferris wheel photo by Mel Barlow, ribbon candy from Amy Atlas, burger stand photo by Amanda Bevington

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  1. Julia

    what a fun board!

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  2. iisy

    great! thanks for this board! red rules!!! :)

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  3. Natasha

    I love this one!

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  4. CaraBella

    So cheery! Just what I need to start my day!

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  5. Amy@OldSweetSong

    Oh my, this is amazing. So much fun. I either want to go to this wedding or perhaps I want it to be my own.

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  6. Sarah Elizabeth

    I love this color combination!

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  7. Gallinavecchia

    As I have already said, your blog is absolutely stunning.. I just love it.. and for this reason I assigned an award to it! If you want to pick it up please visit my blog (it is written in Italian so if you need an English translation of the whole post please let me know and I'll be happy to provide it to you).However the name of the award is "Your blog is a joy" and I believe this says everything!Italian hugsGallinavecchia

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  8. Melissa Marie

    LOOOOVE this color combination. I was even thinking about re-doing my kitchen in these colors! ;) Such a fun board!

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  9. David and Shalynna

    I love this one. Might be a favorite for me. This and the black and light, light pink (shell pink?). I can't recall the name of the board, but I can picture it in my mind.This is such a lovely blog! I enjoy visiting it. :)

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  10. Christina

    what fun! Lovely color palette :) we likey!!

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  11. {The Perfect Palette}

    Lovely color palette. The aqua + red is so incredibly fun! Love the theme of this board!

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  12. Inventing Weddings

    This board is spunky! I like the ribbon candy and the damask table runner. Everything flows together so well!

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  13. Me Sme and I

    Cute, cute, cute! I love the pop bottles and the sweetie bag. And if i had that dress with the underskirt that would be awesome. Love your boards.

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  14. Prost to the Host

    I also did a blue and red board. I also like the carnival theme in addition to the color scheme. Perfect.

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  15. Michele Dunker Interiors

    Love the color palette!

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  16. Encore Bride

    Love, love, loooove this board, it's so fun! Thx

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  17. Liz Watkin

    Think I will have to change the theme for my own wedding! This is amazing! I love it.

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  18. agoodbuild

    omg I want those red shoes in the top left picture! ack!

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  19. Truly Engaging

    Really sassy! Really FUN!

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  20. sera

    I'm so enamored with this board! love the red and blue tulle dress!

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  21. Amber

    i literally was going to order one of those Marquee lights a few days ago for my wedding that has this exact same color scheme! You're reading my mind.

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  22. Traveling bride

    love this, so fresh and fun.

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  23. Cindy at Dusting in Pearls & Rosehaven Cottage

    What a beautiful board! I love the color combo. It just screams summer.Cindy

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