We’re having an early birthday celebration for Caroline this weekend, and I’ve been in paper flower heaven the past week, making pretties for the party…

I’m having so much fun designing and making flowers, and can’t stop thinking about them, so I thought I would share some of my favorite paper flower inspiration with you!


Thuss + Farrell

I received a copy of Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell last summer, and it’s been an incredible resource for inspiration and techniques –  I highly recommend it! It includes 75 projects, plus hundreds of petal and leaf templates (which are available in PDF form – hugely helpful for printing and cutting them out).

Thuss + Farrell Thuss + Farrell
Thuss + Farrell Thuss + Farrell
Thuss + Farrell Thuss + Farrell

Thuss + Farrell Thuss + Farrell

Oh, and the Thuss + Farell Instagram feed is wonderful, too!

Anandamayi Arnold

I was first introduced to paper flowers years and years ago at the magical Berkeley shop, Tail of the Yak, with Anandamayi Arnold‘s spectacular paper botanical surprise balls…

Jude Miller

Jude Miller‘s botanical sculptures are breathtaking – can you believe these are made of paper?! Imagine wearing one as a fascinator…

Livia Cetti

In addition to creating charming paper flowers, Livia Cetti is a gardener and incredible floral designer – somehow I think that comes through in her sweet paper creations. She also has a gorgeous new book out, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers.

Jordan Ferney

Crafty DIY party maven Jordan Ferney always posts the best tutorials, and I love her ideas for ways to use paper flowers, like this headband.

Brittni Watson Jepsen

I love paper blooms in any size, and Brittni over at The House That Lars Built clearly does too – how awesome is this giant flower! She has lots of great paper flower tutorials on her blog, and also offers workshops and online paper flower making classes.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Some of the most darling paper flower projects that I’ve seen come from the folks at Martha Stewart


If you love paper flowers, you’ll also want to check out the work of Lyndie Dourthe and Eloise Corr Danch. Also, Lia Griffith has some great tutorials on her blog for a bunch of different flower styles.

And for even more of my paper flower finds, head over to my Paper Flower Pinterest board!


I received a review copy of Paper to Petal from Potter Craft/Random House, but all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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I recently came across the work of calligrapher and illustrator, Stephanie Fishwick, and was instantly smitten with her whimsical custom crests. What a charming alternative to a simple monogram! And what a perfect way to embellish wedding related stationery, from envelope flaps to program covers…

In addition to these more elaborate custom crests, you can Build-Your-Own personalized version with Stephanie’s Custom Crest Creator. Just choose a garland, an icon, and text, and you have your very own crest you can stamp all over just about anything you can think of! I can also imagine these as a very sweet gift for someone dear.

Garlands include wreaths of rosemary and thyme, nautical knots, and heraldic crests. Icons include a sun, bumblebee, zebra, even a pair of shoes. You can go with a classic monogram, a single initial, your name… the options are numerous!


I had a ton of fun playing around and building these six crests, though I have no idea how I would narrow it down to just one favorite combination! What would you choose? Stephanie’s custom crests start at $120.

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If you ask anyone who attended my wedding what their favorite part of the reception was, I guarantee that most of them will mention the photo booth. It was jam packed with people the entire night, and not only did everyone leave with fun photos, but Ryan and I ended up with a super fun and unique guest book filled with the duplicates. Magnolia Photo Booth added so much to our wedding, and though it was nearly three years ago now, I still pull out our coffee table book and smile at our hilarious friends and family.

You can do pics in black and white, or in color. You can go with plain print-outs, or have Magnolia‘s design team create a custom wedding logo for you (so no one ever forgets when and where they took that awesome photo!). The booths themselves even come in different colors, so you can choose the one that best coordinates with your event. I also love that they’re the perfect blend of retro and modern, with the feel of a retro photo booth and the convenience of a modern one. An unexpected bonus to the way the booth is designed? By having curtains on the sides instead of solid walls, you can pretty much cram as many people as possible into one photo. We have a few clown car shots from my wedding as proof. 

MagBooths are located in eight major U.S. cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Louisville, Austin, New York, Chicago, and Cleveland), but they’re also happy to travel pretty much anywhere you can think of.

I think the best part of renting a Magnolia Photo Booth is probably the fact that they’re all-inclusive: set-up and take-down, an on-site attendant, unlimited prints, web-hosting where your guests can order prints, and both a disk AND a book of images. Oh, and even an assortment of props!

From my personal experience, I cannot recommend The Magnolia Photo Booth Co. enough. It’s a fun-loving company who will bring some big fun to your wedding!


The Magnolia Photo Booth Co. is a sponsor of Snippet & Ink, but the opinions in this post are my own. 

