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Today we have a gorgeous two part feature from photographer David Jenkins at an absolutely incredible venue. Says the bride, “We wanted something that was classic Cotswolds, and Temple Guiting is a real gem, hidden in the beautiful surroundings.”

David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink

The bride carried a bouquet of all white flowers.

David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
8-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero 8-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
12-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero 12-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink

Temple Guiting Manor only hosts a handful of large weddings each year, and with its incredible Cotswold stone buildings and exceptional gardens, it made a stunning backdrop for Izzie and Ro’s wedding weekend.

David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
18-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero 18-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
19-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero 19-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink

Guests’ names were written on small clay hearts, tied around the napkin at each place.

22-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero 22-david-jenkins-snippetandink-izziero
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink
David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink

Dandelion-like lanterns lit the tent for dinner and dancing.

David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink David Jenkins | Snippet & Ink


Photography: David Jenkins / Venue: Temple Guiting Manor in Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom / Event Planning: Caroline Horstmann for Sophie Conran / Bride’s Dress: Stephanie Allin / Shoes: Jimmy Choo / Makeup: Sophie Everett / Groom’s Suit: Supply London / Tie: Paul Smith / Bridesmaid Dress: Temperley / Stationery: Emma MacCarthey / Floral Design: Fiona Perry / Band: Twentysomething / Cake: Peggy Porschen
  • English Manor Wedding by David Jenkins

    20 May 2014
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    I always love to see how folks in the wedding industry think about their own weddings, especially when it’s one of our Select vendors! Courtney from Swiss Cottage Designs creates the most whimsical stationery suites, full of playful illustrations and thoughtful details, and she brought that vision to her own Brooklyn wedding last December.

    Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink

    A little glimpse of Courtney and Paul’s super fun wedding invitations. (Be sure to check back in a bit for a full post all about the invitation elements!)

    Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink

    Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink Swiss Cottage Designs, Weddings by Two | Snippet & Ink

    “People like to tell you lots of stuff before you get married but the best advice we got was to enjoy one another that night. It’s so easy to get caught up with your friends and family that you forget about your new husband or wife! I made sure that Paul and I spent a lot of time together that night and really had fun together.”

    From the bride: “I walked down the aisle to Al Green’s version of ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand.’ It’s a great rendition that is full of soul which makes it hard to sit still. I think this got the guests going because as soon as I rounded the corner to walk down the aisle with my mom and dad, everyone started clapping and cheering for us! It was a pretty tight space so we had to push our way through the crowd to get to Paul at the front. I was smiling ear to ear and laughing hysterically! It was such a great way to kick off the evening and is a moment I’ll always remember.”

    Music was a recurring theme in Courtney and Paul’s wedding, starting with the RSVP cards designed to look like old records. Another musical detail? Set on the back of each chair at the ceremony, and placed around the restaurant, were little tent-folded cards with quotes from favorite love songs.

    Courtney designed and created tons of fun little details for the wedding day, like a large welcome sign with an itinerary of the evening’s events, temporary tattoos, souvenir mugs, and drink stirrers. I think my personal favorite is the mini button pins that said “Bride,” “Groom,” and “Neutral.”

    I asked if they included any traditions in their wedding: “We actually did the opposite and broke most traditions. We weren’t really trying to, but we felt that so many didn’t feel natural to us so we just decided to bypass them. However, we did do a first dance which was really special.”

    “For us, it was all about the music. We wanted to take our guests on a musical journey, if you will, from the 1950’s all the way through the 1990’s. Our DJ Ben Carlin the best 90’s mashup ever! I always disliked being at a wedding when you’re up and down because the DJ is all over the place with his choices. We wanted this night to be all about love and music and in the end, it was.”



    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  We knew we wanted to have the wedding in Brooklyn since this is where we met, fell in love and currently live. With our hectic work lives, a restaurant venue made it really easy to not have to think about the nitty gritty details like rentals, catering, etc. We also loved that we could take a taxi to and from the venue the night of the wedding – it felt really local and easy which we loved. Plus, Dumbo is such a great neighborhood that we knew our out-of-town guests would love.

