Board #53 | Trick or Treat!

How about a Victorian-Gothic Sleepy Hollow Masquerade? It would take some real guts to use this board as inspiration for a wedding, but I can definitely imagine it as a fantastic Halloween party. Refinement meets decay, the macabre meets the glamorous. It is so creepily whimsical, and if someone had the inclination, I think it could work really well. Also, a big thank you to all the ladies who posted about Halloween weeks ago – all of your posts were big inspiration for this board!

Mood: macabre glamour
Palette: black, white, orange

Top row from left: Marie Antoinette masquerade, butterfly dress via A Dress A Day, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren dress from Elle, photo via Studiolo
Row 2: Samu-Jussi Koski dress via Shiny Squirrel, Victorian portrait, black calla lilies from Bloomery Weddings, centerpiece from Hostess with the Mostess, spiderwebs
Row 3: dress via Your Heart Out, bat pumpkin via Lucky Me!, coffin chocolate via Hostess Blog, black decanter via Toast and Tables, masquerade silhouette
Row 4: bouquet via Hostess Blog, black candy via Lucky Me!, Kylemore Abbey from Irish Travel Online, Sleepy Hollow map from The Knot
Row 5: guest book via Toast and Tables, image via Art of Adornment, Nicole Sayre Halloween moon from Fiddlesticks Dallas, calligraphy via Orange Beautiful, monogrammed pumpkins from MS


  • Lisa from Blush says:

    Fantastic! I’m officially addicted to your blog and you’re a must visit every day. Thanks!

  • amanda says:

    I love your boards, you are truly so creative! I check your blog of the time. Where do you get all of your ideas?

  • The Paris Apartment says:

    God this board is gorgeous! i was avoiding halloween like the plague…i wish i’d seen it sooner!

  • I attended school at Kylemore Abbey. I can vouch for its scariness/spookiness. Gorgeous, but everything down to the nuns who run the place, are downright scary!

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