I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only bride who gets caught up in all of the zillions of pretty wedding things popping up all over the internet. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, and to lose track of what’s right for my own wedding – in going through my inspiration files, I realize that there are so many ideas I’ve saved that just plain don’t fit with my own personal style. So I’ve been thinking about what exactly my personal style is, and I think if I had a motto* for my wedding it would be “timeless with a twist.” Or maybe “classic not cookie cutter.” I don’t want to look back on my wedding twenty years from now and roll my eyes at how trendy it was, but I do want to feel like we made it our own. And though today’s inspiration board is entirely different that what my own wedding will be (we’re getting married in San Francisco in December, not in South Carolina in the spring), I think those two mottoes apply perfectly here.

(*I was going to say “aesthetic motto,” but actually, this applies to our ceremony choices, too. Putting our personal touch on tradition.)

Mood: something old, something blue
Palette: brown paper, cream, faded Tiffany blue

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Top row from left: photo of oak trees with Spanish moss by Liz Banfield, photo of boy in seersucker suit by Sarah Rhoads, blue cardigan with vintage brooch styled by Shana Faust
Row 2: miniature pecan pies and red velvet wedding cake with sugar magnolia flowers both from Martha Stewart Weddings
Row 3: blue chairs via Oh Happy Day, magnolia flower photo by Alicia Bock, black and white photo by A Bryan Photo, vintage Mississippi stamp
Row 4: photo of vintage blue car by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, photo of vintage guest book journal by Jenny Liu, blue and lace ring pillow and paper-wrapped grits favor both from Martha Stewart Weddings

Make sure to stop by later for a beautiful wedding in the English countryside!

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  1. Raru

    very pretty pictures. great inspirations. thank you.xoxo,raru

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  2. Camille @ Style Notes

    What a gorgeous interpretation of a classic Southern wedding. Love the soft blues & muted light through the Spanish moss…it truly is 'timeless with a twist!'

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  3. Kelly Oshiro

    So dreamy!

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  4. orangeandblossom

    You have such a great way of stating things, Kathryn. I feel the same way when I look at my inspiration files for our house. "Is this lacquered red ceiling really our personal style?" : ) Those blue chairs are pretty dreamy… I love the idea of "faded Tiffany blue," too…

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  5. stacy

    I just saw a dress on gilt that would be a PERFECT bridesmaid dress for this!! Navy blue and white seersucker with metallic gold trim: http://www.gilt.com/s/thread-social/product/37270072

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  6. courtneynicole

    I totally agree with what you said about liking ideas & color schemes that may not ultimately even be your style! I feel like I am currently in a very overwhelmed state when it comes to color and what to choose. I keep getting swayed by ideas I see online…

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  7. Kathryn

    courtneynicole – I know exactly what you mean! That's why I've started thinking of my inspiration boards as imaginary weddings – a way to have those pretty things that aren't quite right for my own real wedding. Gosh that sounds crazy when I put it down in writing… ;)

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  8. ever ours

    adore this inspiration board! this shade of blue is so lovely!

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  9. ccc

    I totally agree with you. I do not care what is trendy. The main reason for planning this wedding is for my family and future children to remember this important event. I want this wedding to be part of our family history. Since my parents are divorced, I want to start a family with a strong foundation. I believe have a wedding for others to witness and support our union will help our marriage to remain strong. My theme is "A Sense of Vintage." However, that theme does not really express what I want. I want it to be about: Tradition. Memories. Celebration. Family Reunion. Love. All of my plans have been focused on creating memories, establishing tradition, and providing artifacts to remember this special event. How can I express this in a few words ?

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  10. Kate @ {wit + delight}

    what a romantic inspiration board!i happen to be at a photo shoot with a stylist who is a family friend of yours (thea) and your blog came up during dinner last night! what a lovely coincidence! hope your wedding plans are coming along well.all the best,kate

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  11. Kathryn

    Kate,What a small world! Thea is one of my favorite people. :)Wedding planning is going well – how about you?xoxoKathryn

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  12. Kate @ {wit + delight}

    She is the best! We are having a great time up here. Working amongst good company is so enjoyable.Wedding planning is going well…we're about to send invites to the printer, which is thrilling and daunting all at once. i'm excited to see what you guys have put together! thea was raving about what you have planned. i can't say that i'm the least bit surprised :)

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  13. Luna and Chloe

    Oh I heart spanish moss…especially when it hangs from the trees. And the pairing with blue is just lovely! Beautiful board.xoxokristi

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  14. Eddye

    This board is truly timeless. There are no cookie cutters in timeless:)

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