This weekend three of my very best friends are hosting a baby shower tea for me, and I can’t wait! Especially once I realized the Cinco de Mayo evite they sent me was a joke and that they would not actually be serving margaritas out of baby bottles – really funny, girls. Although I have to say, at eight months pregnant, I have no idea what I’m going to wear (my uniform most days is maternity jeans, a tank top, and flip flops – not exactly afternoon tea attire). The rest of the weekend will involve continued nesting efforts and my last prenatal appointment with my doula. I know I say this every week, and it’s probably getting old, but I honestly can’t believe how fast time is flying by and how soon our little girl will be here. It’s overwhelming and awesome all at the same time (which is what I imagine motherhood will be like, too).

vanilla-bean-blog-rhubarb-raspberry-fizz vanilla-bean-blog-rhubarb-raspberry-fizz

Sip on a rhubarb raspberry fizz or a classic Kentucky Derby mint julep. Yum!

Weddings: what would you do differently?

Make a tissue paper strawberry.

I want one of these Gorjana clutches in every color!

In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby: a lace wedding hat.

How to bake flat cake layers.

Kraft + coral (and hand-lettering at its best) in these Florida wedding invites.

Chelsea Fuss is offering online floral arranging classes!

Have a beautiful weekend friends!

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You guys, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your kind and supportive comments on my last post. I was sort of at my wits’ end when I wrote it (which you could probably tell), but taking a little break (and maybe a little ice cream) was just what I needed – so thank you! Tech gods willing, we’ll be back to normal posting next week,  and we’re back to weekend links today…

dash-and-bella dash-and-bella

Peanut butter ice cream and ice cream peanut butter cups!

Have you heard of The Juliet Club? Definitely worth 4 minutes, via Hannah Hart Beat.

See the Northern Lights from your very own glass igloo.

Darling baby announcement from Cynthia Warren.

DIY heart-printed jeans.

A Wayne Thiebaud inspired wedding.

Would you try making some grocery store staples from scratch?

I love when fashion doesn’t take itself too seriously (well, except for the price tag).

Anatomy of a cheese plate.

Neon bachelorette gift box via Buzzfeed.

I was so happy to find these vintage seed packet stamps at the post office last week!

And finally, thanks to everyone who participated in our 2013 Reader Survey and giveaway. Congratulations to Kristi, winner of $500 in custom letterpress from Kimberly FitzSimons! Kristi, you should have an email from us in your inbox. 

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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I’m at that place in my pregnancy where when the baby moves I can actually see my belly move! How crazy is that?! I also recently discovered maxi dresses (don’t ask me what rock I’ve been under) and I’m pretty sure I’m going to start living in them. Anything that looks put together but feels like pajamas is aces in my book (pregnant or not). So that’s me these days – belly moves and maxi dresses. Not exactly the most exciting stuff (which I guess is good when you’re waiting around for a baby), so tell me about your exciting things! Wedding plans? Engagements? What’s new with you, dear readers?!

PS – Have you taken our 2013 Reader Survey yet? You could win $500 in gorgeous letterpress!

04:19:13 Thornton Designs 04:19:13 Thornton Designs

Outfitting the nursery has me dreaming of a makeover for our bedroom, too.

Flowerwild does it again.

Super fun bright citrus print, via Mary Pinto’s Pinterest.

How cute are these hot air balloon cupcakes?

Ready for a picnic!

Dove does it again with this beauty sketch experiment (definitely worth a look!).

Well said, Victoria.

Darling blog elements by our friend Rebekka Seale.

Beautiful Mother’s Day brunch inspiration.

On swearing when you have kiddos.

Café pour quatre, via The Bedlam of Beefy.

Bee sting cake.

Whimsical baby shower invitations.

Great mix of retro and modern in this invite.

Such a beautiful, joyful photo project.

Save the date with chocolat.

Congratulations to Creature Comforts and Mrs. Lilien on the lovely new websites!

Want to help victims of the Boston Marathon explosions? Charity Navigator is a great place to start.

Have a happy weekend friends!

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Somehow pregnancy brain got the better of me last week and I completely spaced on doing a Happy Weekend post… which means extra links for you today!

Ryan and I didn’t get our act together in time to plan a babymoon getaway, but we still wanted to do something nice together before little girl arrives, so this weekend we’re headed to Calistoga for a spa day. I’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing day with my honey!

Pink bubbles at The Ritz.

Quirky, modern invites from 42Pressed.

Always nice when healthy tastes good, too.

Not Another Bill, via Ruby Press.

Did you know New York has its very own castle ruins?

One of my favorite TED talks, on happiness.

Golden croissant.

Cardboard hats in every shape.

Rifle iPhone cases!

I’m loving pineapples right now, like this stationery motif and this lamp.

Lemon cakelets with vanilla bean cream sound pretty yummy.

Understanding music.

Have a happy weekend, lovely friends!


PS – I want to apologize to anyone who had trouble accessing the site this week (or a couple of weeks ago for that matter). We’re working on upgrading our server, so hopefully that will resolve the technical issues that were causing the site to be down. Thanks so much for your patience as we figure things out!

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I hope I’m not over sharing here, but lately I have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed at the idea of not only getting ready for baby, but also trying to get Snippet & Ink ready for me to take some sort of maternity leave. What if I can’t get everything done? What if everything falls apart! Sometimes I pile on even more stress by thinking that I shouldn’t stress out so much and should make more time for relaxing and enjoying these last couple months of life pre-baby. It feels like there’s this deadline for Getting Everything Done, and after that comes a whole new life that we can’t possibly plan for. As parents!

Anyway, I suppose I’m sharing this because in the five and a half years since I started Snippet & Ink, I’ve always found that it’s better to be honest and open with my readers instead of just rolling along like everything is perfect. And my guess is I’m not the first person who’s ever felt this way, so I’m trying to just breathe, take things one at a time, remember that what needs to get done will get done, and to be thankful for all the support that Ryan and I have from our loved ones. And thank you, dear readers, for allowing me the space for a post like this – if you have any tips or advice, I’m all ears.

And now, some links for your weekend!

Vintage kitchen inspiration via Apartment Therapy.

Twins separated at birth – what an amazing project!

Toasted lemon meringue pie.

This straw hat has me dreaming of a beach vacation.

Something about this Easter shoot makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

Five fabulous French souvenirs.

Bunny ear favor bags.

What Twitter teaches us about writing.

Loving these beautiful slippers! I’ll take one in every color…


Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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