So. Much. Color. There’s not much more to say than that. I’m guessing it either works for you or it doesn’t, though I think it would be hard to pass up a fiesta in these colors, even if you can’t imagine it for a wedding…

Mood: uncompromisingly bright and fun
Palette: super-saturated yellow, blue, green, orange

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: streamers photo by Our Labor of Love, “There Will Be Cake” photo by Meg Smith, bouquet photo by Anna Kuperberg, lollipop photo by Lisa Lefkowitz
Row 2: photo by Jose Villa, photo by Steep Street, swizzle sticks from Martha Stewart, kumquats and bird by Flush Designs
Row 3: seating card toys from Mary Mix Events, flowers via Lily-G, save-the-date, flowers by Ariella Chezar

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  1. {The Perfect Palette}

    i can definitely see it for a fiesta themed wedding! so bright & cheery!

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  2. MagnoliaRouge

    This SO makes me wanna have a party! Very funky!

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  3. Molly Jean

    I LOOOOVE it!

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  4. Michelle*G

    Fabulous combination!

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  5. Shana

    Woohoo! Love it!

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  6. KarenB


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  7. Amy@OldSweetSong

    I love all of this color! This is one of your best ones YET! I have to know who designed the save the date in the third row. I absolutey adore it.

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  8. That Girl

    This definitely works for me! Just beautiful:) It makes me smile, thank you.

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  9. alli michelle

    Wow, this board is so fun and sweet! I love it!

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  10. shanon

    Those streamers look so much fun!

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  11. Kathryn

    Amy – the link that I have for that save-the-date is dead… I'll keep an eye out for it though!

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  12. Camille Panzarello

    Definitely one of my favorites, and that's saying a lot when it comes to your boards. These are all my favorite colors–I want my house to look like this. Streamers? Yes, please.

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  13. Kelly Oshiro

    What a party!

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  14. Ale

    Yup, I'm loving the color! It just brings so many things alive with a zing of happy energy :) ~Una boda debe de ser una fiesta! -Alejandra

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  15. Kristy

    Love! I love seeing colorful wedding inspiration. I'm a fan of bright happy colors (though not necessarily neon, for a wedding), so this one makes me smile.

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  16. sarah

    I love the save the date cards from this post. I wish I knew where they came from. :)

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  17. Laura

    sooo… these are basically the exact colors i have planned for my wedding late next summer!! we are taking the very festive celebratory party feel and running with it! you've put all together so beautifully- thank you!!

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  18. Casey

    I was laying in bed at about 3 am not being able to sleep and thinking about changing to these exact colors for wedding. I'm taking this as a sign.

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  19. Farmgirl Susan

    I love it all! Especially the "There will be cake" invite. :)

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  20. julianne smith

    this might be my favorite! i want to be invited to this wedding! thanks for sharing!

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  21. Little Kaijuu


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  22. turtlebird


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  23. K. Anela Deisler

    I love it too. I actually went with the, "I can't choose one color, so I'm picking all of them theme"I found pics from the save the date people:

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  24. angie + matt

    This makes me SO HAPPY!

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  25. A

    LOVE! More weddings with bold color! I"m bored to death of washed out palettes…

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  26. Karen Wise

    Such pretty colors!

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  27. kelseyjade

    the streamers pic is from my sisters wedding and may i say, it was absolutely beautiful! joy thigpen was her designer and it was magical and so merry! i love the colors in this board! it is so happy..

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  28. Monkey

    am love, love, loving the return of the wedding-themed boards! Great job as always. Thank you for adding a bit of beauty to my day:)

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  29. miss button

    This is my colour scheme, so I'm totally glad to see it make an appearance. And such a cute one at that.LOVE!

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