This squid costume cracks me up, and totally reminds me of the year that my little sister and I decided to be endangered species for Halloween. Lora was an Ozark big-eared bat, which made perfect sense as a Halloween costume, and was something people would be able to recognize on at least some level. Me, on the other hand? I got stuck on the idea of being a dwarf wedgemussel. Yes, it’s a mollusk. Don’t ask me why I thought that was a good idea. And instead of trying to encourage something a little more recognizable like, say, a Hawksbill sea turtle or maybe a Delmarva fox squirrel, our talented mother went ahead and cut foam into the shape of mussel shells that I wore like a vest over an orange turtleneck. As you can probably guess, not a single person could determine what I was supposed to be. Someone asked if I was an ear. I think one person might have come close and guessed I was a clam. Admittedly not my best costume idea. Although I suppose if nothing else, I educated dozens of Halloween candy distributors about the existence of an obscure endangered shellfish.

Reem Acra Fall 2015 Reem Acra Fall 2015

Dreamy backstage pics from Reem Acra’s Fall 2015 runway.

If I were dressing Caroline as an endangered species this year, she’d be a monarch butterfly. Let’s plant some milkweed people!

It finally feels like fall here. Time for apple cinnamon rolls.

Something kind of wonderful about this dress.

Most gorgeous invitation suite I’ve seen in awhile.

Brilliant charcoal finger-paintings.

Imagine seeing Rio de Janeiro from this perspective.

Homemade cheater cronuts.

I love the scalloped edge on these makeup bags.


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Words to Love By No. 7.

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I love my in-laws. They are kind, generous, family-oriented people who raised an amazing son and then they let me marry him. Of course, four years later I’m still hoping to impress them in some form or another, and I still feel mildly insecure about my housekeeping skills whenever they come to visit, but maybe that’s just the nature of the in-law relationship? Since they’ll be in town this weekend that means golf for my hubby and his dad, grilling out if the weather stays nice, possibly shopping for better pillows with my mother-in-law (the woman is a pillow aficionado, with at least 12 to choose from anytime we stay at their house), and if we feel like braving the traffic, we might head to the city for a picnic and the Blue Angels.

So what about you – weekend plans? In-law insecurities? Share!

Bill Fitzgibbons Bill Fitzgibbons

Mesmerized by this light installation in Birmingham.

We’re all just winging it.

Turn fun paper napkins into even more fun paper flowers.

Last day to enter our $500 Vrai & Oro giveaway!

Do people still get perms? Because I would really love to have some curls like this.

I’ve finally found a perfectly minimalist circle necklace.

How to make a cloud.

15 most romantic places for kissing.

I like big bowls and I cannot lie.

Super cute cake toppers.

How wonderful are these envelopes?

Every time I see a new Clare V clutch I want it.

This dress would have been perfect in my moon-and-stars post last week!

White chocolate chip pumpkin snickerdoodles.


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Words to Love By continues!


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Not much to say today except we’re going pumpkin picking tomorrow and I can’t wait to see my own little pumpkin toddling around the pumpkin patch! Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin! (I’m imagining it will be just like this photo from The Artist and The Architect except that instead of evening sunlight we’ll be going as early in the morning as we possibly can – such is life with a 16 month old.) Have a happy weekend!

The Artist and the Architect The Artist and the Architect

This restaurant wants to be the worst rated on Yelp. Hilarious.

Edible glitter is just begging to be put into ice cubes.

Such a delightful invite for a masquerade ball.

Definitely want to give this DIY a try. Just have to figure out which photo and where to hang it!

The most perfect paper map of the United States and why, via Design Mom.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sunglasses to replace my favorite sunglasses of all time that I’ve managed to permanently misplace, and I think I may have found them.

How about a name necklace in your own handwriting?

“We are living in an age when sleep is more comfortable than ever and yet more elusive.”

Vintage wedding flowers never go out of style.

How itty bitty bees take on gigantic hornets and win (think team work).

Never would have guessed yellow eye makeup could look so darn pretty.

I’m speaking at Oh So Inspired in November! Will I see you there?!