    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  To be honest, we were inspired most by the idea of one big party. Working in weddings, I’ve been privy to all tiers of wedding planning. I knew that for us, we wanted to have one big throw down where everyone, no matter how they knew us, would come in and have the best night. We set the tone by creating really lighthearted save-the-dates and invitations that conveyed our theme of fun and party. We interjected humor wherever we could, we wanted everyone to feel comfortable and happy, not stuffy and bored.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Don’t get lost in the traditions, details or what your best friend did. Make it your own no matter what your friends and family say. At the end of the day, its your wedding and your moment to cherish. And usually, those critics come around and end up loving all your personal touches!

    Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Pick your battles. If paper is important, make that a priority. If the cake is all you care about, spend the most on that. Unless you have a bottomless budget, you can’t have it all. It’s good to prioritize and find what matters most to you. Then do whatever you can to nail those items down and make them perfect, the rest will fall into place.

    Photographer: Weddings by Two / Stationery: Swiss Cottage Designs / Wedding Stylist: Ara Farnam of Rock, Paper, Scissors / Dress: Sass by Ivy & Aster / Shoes: Nine West / Suit, Shirt: Indochino / Tie: Top Shop / Floral Designer: Elizabeth London / Music: DJ Ben Carlin
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    It’s not often I have the chance to feature friends’ weddings here, but it’s always such a treat when I do! Katie and Daniel are two of my favorite people, and their Texas wedding was full of color and joy. The way Katie writes about the day, you almost don’t need photos to imagine it – of course InTandem‘s beautiful images speak for themselves, and capture the vibrancy of the day perfectly…

    For the invitation suite, Katie gave Lucky Luxe freedom to design with only a few words for direction: colorful, Texas, fiesta, playful, fun. Says Erin from Lucky Luxe, “Katie chose our Souvenir Destination save-the-date postcard so we could really pack lots of kitschy, fun Texas imagery into the design, and I worked with a papel picado motif for the actual invitation.”

    Says the bride: “I wasn’t especially picky about my hair, other than wanting it up and pretty, but I had to have baby’s breath in it because my mom wore baby’s breath in her hair when she married my dad. Our drastically different heights prevented me from wearing her wedding dress (despite a hilarious fitting attempt the day before we went dress shopping), so this was the simplest way to copycat my adorable mom.”

    “We had a full Catholic mass, so the ceremony was a tradition unto itself. The music – one of the few areas of flexibility – really thrilled me. Mission San Jose is well known around here for its weekly mariachi mass, so we asked a very talented mariachi band to put their spin on the traditional and Spanish hymns we’d chosen. Their version of songs like ‘Softly and Tenderly’ was familiar enough to recognize but gorgeously unique.”

    “Daniel took advantage of the military tradition that allows service members to be married in uniform. He won’t be in the Air Force forever so wearing the uniform was another way to mark where we were in our lives at the time. The Air Force is the reason we met, after all, and we owe it a debt of gratitude for that, as well as for all the dear friends it brought us. I can already imagine looking back at the wedding photos as an old lady and recalling the adventure of it all.”

    A favorite moment from the day? “We walked into our reception down the grand staircase (where Selena herself once filmed a music video!) to the Friday Night Lights theme by W.G. Snuffy Walden. Clearly, neither of us has any shame about being FNL superfans. The music swells perfectly for the type of moment where you just married your best friend and look into a crowd of all your favorite people. Plus, it felt like the greatest TV couple of all time – Coach and Tami – were smiling upon us in Texas. Your marriage can’t really go wrong if those two approve.”

    Katie’s inspiration in wedding planning? “When I really think about it, I suppose the inspiration was the city itself. I never had a grand vision for the wedding, which sounds like heresy in the age of Pinterest, but it’s true. The upside of my lack of vision was that it gave me lots of leeway to incorporate everything I stumbled upon, whether it fit into a ‘theme’ or not. I liked the simultaneous austerity and grandeur of Mission San Jose where our ceremony took place. I liked the ornate insides of Sunset Station for our reception. I especially liked bold colors, so things like bridesmaid accessories and flowers were as bright as possible.”

