I hope I’m not over sharing here, but lately I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed at the idea of not only getting ready for baby, but also trying to get Snippet & Ink ready for me to take some sort of maternity leave. What if I can’t get everything done? What if everything falls apart! Sometimes I pile on even more stress by thinking that I shouldn’t stress out so much and should make more time for relaxing and enjoying these last couple months of life pre-baby. It feels like there’s this deadline for Getting Everything Done, and after that comes a whole new life that we can’t possibly plan for. As parents!

Anyway, I suppose I’m sharing this because in the five and a half years since I started Snippet & Ink, I’ve always found that it’s better to be honest and open with my readers instead of just rolling along like everything is perfect. And my guess is I’m not the first person who’s ever felt this way, so I’m trying to just breathe, take things one at a time, remember that what needs to get done will get done, and to be thankful for all the support that Ryan and I have from our loved ones. And thank you, dear readers, for allowing me the space for a post like this – if you have any tips or advice, I’m all ears.

And now, some links for your weekend!

Vintage kitchen inspiration via Apartment Therapy.

Twins separated at birth – what an amazing project!

Toasted lemon meringue pie.

This straw hat has me dreaming of a beach vacation.

Something about this Easter shoot makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

Five fabulous French souvenirs.

Bunny ear favor bags.

What Twitter teaches us about writing.

Loving these beautiful slippers! I’ll take one in every color…


Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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What are you up to this weekend? Next week is my birthday (hello 30!), and Ryan and my mom are hosting a little get together for me tomorrow! I’m so excited to spend time with my friends. And eat cake! Then on Sunday we’re going on a tour of the hospital where we plan to have this little baby – one more thing that makes it all feel more real!

Milk and honey birthday cake.

Mill Valley cabins, via Design Mom.

Love this tour of Jordan’s 500-square-foot apartment!

Vintage-inspired wedding dresses.

Yummy farm-to-table wedding.

Chocolate brownie mousse cake. Need I say more.

Have you seen the new custom fabrics from Poppies & Posies?

Style icon: Ulyana Sergeenko.

Papercut art, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

This is my kind of DIY: washi tape door edges.

Gold leaf terra cotta pots.


Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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Sometimes I can’t believe that we’re really going to be welcoming a baby into our home in less than three months, but that doesn’t stop me from fixing up the nursery and pinning things like little felt shoes and imagining how next year the Easter bunny will visit our house. The last two weeks, Ryan and I have been taking childbirth classes, and with each session I’m more and more excited to meet this little girl! I wonder what her eyes will look like, what her skin will feel like, what her laugh will sound like… Anyway, I’m still blogging away, but there’s no doubt that part of my mind is always in Babyland, which is why this pic from Silvana di Franco feels sort of perfect for me today.

Photo by Silvana di Franco.

Tallyhos look delish! via Oh Joy.

Making a splash with a marriage proposal.

Would love to stay at Riad & Spa Esprit du Maroc, via Mint.

Color trend: guava.

Incredible hand lettering, via The Crafts Dept.

Dress up your Easter table with calligraphy eggs.

Check out my 2013 trendsetter pack for Bella Figura.

Rainbow invitation, via Jordan’s Pinterest.

Fancy file folder, via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Sip something green for Saint Patrick’s Day.

A baby’s breath alphabet, via Antiquaria.

Bummed out about the end Google Reader? I’m giving feedly a try…

Remember this sweet engagement session from Odalys Mendez? Love this bouquet photo she took!

Have you seen our updated galleries?


Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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Lately I’ve been feeling a mix of super excited (I can’t wait to meet this baby!) and totally overwhelmed (my pre-baby to do list seems never ending!). I imagine if you’re planning a wedding you might be feeling something similar. To try and maintain some sort of balance, I’ve been breaking the to do list down into smaller, more manageable tasks that I can check off, and still making sure to take time for things that are fun, too.

Vintage French postcard via Letter Writers Alliance.

I love escort card buttons!

Gold-rimmed stemless champagne flutes, via Note to Self.

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant, but I am so excited about the Polka Dot Club from Jennifer Murphy!

Italic monogram piñata for your Cinco de Mayo party. Or for your wedding?

In love with this timeless bridal style.

I’ve gone baby clothes crazy.

Looking for travel inspiration? Entouriste!

Make inspiration boards on the go with this app.

Couture aprons, via Design Mom.

Chelsea’s styling tips.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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Happy March! I love this time of year – daffodils and narcissus are popping up, and the pear tree out our window is full of little white blossoms that look like they’re snowing when it’s breezy. Hoping to enjoy some Spring sunshine this weekend. And sending you off with some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

Pear Blossom and Moon by Yun Shouping.

It feels like farmers market weather, which makes me think I need a French market basket.

Comma Workshop quilts would make a brilliant wedding gift.

So would this Mattress Masseuse (kickstart it!).

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.

Wartime kisses.

Drooooooling over this wine country wedding.

Candy fashion, via Ruby PR.

Charming wonderland wedding invitations.

I’m pretty sure every home should have a party closet.

J’adore this Le Ballon Rouge party concept!

Playful state-shaped address stamps from Paper Pastries.

A Bryan Photo on wedding photos and preserving family history.

Maurice Sendak is my favorite.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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