A few of these images have been floating around for awhile in my head, and I thought it would be fun to put together a celebratory French-inspired board for Bastille Day. French flags, sparklers, and a croquembouche of course. If you happen to be in San Francisco today, head down to Belden Place, have some moules frites, and party (it’s what I’d do if I was there)!

Mood: celebration à la française
Palette: navy, red, white, gold

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo by Koreana, French flag save-the-date from Martha Stewart Weddings, bouquet by Artfool, miniature champagne bottles from Wedding Style Guide
Row 2: shadow box from Martha Stewart, photo via Lolita, croquembouche from InStyle Weddings, photo via {frolic!}
Row 3: berry tarts from Martha Stewart, sparkler photo by Adrienne Page, both menus by Cynthia Warren
Row 4: miniature fries from Callahan Catering, photo via Black Eiffel, potted flowers from Martha Stewart

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  1. {The Perfect Palette}

    love this one. great board. its full of great energy.

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  2. agoodbuild

    oh love that fry tower!

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  3. Berry

    Oh wow! That bouquet is GORGEOUS!

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  4. Michele Wimborough

    I love your boards – they really make me want to get married again!

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  5. Annie @ MarryYouMe

    How fun!

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  6. Jaime

    Gorgeous post- I was in Paris on Bastille Day in 2001 and enjoyed the most AMAZING fireworks show of my life at the Eiffel Tower!laviejaime.blogspot.com

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  7. anna K.

    ah, if only Mississippi didn't have so much *&#$@ humidity!! I want a croquembouche SO badly!!!!

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  8. Avian | nestparty.com

    I love the pic of the french book. I'm so googling french antique books all day now. Hooray – wonderful distraction from work!! ;) Thanks!!

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  9. Frances Liu

    I love this inspiration board! It's great not only for a wedding inspiration but for a Bon Voyage Fete as well! Dreaming of Paris…

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  10. Bridetobe

    Vive la France!

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  11. Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art

    beautiful collection…thanks for sharing what was in your head….

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  12. Truly Engaging

    tres bien! love the striped shirts… so iconic! great board!

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  13. Traveling bride

    Yeah my colours, not my theme but really nice to see my colours like that.

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  14. Tara [at] Pacific Wedding Guide

    Fun! I love this board! Makes me think of a summer stroll in a Parisian park…

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  15. Heather

    I am obsessed with France this week…love it!

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  16. Llubav

    Merci. this is taking me back to my honeymoon. love it!

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  17. taylorrenee

    You have such a beautiful blog and I love your inspiration boards!This French one is tres bien!I was looking up French-inspired products on Etsy for Bastille Day on my blog and I found these fabulous necklaces I think would make great bridesmaids gifts (simple and printed with "mon amie")Please take a look http://www.trimmedandtaylored.blogspot.comThank you for sharing your lovely ideas!

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  18. Joanna Goddard

    in love! perfect finds! gorgeous and not at all cliche. xoxo joanna

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  19. Stewart Imagery

    I was a French major, so I absolutely adore this one! Tres manifique! Bien sur! Love it!!

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  20. Christa Meola

    J'adore!!! Merci Merci!!!

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  21. jaclyn.

    great board. love the colors and the emotion. i am working on some myself. http://www.chartreuselove.blogspot.com

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  22. wedding chicks

    love this color board! thanks so much for sharing!!

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  23. Shana


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  24. leslie

    Really unique! Thank you for all your inspiring work!

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  25. Alixianne

    Love it!

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