    A sparkler sendoff was the perfect way for the newlyweds to make their exit.



    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  We chose San Antonio, Texas because this city, more than any other I’ve lived in, feels like my hometown. So much so that I didn’t think twice about having an August wedding in the heart of Texas. San Antonio is so rich with color, culture, and a festive spirit – it was perfect for the joyful day we pictured. Plus, selfishly, there’s no city I like to show off more than San Antonio. Larry McMurtry says San Antonio transcends Texas the same way San Francisco transcends California and New Orleans transcends Louisiana. Couldn’t agree more. There were also some practical considerations that made San Antonio a good choice, like needing a geographically central spot for our friends and family, who are spread out across the U.S. and beyond. I was previously in the Air Force and Daniel is currently in the Air Force, so the friends we’ve made over the years are scattered in too many places to count. No matter if we got married near my parents in Bellingham, Washington or in his hometown of Laurel, Mississippi, people were going to be traveling. San Antonio seemed like the best halfway point.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  My childhood friend David, who is now a deacon, gave the homily during our wedding mass. Hearing Davey deliver the sermon – which struck the perfect balance of humor, gravitas, and love – was a precious moment.

    Please tell us about any special details from your wedding.  My sweet mother refashioned my first communion dress into a ring pillow for us. She made the dress when I was 7 years old and kept it all these years. At the last minute she tried to convince me not to use it, probably because she didn’t want to make me feel like I had to, which was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard! Of course we used it and I think it’s so, so beautiful.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Don’t expect to have the energy to leave for your honeymoon the day after the wedding. Build a day into your plans to be utterly exhausted (in a happy way!). Anything beyond eating, saying goodbye to friends and family, and laying poolside sounds too ambitious to me.

    Photography: InTandem / Event Planning: Tracy Reeder, Ooh La La Couture Events Reception Venue: Sunset Station in San Antonio, Texas / Church: Mission San Jose / Stationery: Lucky Luxe / Bride’s Dress: Melissa by Monique Lhuillier via Marcella’s La Boutique / Shoes: Nine West / Floral Design: Erin McLarty at Eden’s Echo / Ceremony Music: Mariachi del Alamo / Band: The Nick Lawrence Band / Catering: The RK Group / Cake: Sweet Elegance by Carolina Santoya / Hairstyle: Art Herrera at Salon Avaja / Hair Color: Sarah Hatch at Studio 500 / Makeup: Vilma Delia Makeup Artistry
  • Festive San Antonio Wedding from In Tandem

    5 May 2014
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    You guys, I had the hardest time deciding which images to share in this post, because there were SO MANY amazing photos and details to choose from! Do not miss the gallery on this one – so much more inspiration from this woodland wedding to see! The bride shared so many great details, and Caught the Light captured the day beautifully – it feels like stepping inside a fairy tale!

    Says the bride on the choice of venue: “Both James and I love being outdoors and going on walks, and I’ve always found it incredibly uplifting to be out amongst nature. Being a bit of a romantic, I think I’ve always had a thing for forests and woodlands – there’s a certain magic and wonder about them. The woodland we got married in also runs alongside our home, so this particular location held a lot of significance and personal meaning for us as well.”

    (From the photographer: “Marina and James live beside the woodlands, and through the land registry they were able to find out who owns the woods and sought permission to use them for their ceremony.” What a special place to tie the knot!)

    Caught the Light | Snippet & Ink Caught the Light | Snippet & Ink

    The bride shares some of the thoughtful details from the day: “We created a ‘Family Tree’ which we adorned with pictures of our respective family members getting married through the generations through to the present day. It was a sweet reminder of all the different loves and marriages that had led to each of us arriving at the present day and our own marriage. We also hung up little animal masks for children to pick up as they entered the woodland, to add a bit of fun to their experience of the day.”

