Take a break from planning and enjoy some (mostly non-wedding related) links from around the web…

Blue ombré Easter eggs.

I’ve seen this before, but didn’t know it had a name.

A tiny Instagram projector.

This sparrow cuff is so lovely.

Save-the-date videos are a happy alternative to the paper kind.

I love tiny paper flowers and giant ones too.

Oreo cream filled brownies sound terribly good.

An Etsy shop filled with retro alarm clocks.

I had no idea extreme dog grooming was a thing.


This week on Snippet & Ink:

This bride wore her grandmother’s wedding dress.
Grace Kelly wedding style at The Breakers in Florida.
New England wedding with a floral invitation suite and a Juliet veil.
Romantic winery wedding with a perfect bouquet.
Spring flowers in both blue and purple and blush and white.


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Snippet & Ink Select Vendor News

Elizabeth Messina’s newest collaboration, The Silver Lining, is available on Amazon – an important and touching take on breast cancer. (Also, have you seen Elizabeth’s gorgeous new website?!)

Laurie Arons and Jose Villa teamed up on a third Select vendor’s wedding: see Kathleen Deery‘s dreamy celebration on Jose’s blog.

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Happy weekend, y’all! Are you getting ready for some St. Patrick’s Day festivities on Monday? I’ll be cooking corned beef for the first time, so wish me luck! Until then, take a little break from wedding planning with these fun links…

I kind of love these dipped paintings by Oliver Jeffers.

This wall of colorful knobs is so cheerful!

Salted moon pies… yummmm….

I didn’t know this First Kiss film was an ad when I first saw it. Now that I know, I’m not sure if I still feel like it’s sweet and clever, or if I feel duped… you?

Cute floral bon appetit tags (free printable!).

Sandcastle suburbia.

I wish I had this much washi tape. And that it was this organized.

There’s something really happy about these flower-topped flats.

Petals and penmanship… two of my favorite things came together in this class!

The story behind these vintage hotel keys, via Fallon Elizabeth.

St. Patrick’s Day wedding inspiration.


This week on Snippet & Ink:

Win a custom wedding website/app!
Clambake rehearsal dinner.
Luxe New England wedding with a to-die-for bouquet.
Something blue Southern wedding.
Wedding in an apple orchard.
Budget-friendly wedding in Los Angeles.


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It’s Friday! Before you head out for the weekend, here are some of my favorite links from this week. Enjoy!

Cocktails made with herb simple syrups.

Balloons and envelope inspiration.

The face behind Bitcoin.

Plum lips and coal lids.

The selfie that crashed Twitter.

Fancy fitness footwear.

Would love to try all of these yummies from The Marshmallowists.

The made-up words project cracks me up, via Design Crush.

How dairy farmers feel about saying goodbye to Got Milk.

Minty fold-up flats feel like Spring!



This week on Snippet & Ink:

Cape Cod wedding with an old Volvo getaway car.
The most incredible ocean views at this Sea Ranch wedding.
Oyster Bay wedding with a dachshund and a boho chic bride.


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We appear to be having technical difficulties that are preventing me from posting a photo with these links… fingers crossed that my web folks will have it fixed soon! Until then, here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

Trending: giraffes. Who knew?

An ocean meadow of ice flowers… spectacular and fascinating.

Best Actress Oscar dresses since 1929.

Salt and pepper wedding favors.

Art history: Crayola crayons.

I would want a DIY family art wall even if I didn’t have a kiddo.

Check out Maybelle’s interview on Besotted Blog!

An exercise in brand minimalism, via Kottke.

Did someone say “salted caramel ding dong cake“?


This week on Snippet & Ink:

Laid back Healdsburg wedding at Barndiva.
Why my sister ended up canceling her wedding.
And her Napa Valley elopement photos.
Estes Park wedding impacted by the Colorado floods.
Romantic ballroom wedding in D.C.


Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls is a Snippet & Ink Select vendor.
Minted is a sponsor of Snippet & Ink.

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Take a little break from work and weddings with some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

This wall of herbs puts my windowsill aspirations to shame.

I try not to buy every craft book I see, but Find & Keep looks irresistible.

Coveting Emerson Fry’s “interior life” collection.

Warm lemon pudding cake sounds really yummy right now.

If you’re tired of winter, Ariella Chezar’s Pinterest is sure to cheer you up.

An entire New York City block was electrified! Yikes!

My home “office” is actually my dining table. But I wish I had room for this retro-fab desk!

I’d love to be a wedding guest and find this tropical welcome gift waiting for me.

Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


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