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This wedding video has me in tears. So perfect.
Love you to the moon and back – moon-and-stars wedding ideas.
And Megan K. Sadler is taking over Words to Love By this month, starting with this beautiful quote from Thoreau.


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This week I shared some pics of Caroline’s first birthday party over on Oh So Beautiful Paper, and as you can probably tell from the photos, I had a lot of fun with planning and crafting for it. I spent hours making paper flowers, and then making party hats, and then attaching paper flowers to party hats. I messed up the malted chocolate pots de creme, but had my heart set on serving them (in the cute little yogurt jars I’d saved!), so I made them twice. I took great advantage of my mom and sisters’ help in finishing up the dessert table and setting everything up. I totally forgot to change into my cute shoes so I’m wearing beat up ballet flats in all the photos. And, as I said over on OSBP, it turned out to be a really special day, which had little to do with all the details I planned, and had everything to do with the friends and family who helped us celebrate our daughter. 

paper flower party hats | photo by Leah McCormick paper flower party hats | photo by Leah McCormick

There are two takeaways I hope I can convey here. The first is that, with any party or celebration, big or small, the people are the point, and the details matter only inasmuch as they contribute to the experience. The second is that, details are totally fun, but don’t freak out if you can’t finish every DIY project you had in mind, or if you can’t afford to have 100 custom picnic baskets made, or garden roses are out of season and therefore unavailable, or whatever it is that you have your heart set on for your wedding. Because your wedding is not the last party you’ll ever get to throw. It might be the biggest, at least in terms of number of guests, but it certainly doesn’t have to be the last. There will be birthdays, anniversaries, holidays – lots of opportunities for fringe-topped swizzle sticks, hand-written menus, or maybe a vase overflowing with garden roses. No need to make yourself crazy trying to cram them all into your wedding day! Do as much as is fun for you, and save the rest for another time.

And with that, I leave you with a handful of weekend links!

The best way to reheat pizza.

What’s wrong with marriage in the movies.

I generally don’t spend this much on shoes, but I absolutely love these dressy flats.

School playgrounds from Kenya to Japan.

Candy corn on the cob is kind of hilarious.

The ultimate crostini station.

Secrets to decorating like the French. (I’m not convinced the French do everything better, but I do love Parisian interiors…)

I also love classic American design, like these cozy throws.


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Some favorite ways to use fall leaves in your wedding.
Words to Love By from Audrey Hepburn.


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For my best friend’s wedding last weekend, I decided to save some money and do my own makeup. I needed to get a little something for my eyebrows (safe to say my relationship with my eyebrows is long and complicated and merits its own post), so I popped over to the MAC counter to grab some tinted brow gel (as recommended by a friend after she saw what I did to my face with an eyebrow pencil). Where I totally spent twice as much on makeup I didn’t know I needed as I would have spent getting my makeup done by a professional. BUT. The brow gel is amazing and I’m finding that I much prefer it to the eyebrow pencil I didn’t know how to use properly. Definitely recommend it if you need a little eyebrow relationship therapy. As for how my DIY makeup turned out at the wedding, I’d say it turned out good enough, and that my exceptionally voluminous updo distracted from any sort of blemishes I might have missed. Plus, let’s get real: no one’s looking at the bridesmaids.

The House That Lars Built | Birthday Cake Chandelier The House That Lars Built | Birthday Cake Chandelier

For all the wonderful people in my life celebrating birthdays this week: a birthday cake chandelier!

Jenny’s shop has me ready for fall.

15 career tips from smart women.

I’m in love with Ken Heyman’s photos of mothers.

Maybe I’m a little biased, but I am sitting here drooling over The Bumblebee’s fall menu.

I don’t even know what I’d do with this, but a sticky note made of tracing paper sounds like something I should probably have around.

What happens when we stop using keyboards?

A shirt for introverts.

This chandelier is almost an Anthropologie parody, but I kind of love it.

Snarkiest college rankings ever from, who else, McSweeney’s.

Oh Marilyn, what an icon.

How to make a peanut butter cup the size of a pizza. Are you serious.


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