Happy March! I love this time of year – daffodils and narcissus are popping up, and the pear tree out our window is full of little white blossoms that look like they’re snowing when it’s breezy. Hoping to enjoy some Spring sunshine this weekend. And sending you off with some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

Pear Blossom and Moon by Yun Shouping.

It feels like farmers market weather, which makes me think I need a French market basket.

Comma Workshop quilts would make a brilliant wedding gift.

So would this Mattress Masseuse (kickstart it!).

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life.

Wartime kisses.

Drooooooling over this wine country wedding.

Candy fashion, via Ruby PR.

Charming wonderland wedding invitations.

I’m pretty sure every home should have a party closet.

J’adore this Le Ballon Rouge party concept!

Playful state-shaped address stamps from Paper Pastries.

A Bryan Photo on wedding photos and preserving family history.

Maurice Sendak is my favorite.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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I normally love all kinds of music, but for some reason during my pregnancy, pop music has been driving me crazy! I’ve been listening to lots more classical music, some Sam Cooke, and my favorite Pandora station right now is full of Billie Holiday, Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong (hence this week’s Happy Weekend photo). Maybe this goes along with food cravings and aversions? Any of you mommas out there experience any funny or unexpected pregnancy quirks?

Romantic paper flowers.

Best way to eat puddings and creams? Cookie spoons!

Last week I linked to this mysterious telegram. Here’s the update!

What a dramatic image.

Caramel stuffed Rice Krispie treats? Whaaaa?

Windows of New York, via Miss Moss.

Get ready for spring with flowers on your feet.

Drooling over this peek at a Parisian chocolate atelier.

Check out my gift picks and interview on Mark & Graham.

Congrats to Silvana di Franco on her new website and blog!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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What are you up to this weekend? Ryan’s folks are coming to visit, and it’s supposed to be really warm here, so I think we might drive up to our favorite oyster place for lunch on the water. Otherwise, I’ll be enlisting the help of my mom and Ryan’s mom in tackling our would-be nursery, which currently looks more like an unkempt storage unit than any place you’d put a baby. Wish us luck!

Photo from Tiffany “True Love Grows” campaign.

Love knows no time, via A Cup of Jo.

A sweet old telegram.

Golden goddesses.

Pretty parapluie pendant light.

Wouldn’t a pajama brunch be fun for a bridal shower?

Flourish hand stamp from Besotted.

Awesome vintage airplane wedding.

Lovely monograms from Antiquaria.

A little pricey, but this bracelet is so sweet.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Ryan and I don’t have much of a tradition for this holiday – we usually just try to go out to dinner sometime the week of Valentine’s Day, but that’s about it. My personal Valentine tradition is to consume as much chocolate as I like, guilt-free. Do you have any fun or romantic ways to spend February 14th?

1969 Coca-Cola ad.

Chocomap, where have you been all my life? via Ruby PR.

How pretty is the header for Wolf & Wood?

Comic book heroes washing windows, via Paper Tastebuds.

Make your Valentine a winner with this prize ribbon kit from Shanna Murray.

I’d love to have this map of San Francisco.

And these funny little ice cream bowls, via Mint.

Everyday flying objects by Cerise Doucede.

Food gifts to bring to French people from America.

No-Bake Nutella Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Cake? Yes, please.

Heart dice are a playful DIY Valentine.

If you follow us on facebook then you probably saw this already: Salted Caramel Brownies hello.

Snippet & Ink contributor Eat Boutique has been nominated for Best Food Photography on a Blog by The Kitchn! Hop on over and vote!


Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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What are you up to this weekend? My mom and I are heading to Denver this weekend to visit my sister and help her with some wedding planning (if she’ll let us), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for warm enough weather to justify a scoop of Fior di Latte. How good does that look?! I’m also craving a perfect Parisian baguette with butter and jam, but that’s probably just my pregnant self hoping for something I could only really satisfy with a trip across an ocean…

In love with the Johnny Cash stamp (release date not yet announced).

I wish my house house was as nice as this guest house.

Looking for a totally unique ring? via coco + kelley.

Gotta get that group shot.

Now that I have babies on my radar… these cards are a darling gift idea!

Would you get married at Aynhoe Park?


Have a happy weekend everyone!

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