It’s Friday, which means it’s time for weekend links! Have a happy weekend, lovelies!

Loulou de la Falaise in Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche wedding ensemble.

24 hours of happy (thanks Mariam!).

Watercolor and calligraphy make quite a pair.

Pretty frosted tumblers (love the blush!).

Quirky little animal ceramics.

Jordan just made the cutest business cards ever!

You shall not pass, dog.

Pear and hazelnut muffins sound pretty yummy.

Bellini petal lollipops (bridal shower favors?).

Stunning aerial photos of Botswana wildlife.

Finger waves meet bed head chic.

Splatter nail polish tutorial (in French).


This week on Snippet & Ink:

Dinner party wedding at Blue Hill at Stone Barns.
Easy DIY updo.
Elegant Vermont wedding with blue details.
January wedding flower inspiration.
Carmel wedding with garden roses and vines.
Romantic garden party wedding in Austin.
And two giveaways this week! $300 from Traveler’s Joy and $500 from Nearly Newlywed.


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If you’ve been reading Snippet & Ink for awhile, then you know that every Friday I post links to some of my favorite finds from around the web. But if you’re new here (welcome!), and if you’re a bride (or groom!) in the midst of planning a wedding, then you might be wondering why a wedding blog has a weekly post dedicated to things that are (mostly) not wedding related. If you’re a bride or groom, you know that wedding planning, while usually delightful, can also be stressful and often all-consuming. So just think of this as a pause button; a chance to take a breather from the wonderful world of weddings…

Inspired by 1930s actress Dorothy Knapp‘s style.

BIG monthly planner to get the year started off right.

Lost my favorite sunglasses and looking for a new pair a la Grace Kelly. Suggestions?

Funny 1981 news segment about the Internet (I mean, it probably wasn’t funny then, but it’s pretty funny now).

Amazing what artist Elsa Mora can do with a little paper and glue.

Marshmallows? Cornflakes? Chocolate chips? These are quite possibly the best cookies I’ve ever had.

A little something blue for your ears?

Show mom and grandma’s handwritten recipes some love with this DIY project.

Gorgeous side braid tutorial on Once Wed.

Afternoon tea with a twist, aka the Sherlock & Watson cocktail.

If you have 30 seconds and need a laugh, this commercial did it for me.

A poem made from 2013 New York Times obituary headlines, via 5 Intriguing Things.


Have a happy weekend, lovelies!


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I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I do like the idea of choosing one little word to focus on for the year. Or thinking of resolutions like this. What about you? How are you kicking off 2014? However you think about new beginnings, let me wish you all the best!

Good luck charms by Raphael Kirchner via Ginny’s Pinterest.

Pie-shaped strudel.

Cork keepsakes.

Mapping emotions on the body (love makes us feel warm all over!).

This down-the-rabbit-hole necklace would be darling for a flower girl.

How gorgeous are these saffron pears?

There’s something about this Donna Karan evening gown

Most wonderfully whimsical bookstore front ever.

Five minute mug cakes.

What should you read next?

Spiced persimmon overnight oats sound like a nice way to wake up.

Happy, happy New Year!

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Well lovelies, ’tis the season… except for a few gorgeous Sunday Edition posts, we’re signing off for the holidays, and will see you all again in 2014. Have a very Merry Christmas dear readers, and Happy New Year!

Festive holiday barn from Rejuvenation.

Something hearty and decadent for breakfast: cornbread pancakes with maple lemon curd.

These beautiful photos will break your heart.

Bakers twine and jingle bells.

DIY candy cane gift wrap.

I would love to see a bride in these shoes!

Incredibly dramatic staircase decor.

A chocolate tart with a potato chip crust is genius!

Cozy winter fire in a candle.

Happy, happy holidays dear readers!


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For a second there I was feeling like I was on top of things in terms of getting ready for Christmas, but all of a sudden the race is on to get everything done in time. I’d like to say it’s because I have a baby, but I’m pretty sure this happens to me every year. I also do this fun thing where I start second guessing myself on all the gifts purchases I managed to make in a timely manner, and wondering if I should just return everything and start all over. You know, just to keep things interesting. Anyway, if you need a moment to recharge during this holiday season, here are some links for you to enjoy…

Festive party in a box.

This calendar is 2014% awesome.

Chic color block gift wrap.

Here’s a surprise corn dog I bought you because you’re my friend (and 19 other things we should say more often).

Gorgeous fall wedding suite from Cynthia Warren.

Jewelry for your shoes.

Miniature DIY marquee tree garland.

Letter to Santa printable.

Ricotta pear cake.

These Anchorman pencils would make for hilarious stocking stuffers.

Peppermint punch if you’re tired of eggnog (as if).

Have a happy, happy weekend!


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