arcopal tea set arcopal tea set

A bit late on today’s links, but here they are! Have a lovely weekend!

This beautiful pastel glass tea set sold, but here’s a similar one. So charming!

Still looking for your Something Blue? These floral flats might do the trick.

These simple, modern earrings are definitely on my wish list.

Super fun series on natural dye for a whole rainbow of Easter eggs: red and pink (beets), orange and yellow (onion and turmeric), blue (cabbage), and green (turmeric + cabbage).

How about a rainbow of velvet chairs?! Which color do you love most?

I always make the same (delicious) lemon coconut bunny cake for Easter, but I’m tempted to give this one a try

This giant floral Easter egg is such a delight! Probably too late for this year, but next Easter I’m all over this project.

Maybe not for $1600(!), but this cherry bag is hilarious.

These rainbow paintings make me smile.

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baking a moment rhubarb tart baking a moment rhubarb tart

Have I shared this beautiful rhubarb tart before? Because it’s almost rhubarb season and I’ve got my eye on this recipe…

How delightful are these DIY gift box cakes?!

These sweet metal pegboards would make such a cheerful addition to any office.

Should Instagram have its own James Beard Award?

I had no idea it was possible to have a crush on a pair of scissors.

This is possibly my favorite confetti color combo of all time. Perfection!

Oh my. This cake that looks like a pineapple is incredible!

I don’t pay much attention to fashion week, but I admire this woman’s style so much. Pink hair and a little gold mouse fascinator? Too fun!

Could you live in a Swedish chapel conversion? Once you see these photos I’m going to bet the answer is YES.

Have you heard about the Bangor Maine Police Department‘s Facebook page? I have to admit, I find it pretty funny, but I’m curious – do you think humor is the best way for police to connect with their communities?

I had so much fun reading this Easter Brunch post from Emily Henderson – lovely and funny, one of the best combinations out there.

This plaid cotton shirt is exactly what I want to wear now that it’s warmed up a bit.


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valentino star dress valentino star dress

Starry-eyed over this Valentino dress (sorry for the pun, couldn’t help myself).

These paper plates would totally work for a bridal shower.

My birthday’s coming up and I’m in need of a new purse. Deciding between this 60’s inspired one in brown, this foldover one in basic black, or this sequin ham bag (kidding!).

How about some giant Lucky Charms for Saint Patrick’s Day?

Or if you want something green (and totally un-Irish) how about an iced matcha coconut latte?

The slow death of the political bumper sticker.

The oldest winery in France is for sale.

Pretty polka dots for a summer wedding.

Clever food art.

I find this both fascinating and kind of strange: single women are having fake solo weddings so they can have photos taken in a wedding dress. So many thoughts on this, and where it fits into the world of weddings, and how wedding publications (this one included) often play up how weddings appear rather than how they felt. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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phoebe wahl phoebe wahl

Just delighted by this envelope!

And by these whimsical crocheted leaf sculptures.

5 ways to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Best ever excuses for not handing in your homework.

I cannot get over the back of this Katie May wedding gown – stunning!

It’s citrus season and I am very interested in this grapefruit pudding cake.

A color wheel pin to brighten up your day.

What did Shakespeare really sound like?

The fading art of diagramming sentences.

An epic takedown of elite brospeak. (Is my English major showing?)

The secret ingredient to movie theater popcorn.

Sweet DIY strawberry box for an Easter basket or spring gift.

I love botanical prints on a black background, and this dramatic clutch is no exception.

And these floral Hunter boots!

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Anna Rifle Bond Anna Rifle Bond

A lovely reminder to stop and smell the roses.

You could sleep in a Van Gogh painting!

The success of starting small.

This box of books is my new favorite thing. I want it!

I’m digging the new J.Crew sunglasses collection. Although it’s a year later and I’m still obsessed with my Ray-Bans.

This charming dessert gives new meaning to the phrase “the cherry on top.”

Speaking of cherries, I know this little pouch is for kiddos, but I’d like it for myself!

Flourless fudge cookies sound like exactly what I want to be eating right now.

This painted floral village is like a storybook come to life!

I can just imagine a spring bride in this whimsical necklace.

Or maybe in these earrings?

I’ve been wanting to try and make my own household cleaner. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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