As a kid, I spent summers (still do!) in the Rocky Mountains in Montana, so every time I see photos on Carrie Patterson‘s blog, it makes me a little homesick for that place. Lindsey and Kevin’s engagement shoot was no different – an absolutely gorgeous shoot, complete with big sky clouds, in Wyoming’s Tetons. I also love how simple this shoot was – pick a special place, throw on some cowboy boots, and take some photos with the one you love. What could be better?! Though the couple lives in California, Lindsey shares a bit about their decision to hold their engagement shoot and their wedding in Wyoming:

“Kevin spent his childhood summers in Wyoming with his grandparents, and his family owns a small ranch outside of Jackson. I knew from the first visit I took with Kevin that it was the ideal location for our wedding. We both love the natural beauty and laid-back style that the state offers, and we look forward to having our guests experience the serene beauty we love so much!”

Though a thunderstorm threatened that morning, it broke up into clouds, providing great natural lighting for the shoot.

Thank you so much to Carrie Patterson for sharing these beautiful photos with us, and best wishes to you Lindsey and Kevin! You can see even more from this shoot, and from the gorgeous Tetons, over on Carrie’s blog.

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Cristen and Scott from W. Scott Chester Photography sent over these sweet photos from Sabrina and Reg’s engagement session, taken at and near the couple’s Georgia home. Also, who needs special props and ensembles when you’ve got beautiful butterflies making cameo appearances…

Congratulations to Sabrina and Reg, and thank you to W. Scott Chester Photography for sharing these darling photos with us – you can see even more from this shoot over at their blog.

Oh, and stop by later today because inspiration boards are back!

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Have I shared my love of 8mm film with you? I love the nostalgia of it, I love the sweetness of it, and I wish I could afford to use it for capturing everyday moments – which is why it’s so fun to see couples using it for love shoots! Meg and Ty (and their dog Norah!) hired Buzz Media Company to shoot this 8mm of them at a local winery, and they were kind enough to share it with us…

Congratulations Meg and Ty, and thank you so much to Erica and Mike at Buzz Media Company for sending this 8mm over for us to enjoy.

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Sarah Rhoads shared this sweet engagement shoot with me, of her two dear friends, Meghan and Jonathan. Though you certainly don’t need props for an engagement shoot, I love the simple items the couple chose to showcase their interests and personalities, from balloons to books.

Congratulations Meghan and Jonathan, and thank you to Sarah Rhoads for sharing these photos with us (you should check out her blog – it’s kinda awesome).

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I love these photos – they just make me smile! Especially that last one – how great is that shot? I don’t know what it is, but it’s just so obvious from these photos how happy and in love Caroline and Clark are – and isn’t that exactly what your engagement pics should show?

So now that you’ve seen these photos, I wanted to share the delightful story behind them – Caroline and Clark wanted engagement pics, but it wasn’t in their budget to hire a professional photographer for a shoot. Instead, Clark’s twin brother took these shots of them around Nashville. I would never have guessed that these weren’t professional shots! Congratulations on your engagement Caroline and Clark!

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