pumpkin tunnel pumpkin tunnel

Pumpkin tunnels?!

Sweet and spicy butternut squash pizza sounds delish.

Follow it up with pumpkin and maple pies with walnut sugar or soft pumpkin cookies with brown sugar frosting.

Looking for a modern wedding day purse? How about this darling silver wristlet!

Benjamin Franklin on how to handle haters.

Get inspired by vintage wedding flowers (book here).

This cereal bowl Halloween costume is hilarious.


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Maple Molasses Donuts Maple Molasses Donuts

It’s starting to feel like fall, and I think these maple molasses donuts would be just the thing.

Yelp for humans? What could possibly go wrong.

This sweet video had me in tears.

So did these photos and story. Big time.

Science proves it: hot toddies are good for fighting colds.

Get a tour of the Met from Jay Z.

Pão de queijo is easily one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Definitely going to try making some at home.

Has Pinterest been driving you crazy lately? Here’s a great read on understanding what’s changed.

How to have an underwater wedding (a la 1954).

Get in the October mood with these gorgeous black and purple flowers.

Loving this Question Everything series from TIME. 

Did you know Wes Anderson designed a bar?

Why it was easier to be skinny in the eighties.

Great round-up of wedding advice on A Cup of Jo.

As someone who loves to hold an actual book in my hand, this news is sort of reassuring, and this take on it is definitely interesting.

Sort of related: In the classroom, instead of just using technology, we should be teaching kids to do technology.

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AWBWallpaper_RusticWhite002.jpg AWBWallpaper_RusticWhite002.jpg

Love the drama of this floral wallpaper.

And this botanical design by Stephanie Fishwick.

If a tree falls in the forest, these megaphones will amplify the sound.

If you were a Peanuts character, what would you look like? (So fun!)

Living in a small space? Check out this clever furniture.

This bride took her own wedding photos, and the result is beautiful.

I’ve been seeing charming pins everywhere. Miss Moss has a great round-up.

Get ready for Halloween with this story: 1000-year-old skeleton found in the roots of an uprooted tree.

How delightful is The Pavilion?!

This is exactly how I want to eat the last of this year’s berries.

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yumiko-higuchi yumiko-higuchi


Yumiko Higuchi’s embroidery is my new favorite thing on Instagram.

Congratulations to my sister on her local news segment! Love the blow torch!

Why some people are left handed.

The four pastas of Rome.

These oval nesting ramekins would make a gorgeous wedding gift.

Or any of these dishes from Suite One Studio.

Is our obsession with heirloom fruits and vegetables “nostalgic”?

How about our nostalgia for New York in the late 1970s?

And a little more nostalgia for you: in the age of Photoshop, most designers still prefer to brainstorm with paper and pencil.

This little guy walking his dog is sure to make you smile.

Giant friendship pins – that’s my kind of DIY. EASY.

A rainbow of corn tortillas.


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soft serve window display soft serve window display

I do love me some soft serve, especially when it’s displayed in a window.

Well that’s just the cutest cotton candy I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been doing some serious window shopping over at Ariel Gordon, and I want those diamond bezel ear pins. And the petit signet ring. And the little circle pendant…

“Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect” … what? My main takeaway from this article on totally offensive vintage ads for women is that while a lot has changed in marketing to women, some things are very much the same.

The “Flintstone house” is for sale for a cool $4.2 million.

I want to try these adorable mini pies with blackberries. Little nuggets of summer deliciousness.

Not sure I’d want Guernica on my wall, but I do love the visual impact of this.

Staying in the actual palace at Versailles would be way better (they got me with that headline!).

This is quite a proposal story!

Sour cherry Italian cream sodas sound yummmmmy.

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