If this guest post from {this is glamorous} doesn’t make you want to fly away to Paris, then we don’t know what will!

No matter how many times one visits Paris, it will forever be one of those enchanting places that one can never get enough of, and out of all the places in the world there may be to travel, perhaps few places can compare to the magic and romance of the City of Light.  Whether walking along the Seine in the golden rays of falling summer sunshine, a picnic of champagne and cake among the flowers and perfectly manicured hedges of the Jardin du Luxembourg, a day spent immerse in the beauty of art at the Musée d’Orsay or the Musée Rodin, or coffee and croissants on mid-summer morning, Paris is the most impossibly perfect place to begin all your tomorrows together . . .

“But Paris was a very old city and we were young and nothing was simple there, not even poverty, nor sudden money, nor the moonlight, nor right and wrong nor the breathing of someone who lay beside you in the moonlight.”

― Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

1 – travel cases by cambardi // 2 – lip balm : rodinchristian dior // 3 – pearl twisted hammock necklace // 4 – charlotte olympia flora leather and mesh pumps // 5 – la perla maison lace-trimmed camisole & lace-trimmed briefs // 6 – agent provocateur darla lace bra // 7 – deborah marquit giardino di fiori italian lace briefs // 8 – annick goutal petite cherie eau de toilette // 9 – nars oran // 10 – nach seashell earrings


[images : one // two // three // four]


For the most glamorous inspiration around, head over to {this is glamorous}!

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Ginny Branch is one of the most creative and talented ladies we’ve had the pleasure to know, so we’re thrilled that she’s here today with a guest post on her dream honeymoon…


This was such a fun post for me to plan because my husband and I actually have not taken a honeymoon! My husband and I are planning on finally treating ourselves to a proper vacation alone as a married couple (again, something we have not done in our 4 years of marriage) and we decided it would be fun to explore the west coast on a road trip. I am dying to get lost in misty Portland or overindulge in a boozy Napa wine tasting, and Ed would love nothing more than to explore all that Jackson Hole has to offer. Here is what I would take on our trip…

1.  This CP shades linen shirt is the jam. I have it in white and in a chambray. I would buy this style in just about every fabric. White button down shirts are my kryptonite and this one has the perfect modified peter pan collar.

2.  The holy grail of luggage is a gorgeous leather gladstone bag. Who wouldn’t want this on their arm?

3.  I’m a sucker for a fountain pen.

4.  I swear by Revlon’s Love That Red lipstick. Perfect lazy girl arsenal.

5.  I have a few of these Polaroid sx-70s and I think I might have to tuck one into my bag. I just love how dreamy the film is and I think it would be more than appropriate for a dusty, West Coast crawl.

6.  Got to pack some shades for that bright california sun!

7.  I want to be a minimalist packer so I can save room for plenty of souvenirs! I think I’ll be set with one or two of these baggy boyfriend shorts from Garnet Hill.

8.  Can’t beat a classic panama hat.

9.  I just love the dusty blush color of these espadrilles, and the suede kicks up the fancy a notch.

10.  Is it too much to ask for a Jeep Grand Wagoneer to tool around in? Could there be a better road trip car???

11.  A leather notebook to record all of our memorable stops and sights.

12. SPF drops.  I love them because I can just mix with my existing moisturizer instead of buying a product with added sunscreen.


Check back in a couple weeks when Ginny shares her ideas for an Atlanta mini-moon. And until then, find her over on her blog!

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Hi again! I’m back with a few more favorite wedding invitations to share with you! I’ve had the pleasure of featuring more than 490 wedding invitations on Oh So Beautiful Paper, so I could go on and on with examples of my favorite invitations over the years. But there are two types of invitation design styles that will forever have a special place in my heart: calligraphy wedding invitations and travel-inspired wedding invitations!

Cassie & Ariel:  

There really is just nothing more beautiful than letterpress printed calligraphy, particularly in such a classic color palette! I love the combination of the modern calligraphy style by Betsy Dunlap with a traditional serif typeface. And the floral backing on the invitation.

Original Post:  Cassie + Ariel’s Navy and White Calligraphy Wedding Invitations / Design and Letterpress Printing: Parrott Design Studio / Calligraphy: Betsy Dunlap / Photo Credits: Parrott Design Studio


Lindsay & Steve:

These invitations lean a bit more towards hand lettering, but they’re still unbelievably beautiful! I just love every single detail, from the sunny yellow and gray color palette to the fun pattern and silhouette details.

Original Post: Lindsay + Steve’s Hand Lettered Wedding Invitations / Design: Lindsay Keach / Hand Lettering: Molly Jacques / Illustrations: Jenifer Wofford / Letterpress Printing: Lindsay and Rocket Caleshu, via San Francisco Center for the Book / Photo Credits: Molly Jacques


Charles & Sara:

I love, love, love a good travel-inspired wedding invitation, and I love the attention to detail in these destination invitations for a wedding in Rome. Beautiful calligraphy, a map envelope liner, vintage stamps, and twine in the colors of airmail. They even incorporated a photo of the ubiquitous Italian Fiat!