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Gorgeous rings don’t have to cost a pretty penny! Between boutique designers, Etsy sellers, and vintage and estate curators there are plenty of unique engagement rings within budget. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites in varying styles, all under $2,500!

BULGARI gold, pearl, and diamond bypass Ring via 1st Dibs, $1,800 / Victorian gold, pearl and diamond ring via 1st Dibs, $2,450 / Early 1900’s moonstone ring by Erica Weiner, $340 / Graduated diamond and opal band by Erica Weiner, $1,200 / Baby pearl bud ring by Alex Monroe, $200 / The Beatrix ring via Brilliant Earth, $2,400

Five stone pear cut sapphire diamond band by Sam n Sue, $1,390 / Chrysalite 5-stone ring via 1st Dibs, $1,950 / Sensual antique natural pearl and diamond band via 1st Dibs, $2,500 / Radiant diamond and natural pearl band via 1st Dibs, $2,300 / Crescent diamond ring by Bario Neal, $2,222 / 18K Champagne five stone band by Sam n Sue, $1,050

Hermes diamond “H” yellow-gold ring via 1st Dibs, $1,700 / Square diamond stackable ring via Nordstrom, $1,395 / 18K yellow gold Yasmine ring with white diamonds by Stone via mytheresa.com, $917 / White diamond band ring by Blanca Monros Gomez via Shop Bop, $1,630 / Diamond bubble eternity band by Rebecca Overmann via palasjewelers.com, $1,730 / Baguette diamond band by Bario Neal, $2,475

Cordate ring via BHLDN, $420 / Round rose cut diamond ring by Conroy & Wilcox, $2,240 / “Wheat” diamond ring by Anna Sheffield via greenwichjewelers.com, $2,000 / Rose cut diamond stack band by Dawes Design via palasjewelers.com, $1,575 / Diamond engagement ring via 1st Dibs, $2,200 / Avens ring by Bario Neal, $2,200

The Bolero Ring via Brilliant Earth, $2,450 / Viola’s treasure signet ring by Elisa Solomon via Cat Bird, $1,260 / Savoy art deco ring via Trumpet and Horn, $1,800 / Dover art deco ring via Trumpet and Horn, $500 / Victorian-era “MIA” cigar band by Erica Weriner, $600 / Art Nouveau diamond ring via 1st Dibs, $1,800

Rose and vine ring by Alex Monroe, $200 / Knot ring by Gabriela Artigas via Shop Bop, $198 / Horseshoe ring by Erica Weiner, $500 / White topaz scallop ring by Jamie Wolf via Shop Bop, $1,200 / “Loved” ring by Nora Kogan, $576 / Rose gold bezel heart ring via Rare Earth Etsy shop, $365

Pavlova pink sapphire ring by Elisa Solomon via Cat Bird, $2,318 / Edwardian amethyst and seed pearl ring via Doyle & Doyle, $985 / Square turquoise ring by Mociun, $2,250 / Victorian Etruscan Revival coral ring via Doyle & Doyle, $2,400 / Wood nymph ring with tourmaline and diamonds by Megan Thorne via greenwichjewelers.com, $1,685 / Sapphire and diamond white gold cluster ring via 1st Dibs, $2,500

Do you have or are you considering a unique engagement ring? Which one is your favorite?

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Last year we did a post on 50 of our favorite fonts, and it was such a hit that we thought we’d round up another 50 awesome fonts – and this time, all of them are free for personal use! From invites to menus to favor labels, any of your DIY wedding projects can benefit from a fabulous font…

Aerolite CP / Amatic SC / Archistico / Birmingham / Brannboll Fet / CAC Champagne / Castro Script / Centeria Script / Champagne & Limousines / Champignon

Clipper Script / Coneria Script / Contribute / Cursif / Cylburn / Dancing Script / Ecolier / Espacio / Fontleroy Brown / Freebooter Script

Grand Hotel / Hand Shop Typography / Henry Rodeo Circus / Housegrind / Janda Elegant Handwriting / Janda Stylish Script / Jenna Sue / La Belle Aurore / Learning Curve Pro / Lighthouse

Little Days / Mardian / Masterics / Matchbook / Mountains of Christmas / Nautik / Nickelodeon / Pacifico / Parisienne / Pompiere

Ranger / Ribbon / Riddle / Sail / Sofia / Some Weatz / Southern Aire / Suilly la Tour / Windsor Hand / Wonderlust


We’d love to know how you’re using fab fonts in your wedding projects – and did we miss any of your favorite free fonts? Share them in the comments!

Please note: Most of these fonts are free for personal use only. Many of them also accept optional donations to support the designers.
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