    “We wrote our own vows for the wedding and had a humanist celebrant officiate the event, who also wrote and read a lovely personal statement about us as a couple and our hopes for the marriage and our future together. Before exchanging rings, we also planted a tree in the wood, as a symbol of our marriage, and our family members gave readings before and after. We wanted our guests to feel very much a part of the event, so they all sang ‘Hey Jude’ together under the trees, which was fun.”

    Some DIY details: “My cousin’s wife created all of our wedding stationery, which really set the rustic and organic theme of the big day,” shares Marina. “I also got quite hands-on, creating a number of embroidery hoops which we strung up in the garden, along with hanging tea lights. For wedding favors, we gave our guests little saplings that we had grown from acorns after we got engaged. The guests then took these home & planted them in recognition of something that held meaning for them.”

    “For the wedding breakfast, we all sat together at long refectory tables, which made it feel like we were all eating together ‘family feast’ style. The name cards at the table settings also contained an unusual fact about each of the guests which was fun for starting conversations. Our florist dressed the tables in the most spectacular floral arrangements that brought the outdoors in and gave the illusion that we were all in amongst the trees.”

    “Instead of a wedding cake, we came up with the idea of a ‘Brownie Mountain’ that everyone could take a slab of. I like that it was presented in a very informal style, with the sense that we were all feasting on a something home baked, out of the family kitchen.”



    What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  I remember watching the woodland wedding scene from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves when I was young, and being completely taken by the visuals – being married amongst the trees and the natural beauty of it all. Thinking back, it probably was the starting inspiration for our own wedding day. Throughout the wedding planning process, I was also quite inspired by the idea of creating something very organic, handmade and personal that really reflected us as couple. So we did as much ourselves as possible and it ended up being quite a “crafty” project with lots of DIY touches.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  Probably the point at which my bridesmaids and I walked through the woods to the ceremony itself. It was quite overwhelming to see our nearest and dearest gathered together in the clearing and James waiting beside this incredible floral arch. I was excited and nervous in equal measure, but also blown away by the visual impact of the setting, so it was a really emotional moment!

    Did you include any traditions in your wedding?  For my something blue, I had a piece of my Dad’s tie pinned to the inside of my wedding dress (he passed away 3 years earlier), so that was very meaningful.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  To create a really thorough “on the day” plan, that you delegate to someone else to take charge of on the day, so you can really relax and enjoy the whole day’s experience as a carefree participant, rather than a project manager.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  To enjoy the process as much as possible, and accept offers of help from friends & family. Not only does that mean you don’t carry the burden of preparation and organization single-handedly, but it’s actually the contributions of others that help make the whole day really personal!

    Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  The best investment we made was on the photography – we’d definitely recommend getting a great photographer whose work you connect with, as the photos really do last a lifetime and have the power to evoke all the memories and spirit of the day over and over again afterwards.

    Photography: Caught the Light / Venue: private residence in Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom / Bride’s Dress: Baroque by Suzanne Neville from Miss Bush Bridal / Shoes: LK Bennett / Groom’s Suit: Mark Marengo / Shirt: Richard James / Shoes: Grenson / Stationery: Eleen Craig, Gal & Fellow / Floral Design: Gayle Evans of Bloomingayles / Music: The Modern Way / Caterer: Sally Iddles, Fabulous Food / Hair and Makeup: Elbie van Eeden / Officiant: Anne Delaney
  • Woodland Wedding from Caught the Light

    15 April 2014
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    Lavender fields, candy-colored palette, a ferris wheel… all captured on camera by the talented Lisa Lefkowitz! I can think of no better way to spend the morning than with this whimsical wedding at Bear Flag Farm.

    This might be my favorite mismatched bridesmaid collection I’ve ever seen! The shades of blue and coral work so perfectly together, and with the rest of the wedding decor. The ladies carried bouquets of peonies, roses, irises, and other blooms in shades of pink and cream.

    Says the bride: “For the details of our ceremony, we took inspiration from our history as a couple, from our families, and from aspects of recent weddings we had attended (take notes!).”

