Even though we’re still really in between seasons, with the hottest days of summer hopefully behind us and the rich colors of fall still ahead, I thought I’d go ahead and get really excited for fall anyway. At least in terms of visual inspiration, it may be my favorite season.

Palette: gold, orange, brown
Mood: refined rustic

{click to enlarge photo}

Top from left: dahlia boutonniere from The Knot, rusty truck, recycled correspondence from Bari Zaki, Burberry scarf
Row 2: miniature candied apples from Rebecca Thuss, autumn vineyard via Here Comes the Guide, rustic table from Matthew Mead, ribboned fence from Sillapere
Row 3: pear favors and Vera Wang gown from MS, Old St. Hilary’s church, Maybelle calligraphy and rusty key
Row 4: barn from Brides, double-sashed dress via flickr, croquembouche, fruit and flowers centerpiece from MS

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  1. Oh Happy Blog!

    love the board- and the ribboned fence is from Event Designer Sillapere… they have amazingly creative work.

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  2. Anonymous

    The location of Old St. Hilary’s looks beautiful for a wedding. As a child my grandparents took me to a church very similar to this one. It was a simple white structure surrounded by fields of corn. I loved that church…I still do. (It was torn down years ago.) Thanks for the memory.Martha B.

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  3. Lisa

    Gorgeous, beautiful. Love this board, if I’d been able to find a barn this is exactly what we wanted for our wedding. Good stuff!

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  4. AIR

    Okay, I’m late coming in the game, so I had to do a lot of make up work, but I found some faves:#62 Vintage Travel, Destination Fiji (Love it ALL)#5 Autumn Air (LOVE the BARN)!!#11 Spanish Style (Such rich, virbrant colors. Makes me want to dance!)

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