Gray and yellow has been done a million times, but I still love it. It’s like the low-key cousin to silver and gold. Here, instead of a flea market vibe, or a modern aesthetic, I’ve imagined it with a bit of a vintage twist (if you can get that from just four images, anyway), and added a hit of black.

Palette: slate gray, jet black, dandelion yellow, ivory

Clockwise from top left: typography via The Constant Gatherer, photo of cake with ranunculus by Rachel McGinn, vintage yellow dress via Please Sir Blog, bouquet photo by Clark + Walker

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Most of the colors in my life are pretty muted, with neutrals playing a major role, and color really only showing up now and then. Especially really bold color. But I love color, which is probably why I enjoy putting inspiration boards together so much – it gives me a chance to play with colors that I might not have the guts to wear or decorate with. Like this color board, with super saturated hues of emerald green and vermillion…

Palette: mojito green, jet black, cream, red flame

Clockwise from top left: wine label via Flush Designs, room via Coco + Kelley, tea tin flowers from Martha Stewart, poster by Rene Gruau via flickr  

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Sometimes working with bright and bold colors can be tricky, so it can be helpful to find one (or four) images that really convey the color story you have in mind. Just as with a full inspiration board, a color board like this can help you and your vendors stay focused, and maintain a cohesive look even with a range of fun colors.

Palette: black fig purple, raspberry lemonade pink, cerulean blue

Clockwise from top left: papel picado photo by Jonathan Canlas, fig and blackberry photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy, lollipop photo by Jose Villa, flowers by Ariella Chezar


So what do you think of the color boards? That’s it for today, but I have a few more to share with you tomorrow – and if you like them maybe I’ll create some brand new ones, too!

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There’s no reason a monochromatic palette has to be flat. Various shades of the same color create depth and visual interest, such as this mix of blues. Not only are they different levels of dark and light, but they’re also different tones, some with more of a teal or turquoise hue, others more true blue.


Palette: teal, denim blue, seaglass

Clockwise from top left: mismatched china via Perfectbound, book cover via Style Court, calligraphy by Betsy Dunlap, photo of curio box by Cori Kindred

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Last year I made a few color boards for The Bride’s Cafe, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you. These are different from my inspiration boards in that they’re entirely about a color palette, rather than specific details. A little less concrete, perhaps, but maybe a good starting place for someone who just needs some color inspiration. I do hope you’ll find them inspiring!

Palette: shell pink, sour cherry red, coffee foam beige, cocoa brown

Clockwise from top left: cherry clafoutis photo by Johnny Miller, string of lights via Lolita, tulle dress and pearl ring via Dress Design Decor, velvet chairs via This is Glamourous


A couple more coming up later today!

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