Original Post:  Charles + Sara’s Travel-Inspired Calligraphy Wedding Invitations / Design: Ruby the Fox / Calligraphy: Molly Jacques / Letterpress Printing: Steracle Press / Photo Credits: Ruby the Fox


 Janie & David: 

These invitations are travel-inspired, but with a twist! The invitation was hand lettered and printed on the back of an oversize map, then folded to hold the accompanying pieces like a neon pink mad lib RSVP card and an accommodations card enclosed in a teeny envelope. A wax seal was the perfect finishing touch!

Original Post:  Janie + David’s Modern Travel-Inspired Wedding Invitations / Design, Hand Lettering, Printing, and Photo Credits: Ladyfingers Letterpress


I hope you love these invitations as much as I do! I’m so glad Kathryn asked me to share some of my favorites while she spends some time with that sweet new baby! And if you’re ever in the need of some pretty stationery eye candy, you’re always welcome to come visit me over at Oh So Beautiful Paper!

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There are few things we love more than thoughtfully designed stationery, which is why Oh So Beautiful Paper is one of our go-to blogs for inspiration. Well today they’ve come to us with a round-up of favorite wedding invitations…


Hi everyone! I’m Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper, and I’m thrilled to be guest blogging while Kathryn enjoys some time with her sweet little girl. Today I get to talk about one of my most favorite things – wedding invitations!

You might be surprised to hear that my favorite invitations don’t involve a specific trend, color, style, or even printing method. Instead, I find myself drawn to invitations that practically burst with the personality of the couple, which can be anything from a classic engraved text on white paper to a full-color illustrated design. And today I thought I’d share a few favorites with you!


Courtney &  Paul: 

Courtney was inspired by her love of music and her adopted home town of Brooklyn. This inspiration is reflected in every single aspect of her wedding invitations, from the Brooklyn Bridge illustration to the mini-record RSVP card. I also love the playful wording of the invitation suite – so perfect for a couple with a dry and quirky sense of humor!

Original Post: Courtney + Paul’s Brooklyn-Inspired Wedding Invitations  / Invitation Design and Photo Credits: Swiss Cottage Designs / Calligraphy: Love, Jenna Calligraphy


Audrey & Erik: 

Incorporating your personality into your wedding invitations doesn’t necessarily mean an over-the-top design. These sweet and simple gingham invitations are perfect for an informal summer picnic wedding. I also love that the design is perfectly suited for the printing method. The gingham pattern is achieved by a letterpress technique called overprinting, in which one color is printed directly over another to achieve a completely new third color.

Original Post: Audrey + Erik’s Casual Gingham Wedding Invitations / Invitation Design, Printing, and Photo Credits: Studio SloMo


Kate & Deni: 

Metallic foil is such a wonderful way to incorporate a bit of sparkle and glamour into a wedding invitation! I love that metallic foils can look totally modern, like the gold foil calligraphy and polka dots in the top row above, or completely retro, like the Art Deco-inspired design in the bottom row.

Top Row: Kate + Deni’s Navy and Gold Foil Calligraphy Wedding Invitations / Design: Kate Allen / Calligraphy and Photo Credit: Plurabelle / Letterpress Printing: Amy Thompson of Paper Boat Studios / Gold Foil Printing: Shamrock Raisdletter

Bottom Row: Blakely + Matthew’s Art Deco-Inspired Wedding Invitations / Invitation Design: Carina Skrobecki Design and Lizzy Showman / Printing by Nikko Media /  Photo Credits: Carina Skrobecki


Ana & Pedro: 

I absolutely love the romantic simplicity of this black and white invitation design. With an illustrated garland and sweet silhouettes as the primary motifs and a couple of well-chosen typefaces, this design still conveys the joy of a couple in love. You just can’t go wrong with classic black and white.

Original Post: Ana + Pedro’s Sweet and Simple Wedding Invitations / Design and Photo Credits: Brancoprata


Check back in a bit for a few more of my favorite wedding invitations!

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You Are My Fave is one of our faves! We love all of Melanie’s great finds, but most of all we love her approach to DIY – she makes it appear so effortless and inspires us to give it a go! Today she’s here with five easy edible wedding favors…

Coming up with favors is one of my favorite parts of throwing a party. I tend to go the edible route since I know it will more likely be appreciated than some tchotchke. And who doesn’t like to end the festivities with a little treat? Here are five favor approved desserts that can be found at Whole Foods (similar items can be found at just about any grocery store) and easy ways to package them just so.

Macarons come in so many flavorful colors that you can match them to your party decor. Just special order them at the bakery and set out mini painted paper mache boxes for guests to take them home in. (Chantal Guillon are a Snippet & Ink favorite!)

Two words: bulk section. Chocolate covered anything is my first choice then stamp some muslin bags for the filling.

If you’re not a chocolate fan (heaven forbid), pizzelles are a good bang for your buck and look like an intricate piece of lace. Plus, packaging them in clear bags sealed with a sticker would take you less than a couple hours to complete.

Mini peanut butter cups in a mini box will be so much more appreciated than jordan almonds. Trust me.

Chocolove bars are insanely good and these mini ones are perfectly favor sized. The packaging is already great so just a strand of ribbon is all you need for the finishing touch.

sources: paper mache boxesmuslin bagsEnjoy stampclear bagheart sticker


Find daily inspiration over on You Are My Fave!

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