This weekend I’m having a slumber party with some of my girlfriends – I love slumber parties! I’m thinking I might make my creamy pumpkin pasta for dinner… or maybe we’ll just eat ice cream out of the container like we used to do in high school. (PS – My favorite ice cream right now is Chocolate Orange Confetti by Three Twins.) So what are you up to this weekend?

Doesn’t this look like a Wayne Thiebaud painting? It’s a photo of real pies by Sharon Core!

Bar cart round-up.

Have you seen Oh Happy Day’s awesome series of Halloween costumes for kids?

Bug memorials, via Design Mom.

20 pumpkin recipes.

Toast autumn with this apple orchard cocktail.

One of these days I’ll have occasion to wear a hat like this.

Halloween costume for your eyes.

papernstitch’s best shops for party props.

If you’re going to elope, why not do it in a canoe?!

At first I thought these business cards just looked like cookies. But they actually are cookies!

Pretty (and affordable) dinnerware by Abbesses Ceramics.

Stripes and flowers – what a happy dress!


And in case you missed it:

Laughing bride and groom.
Lara and Oliver’s romantic secret garden wedding.
Dreamy wedding dress made by the bride’s mom.
Autumn inspiration board in plum and gold.
Simply sweet Southern wedding.


Have a happy weekend, friends!

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What are you all up to this weekend? I’m heading back East for the wedding of one of my dear TFA friends – nothing quite like an autumn wedding! I’m don’t remember if I felt this way before my own wedding, but now, my favorite part of a wedding is always the ceremony – what a special thing to be invited to witness! And yes, I’m a crier.

What a beautiful image by Lillian Bassman, 1951.

Dying over this dress from Monique Lhuillier.

Triple chocolate hazelnut praline tart. Need I say more.

Loooove these Wendy Mink earrings.

Totally dreamy wedding from Jose Villa.

I love stars right now.

Grooms’ faces when they see their brides for the first time. (Number 5 is my favorite!)

This post from Miss Moss makes me want to take a trip.

Have you checked out our new galleries?

If the Jetsons played cards.

Someday my kitchen will be this organized.

Great round-up of wood cake stands.

Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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Oh my gosh you guys – I can’t believe we haven’t had a weekend link round-up in three weeks! I’ve been saving up links this whole time, but they’re some really good ones, so I hope you’ll forgive the super long list this week. Enjoy!

How incredible is this wall art by Olefir Design?

Or this moss graffiti?

A tale of two rings.

Hilarious (surrealist) eyeglass, via Automatism.

Yummy posters via Design Crush.

Jacques Genin might be my favorite Paris patisserie.

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, for the little monsters in your life, via Creature Comforts.

How about a paintball bachelorette party?

Halloween count-down calendar – what a fun idea!

Fancy dancy light bulbs, via Eat Drink Chic.

Looking for a totally unique wedding gift? How about a custom painted kitchen mixers?

Equestrian bride and groom from Carrie Patterson.

Oh, Oscar!

Penny for your thoughts?

I love this Smythson wallet (and if I bought it I wouldn’t have any money left to keep in it).

Have you seen the new Cup of Jo? How about the new Camille Styles? Love ‘em!

Salted Bourbon Caramel… mmmm…

Reversible wrapping paper, via Wantist.

Have you ever wondered what happens to unsold stamps?

Cheat sheet for how much food and drink to serve at your next party.

Congratulations to the Lady Grey!

And to Uncle Beefy!

Have you entered our Great Big Giveaway contest yet?!

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Guys, I think we’re getting really close to launching our new look – I can’t tell you how antsy I am to finally share it with you! (If you missed it last week, you can catch a peek at our new logo on our Facebook page.) This weekend I’ll be working on getting some fun things ready for when we do reveal our new design – gosh I hope you guys like it! But first, some fun links for your Friday!

Confetti-filled balloons via Kojo Designs.

High five!

How about Pippa’s bridesmaid dress for your wedding?

100 best typefaces of all time.

These little felt dogs look so real! via Michaele’s Pinterest.

Dinosaur delivery.

What a fun and clever way to promote a movie!

Jamie and Kevin’s wedding is too beautiful for words.

I heart apothecary-inspired design.

Adding a visit to this wisteria tunnel to my bucket list.

What a beautiful thing to do with sea glass.

Feel like a princess in this budget-friendly tulle ball skirt.


Have a happy weekend everyone!

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It feels like summer just started, yet here it is the end of August. It happens every year, and I’m always surprised! How are you spending this long weekend? Ryan’s sister and her kiddos are coming for a short visit this weekend, which I hope means we get to splash around the pool all day. I also think house guests are a great excuse to bake something yummy, since there are people to help me eat whatever it is…

Photo by Max Kim-Bee for Country Living.


…I’m thinking maybe some double dark chocolate shortbread cookies.

Speaking of baking, I made these scones for my brunch last weekend and they were a hit!

Which states are dear to your heart? At $18, you can buy a print of each!

Late summer garden party inspiration.

Fun crawfish boil invites.

Fun wallpaper for your iPhone.

These bouquets by McKenzie Powell are to die for!

And a darling paper doll app, via Ez’s Pinterest.

In another life I’ll have occasion to wear this dress and this ring. Together.

Organization inspiration.

I’d love to see a wedding invitation inspired by this sparkling wine label.

Thousands of black paper moths - so elegant and creepy at the same time.

Congratulations Maria!

Snippet & Ink is finally on Facebook! Well, finally active anyway. Come like us!

And in case you missed it, we’re looking for crafty folks to collaborate with us on some fun projects! If you or anyone you know might interested, check out our post!


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!

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