From Jordan: “This picture was taken during our first dance, and you can just tell that we are having the best time. Taylor and I don’t particularly like to be the center of attention, so we were both a little nervous about dancing in front of all of our guests, but you can tell in this picture that we weren’t at all concerned with who was watching us and were just enjoying the moment!”


From Taylor: “This is my favorite picture because it truly captures the energy of that day in a very focused and dedicated light. This picture will forever remind me of the happiness and warmth Jordan and I share towards each other.”


Photos by Mandy Busby.  See Jordan and Taylor’s wedding feature RIGHT HERE.

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From Heather: “This one stopped me in my tracks as I was going through our 600+ photos from the day. It was an instant favorite and still remains at the very top of my list. The joy and happiness in our faces as we danced together for the first time, while singing and laughing, is so genuine and candid. I can feel the love exuding from it and it perfectly captures exactly how I felt at that moment in time.”


From Brady: “One of my favorite photos shows Heather and me enjoying a moment alone while our guests eat dinner. It captures a perfect and personal moment out in the fields on the farm. I love seeing Heather in her gown out in the tall grass. More important, this photo captures true smiles and happiness. All day, we smiled at numerous cameras for photos, but in this moment, we got a chance to stop and smile at each other.


“Tied for favorite photo is this one of us holding hands during our wedding ceremony with our guests looking on and our dog sound asleep at our feet. It was a peaceful day on the farm.”


Photos by Ruth Eileen. See Heather and Brady’s wedding feature right HERE.

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From Jacky:  This was really hard! So many of our photos are my “favorites” for different reasons. I chose this one because it captures an especially happy moment. During our first look, Alta got to Willi first (Alta escorted me down the hill) and had jumped into his arms – in this picture I had just gotten to the two of them. This photo captures the excitement and joy we felt just before we met up with all our friends and family. Plus, Alta looks pretty darn cute smiling in her flower collar!


From Willi:  I love this picture, taken right after we had signed the official wedding papers with our witnesses – my step dad, our officiant, and our siblings. A completely candid photo that’s so well composed, it almost looks staged.


Photos by Anna Louise. See Jacky & Willi’s wedding feature right HERE.

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From Melanie: “This picture is my absolute favorite. The way he looks at me, the tears of joy in his eyes… completely melts my heart.”

From Daniel: “At that moment, our hearts intertwined and she truly became my other half.”

Photos by Jessica Lorren.  See more of Melanie and Daniel’s wedding right HERE.

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From Kristin: “It was just us being cute and funny together and he was whispering things in my ear to make me laugh.”


From Erin: “This was our first moment alone as Mr. & Mrs. Dutton!”


Photos by Matt Edge.  See Kristin and Erin’s full wedding right HERE.

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