Tomorrow I’m having some of my favorite ladies over for brunch, but I haven’t quite solidified the menu yet – any suggestions? It’s a belated birthday celebration for one of them, so anything I make has to be delicious. What are you up to this weekend? Share your plans in the comments, along with your favorite brunch recipes!

This wedding from One Love Photo kills me – that’s the bride playing cello!

Swan bench, via Cassandra’s Pinterest.

Check out my interview over on the Alt Summit blog.

Naked Princess lingerie would be perfect for a honeymoon, via Frou Frou Fashionista.

A staring contest party sounds hilarious!

Accordion party hats are a nice change from the usual.

Fantaisie en blanc et rose.

Beautiful black and ivory inspiration from Grey Likes Weddings.

How delightful is this Alice in Wonderland climbing wall?!

Vanilla ice sounds like a yummy way to dress up a Coca-Cola.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Since it would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday this week, and since I’m seeing her all over my television, I thought this pic was fitting for today. Gosh she was funny!

via Vanity Fair


Have a happy weekend, friends! Here are some fun links to send you off!

Giant peanut butter cup.

From the couch of… that’s about right for a blogger.

Flower happy save-the-date.

Beyonce has a tumblr, and I love it! via i suwannee

Sweet gold bunting.

Printable recipe cards would make such a cute shower favor.

What do you think of this lacy manicure? Whimsical or cheesy?

And these maps would make a great gift for the traveler in your life.

Congratulations Camille!

And congrats to A Bryan Photo on ten years!

San Francisco brides! Don’t miss the Unveiled event on Sunday!


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It’s looking like 88-degrees this weekend, so our friends and they’re two darling kiddos are coming over for a pool day tomorrow. (As I type this, it occurs to me that 88-degrees isn’t actually that hot compared to other parts of the country, but it’s still pool weather, right?) Ryan will be working on perfecting his burgers, and I’ll be working on perfecting eating them. What are you up to this weekend?

How sweet are these synchronized swimmer patterns by Simone Massoni!? via Kelly’s Pinterest.

Have you ever made your own crumpets?

Loving these invitations for Southern Weddings’ Emily.

Shades of change.

So excited about the opening of Good Company!

Wallet-friendly loafers from The Gap, via The Daily Fancy.

Steal this lunch bag craft for your wedding!

Do you believe in date night?

Charming NYC wedding flickr set.

Library-inspired invites by Quill & Fox.

Will athletes ever stop breaking records?

Holy orchids!

DIY envelope edge-painting.

I don’t know how this would work in real life, but I love a wedding cake made out of gelato cones.

New York brides! There’s still time to get tickets to The Cream next week!


Have a happy weekend, friends!

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I spent way too much time procrastinating this week by looking at real estate websites – we’re not planning on buying a house in the very near future, so it’s really just dreaming, but I can’t help but imagine how my “Decorate” Pinterest board would come to life in these houses! I love our little apartment right now, but some day I hope we can have a sweet old farmhouse with a front porch and oak trees (I have a Pinterest board for that, too). What are your house fantasies (I’m sure I’m not the only one!)?

A family friend shot this beautiful time-lapse video of the night sky, and it seemed to fit with this week’s inspiration board.

Speaking of house fantasies, how about this modern farmhouse?

Or how about this “Cape Dutch” style home?

Have you tried Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter? I wish it didn’t come in a plastic jar, but it has replaced Nutella in my life.

Dreaming of Tuscany with these wedding photos.

These vintage-style social networking posters are pretty clever.

Diamond slice earrings? Wow, via Mrs. French’s Pinterest.

White peach cooler sounds like a yummy summer sip.

How do a graphic designer and a musician do wedding invites? Just like this.

Planetary chocolate bon bons.

Congratulations to the lovely Jen Huang!


Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Whoa friends! This week just flew by – can you believe it’s nearly August?! What are you up to this weekend? My hubby’s brother is coming to town for a visit, so we’ll be playing host for a few days – always fun to have an excuse to do some of our favorite things and eat at our favorite restaurants. What are your favorite visitor things to do in your home town?

by Alfred Eisenstaedt


Do you love food blogs as much as I do? Here’s a yummy new one, via simplesong.

BLT salad and teeny tiny BLTs.

Super inspired by these old school French menus.

Loving this sweet Delta wedding! (Thanks to Biz for bringing it to my attention.)

A retro state souvenir hankie would be a fun shower gift.

This enchanted forest party reminds me of Ariella and Meg’s fairyland flower girl shoot.

Love the packaging for Papadiablo Mezcal.

Super hero popsicles.

Beautiful flowers by Ariel Dearie!

I don’t really wear bracelets, but I’d wear this braided number, via Oh, Hello Friend.

Recently received a Swayspace LetterPress Kit in the mail, and let me tell you – letterpress is always better in person.

(Head’s up: if you have a problem with nudity, don’t click through. NSFW.) I think this plus-size naked campaign is all kinds of awesome, via Vogue.


Have a wonderful weekend!

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