Bouquet Inspiration

My godmother, Michaele Thunen, is one of the most talented people I know, especially when it comes to flowers, and my bridal bouquet was her wedding gift to me. Though she wasn’t technically a “vendor,” she’s a perfect example of what happens when you hire wedding professionals that you trust to take your initial inspiration and direction, and then use their discretion and talent to create something wonderful.

top {L: wild green bouquet} {R: bouquet with vines}
bottom {L: warm white rose bouquet} {R: gardenia bouquet}

These are some of the photos I shared with Michaele – I knew the general shape that I liked, and that I wanted all white flowers with some greenery. I mentioned to her how much I love lily-of-the-valley, gardenias, and vines. Michaele and I discussed that paperwhites seemed like they would be a good seasonal addition, and dusty miller was a nice way to incorporate the gray that was part of our wedding’s color palette. Also, any gifts I’ve ever received from Michaele are always tied with the most beautiful ribbon, so I knew she would pick something beautiful to embellish my bouquet.

bouquets by Ariella Chezar

Ariella Chezar has been a huge inspiration for me since long before I started my blog, so of course I drew inspiration from her flowers for my own wedding. Though I knew peonies, garden roses and clematis (some of my favorite flowers!) would be unavailable for our wedding in December, and though pink and peach weren’t the right colors, these two pieces really conveyed the overall feel and texture that I wanted for my bouquet.

photo by Elizabeth Messina

Somehow, Michaele brought together all of the different pieces that I loved, and created my dream bouquet – I absolutely fell in love with it.¬†She even found peonies in December! My bouquet included peonies, paperwhites, gardenias, lily-of-the-valley, dusty miller, passion vine, and stephanotis vine, and was all tied up with two types of beautiful silver ribbon from Britex. I trusted that Michaele would make something gorgeous, so after I’d shared my inspiration with her, I left it up to her how to bring it all together. And I’m so glad I did, because not only was the result absolutely perfect, it was also a delightful surprise on my wedding day.


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  • Your bouquet is gorgeous, and I love the story behind it.
    I’m doing something similar for my flowers–a good friend’s “gift” at my wedding are the floral arrangements. I have conveyed general ideas–shapes, colors, possible blooms–that I want and keeping the faith. I’m so happy it worked for you, and I hope it does for me too!

  • I’m glad you loved your bouquet. I don’t have a really clear vision, but I know I want a mostly white bouquet as well with ranunculus, dahlias and carnations for my September wedding. I’d like it tied with a grey ribbon. I hope I’m as happy with my bouquet as you were with yours :)

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