    What inspired the bride and groom in their wedding planning? “The earliest inspirations for our celebration were the lavender fields of Provence, a nighttime carnival, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. Thanks to the farm’s natural beauty, it’s natural bounty, and Tina’s ingenuity, we were able to create a sort of romantic carnival in the French countryside feel, complete with lavender fields, a French quartet, a gourmet ice cream truck, a ferris wheel, and amazingly delicious food prepared with seasonal ingredients grown right on the farm. The farm itself was a source of constant inspiration. We were married among fruit trees under arches of flowers against a backdrop of greenery, enjoyed our cocktail hour under a dreamy star-filled tent, frolicked through the gorgeous lavender fields and rode the ferris wheel at sunset, and dined and danced the night away under hanging lanterns on a sunken lawn surrounded by sycamore trees.”

    Raj Tents added an extra touch of magic to Anna and Matt’s celebration.

    Guests found their table numbers on cards attached to the spokes of an old bicycle.

    Dinner was held on a sunken lawn, surrounded by sycamore trees. Large white lanterns hung over the tables and dance floor. Low centerpieces of hot pink peonies in turquoise vases added pops of color to the tables.



    Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  After visiting several other potential venues, Bear Flag Farm just felt like “home.” We were enchanted by the serene and beautiful farm, whose lavender fields, orchards, vineyards, and sycamore trees are the stuff of paradise, and we were equally impressed by owner Tina Reikes, a wonder of a person who we would come to know as an all-around wedding-planning magician. We could see immediately that the farm would provide a spectacularly beautiful backdrop on which we would have the flexibility to bring to life our vision for our wedding day.

    What was your favorite moment or part of the day?  Toward the end of our celebration, the band performed a wonderful, French-English duet version of La Vie en Rose for our last dance. Part way through, we realized that our guests had begun to link arms and were slowly bobbing about us in a circle, creating an incredible moment in which the support of our family and friends was visually instantiated. Moments later, everyone treated us to a marvelously ridiculous kazoo send-off as we floated to our getaway car and made our escape together into the starry night.

    What was the best advice you received as a bride?  On a very practical note, more than one person suggested scuffing up the bottoms of my new shoes, which probably saved me from making an unintentionally grand entrance onto the dance floor.

    What advice do you have for other brides?  Planning a wedding ourselves made us see other people’s weddings through an entirely new lens; attending other weddings is a wonderful way to identify things to incorporate (or avoid!) that might not otherwise come to mind. Also, as much as possible, surround yourself with vendors who know weddings inside and out; thanks to ours, we were able to simply enjoy our wedding day to the fullest – one of the best gifts we received!

    Do you have any budget tips for other brides?  Consider non-wedding-specific sources for bridesmaid dresses. Designers often require orders many months in advance and can be absurdly expensive, but we were pleasantly surprised that, with a bit of detective work, it was possible to find dresses we liked even better from other sources.

    Photographer: Lisa Lefkowitz / Venue: Bear Flag Farm in Winters, California / Event Planning & Design, Floral Designer: Tina Reikes of Bear Flag Farm / Gown: Monique Lhuillier / Alterations: Michael Sommerfield, Miosa Couture / Shoes: Dessy / Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff, WHBM, J. Crew / Hair, Makeup: Maria Chang / Tuxedo: Hugo Boss / Groomsmen Tuxedos: Black Tie Tuxedo and Formalwear / Officiant: Joshua Greene / Rentals: Hartmann Studio Rentals, Classic Party Rentals, La Tavola Linen / Tent: RAJ / Lighting: Got Light? / Videographer: Koda Pictures / Transportation: California Wine Tours / Getaway Car: Wine Valley Convertible  Catering: Paula Le Duc Fine Catering / Stationery: Hello!Lucky / Music: Baguette QuartetteFil Lorenz Orchestra / Ice Cream Truck: Twirl and Dip / Live Event Painter: Agnes Csiszar Russo / Wooden Flower Place Cards: CompanyFortyTwo

    Lisa Lefkowitz is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor.

    Dessy is a sponsor of Snippet and Ink. 

  • Bear Flag Farm Wedding from Lisa Lefkowitz

    8 April 2014
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