What are your plans for the weekend? We’re keeping it low key around here (per usual), trying out more recipes from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook (can you say crack pie?) and heading to the grand re-opening of a neighborhood park. Which is pretty much my perfect weekend!

shanna-murray-Cecelia-Hayes-project shanna-murray-Cecelia-Hayes-project

These DIY prize ribbons are just delightful.

Haunting portraits of abandoned places.

Okay children of the eighties… did you ever watch Star Fairies?

Funny out-of-office auto replies.

How darling is this circus cake topper?!

I wear the same 6 things all the time, but the capsule wardrobe concept interests me nonetheless. Related: why this art director wears the same thing to work every day.

The 200-pound turban. Fascinating.

The awful reign of the Red Delicious apple.

I love this little lunch tote!

I’m pretty sure I have the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, but this one looks like it’s worth trying.

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I managed to come down with a cold while we were on our trip to Mississippi – I think that makes three colds in the last two months. Enough already! I’m cheering myself up with lots of baby snuggles (she’s sick too) and entirely too much television. Hopefully I’ll be healthy again on the other side of the weekend, but in the meantime, some lovely links for your Friday.

watercolor cookies by lark & linen watercolor cookies by lark & linen

Not sure how these watercolor cookies taste, but they sure are pretty.

There’s no mayonnaise like my mayonnaise.

How fun is this mystery soda machine?!

The history of French girl hair.

Citrus coconut soda sounds delish.

Spring gift wrapping ideas.

This pom pom jacket is wild!

Finally decided on a some sunglasses to replace the favorite pair that I lost.

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Have a happy weekend!

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Hubby and baby and I are off to the Delta for Juke Joint! Though it’s really just a wonderful excuse to see friends we haven’t seen in far too long, and to meet their little ones for the first time. I can’t wait! Links are a bit light this week because instead of browsing the interwebs, I’ve been trying to pack up everything I can possibly think of to keep Caroline occupied on our journey to Mississippi…

The House That Lars Built The House That Lars Built

I just never get tired of balloons.

The brontosaurus is back!

How’d you like to work in a picnic basket?

I’d like this little kaleidoscope dress in my size!

Only thing better than puppy chow? Puppy chow crispy bars!

You know the typing indicator bubble on your iPhone? What’s up with that?

The secret to never being frustrated again.

Vegetable sorbet for dessert (ooh, or in a breakfast smoothie!).

Beautiful petite walnut pitchers.

I’m not sure gelatin molds ever looked so lovely.

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What are your weekend plans? We were hoping to host our Easter brunch outside, but looks like we’ll be getting some much needed rain on Sunday, so inside we go. I’m also making cream puffs for the first time, and really hoping that works out (accepting any tips or links to favorite recipes in the comments).

Brunchcity Brunchcity

Brunchcity, via Design Crush.

Four easy ways to decorate a cake (love the lollipops!).

What’s it like to be Wes Anderson’s graphic designer?

What an incredibly fascinating look at this Norwegian prison.

Bacon and eggs? Look again!

This paint chip Easter garland looks easy-peasy and so cute!

Cute little cupcake liner hats filled with candy.

This blew my mind: scientists found that a medieval remedy works against antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

I’m hoping the Easter bunny brings me a pair of these slippers.

I’d love some rainbow pom-poms on my bedding!

Reimagining fast food.

Now that Caroline is starting to get it about drawing, I’ve been trying to figure out where to put some chalkboard paint in our house. I think this is my answer.

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Somehow it’s been nearly a month since I posted weekend links, but I’m still here! Promise! Family visiting, then a bout of the flu, then I think I just forgot, then I had to make this glorious cake! Oh my gosh – this cake. I’ve made Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies before, and they are delicious, so I decided to tackle their Chocolate Chip Cake for my friend Kara‘s birthday (Happy Birthday Week Kara!). Buttermilk cake with mini chocolate chips, passion fruit curd, chocolate cookie crumbs, and coffee buttercream… it was everything I love about dessert. I was a bit skeptical about the naked cake thing at first (I LOVE frosting), but this cake was perfect, and being able to see all the layers like that was impressive. So, if you enjoy baking, and have a bit of time, I highly encourage one of Christina Tosi’s layer cakes… next on my list is the banana cake with chocolate and hazelnut…

Momofuku Milk Bar Chocolate Chip Cake Momofuku Milk Bar Chocolate Chip Cake

Smitten with the illustrated journals of Anna Rastorgueva, especially her recipes.

Chocolate asparagus for a grown-up Easter basket.

Cheery little coin purse.

And happy little handwoven pouches.

Do you have a procrastination monkey?

Surprise biscuits for Easter morning breakfast.

Can’t get over these incredible floral arrangements.

Botanical inspired Easter eggs, big and small.

Picking up the tab.

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Have a happy weekend!


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