Tomorrow was supposed to be my sister’s wedding day. She was getting married at The Lyons Farmette outside of Boulder, Colorado, which was sadly one of the casualties of the devastating floods there last week. So instead of tying the knot on a little farm with 120 guests and a bluegrass band and a picnic lunch, my sister and her fiancé are eloping to Napa today. Just the two of them and their photographer. She has her dress, he has his suit. They have the rings, and they have each other. And really, despite what blogs like mine might sometimes lead you to believe, that’s more than enough to marry the one you love. Congratulations Lora and Grant! Happy Wedding Day!

And happy weekend to all of you, lovely readers!

A beautiful love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.

For hipster babies everywhere.

Getting married in Antarctica?

Buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies.

And now I need a soda maker.

Google “Scotland’s national animal.”

Beautiful prosthetics by Scott Summit, via Kelly’s Pinterest.

In love with this romantic modern dress by Lela Rose.

Flashy engagement rings are fun, but how about a lovely crystal baguette for $64 – why not?

Fun look for a fall groom.

21 habits of supremely happy people.

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This weekend we’re headed to Colorado for a friend’s wedding this weekend, and my little sister’s wedding next weekend – can you say rain plan? Yikes! If any of you are Colorado brides tying the knot in the very near future, may I direct you to this post? It’s an excellent example of how far a positive attitude and a sense of humor will go when it seems like everything surrounding your wedding (and I suppose life in general) is going wrong.

Love the whimsical digital art of Catrin Welz-Stein.

Cute vintage beach engagement shoot!

I’m not saying I’m Batman

The only way to improve on circus animal cookies? Make them jumbo!

Whoa weather!

Darling gift wrap by Clap Clap Design.

Some dramatic veil inspiration from fashion week.

Who doesn’t want some clip-on animal tails?

I dream of the day I get to apply my Garden Pinterest board.

Cute little pom-pom frames.


Have a happy weekend, everyone!

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I made a little last minute visit to San Diego this week to see my sister and her boys, so I apologize for the lack of posting yesterday! Sometimes you just have to drop everything and hang out with your nephews, you know? This weekend I’ll be back home to watch some Packers football with my hubby and maybe catch up on some sleep…

New York’s best donuts, via sfgirlbybay.

Love the results of this mom-and-daughter art collaboration.

David and Heather got married on a Tuesday…

How about a slow motion photo booth?

Why panna cotta is the perfect dessert.

33 abandoned places.

What could be better than a rainbow sprinkle-themed birthday party?

Gorgeous, understated jewelry from BloesemWear.

Cheery yellow four-poster beds.


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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It’s crazy to think that before summer began, I was still pregnant. And now, with the unofficial end of summer around the corner, I can’t believe I have a three month old! I wish I could say we have awesome plans for the three-day weekend, but I’ll probably just be catching up on some work. But if you have fun plans, I want to hear all about them in the comments!

Can you believe this dress is made of wood?! via sfgirlbybay.

I’m a big fan of the breakfast sandwich.

Cheerful bobby pins.

Such a sweet expression of 73 years of love.

Key lime pie popsicles.

Remembering what you did do, rather than what you didn’t, via Jane’s twitter.

35 things I want my daughter to know about girlfriends.

Inspiration board? How about an inspiration trellis.

Such a funny and cute mermaid doll (if only I sewed).

Every family should have an Ugly Photo Book.

How about a confetti wedding cake?

This mixed berry cream soda sounds delish!

Have a lovely long weekend, everyone!

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Quick request before I share links with you… I’m looking for some new non-wedding blog reads and I want your input. Help me out and leave a comment with up to 10 of your very favorite blogs (design, food, baby, mommy, DIY, etc.) – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

This weekend is jam packed for us… tonight is my friend’s birthday party (Happy 30th Susie!), we have another friend in town visiting, and then I’m hosting a baby shower for a third friend on Sunday. It seems like a lot after barely leaving the house all summer, but I’m really looking forward to all of these things – I love spending my days with baby, but it also is so nice to be social again! And, since it’s been awhile, I hope you’ll forgive me posting a pic of my Caroline who is almost three months old. (Thanks to my friend Samantha for the super cute bandana bib!)


What an exciting week this was for us with the launch of Snippet & Ink Select!

Meaningful relationship advice for newlyweds.

I love it when fashion doesn’t take itself too seriously.

How about a father-daughter first look?

If it weren’t sold out, I think this straw fedora might have been the hat to make me start wearing hats.

Pretty, modern enamelware.

Loving this series of vintage beach pics, via A Cup of Jo.

Gold foil stripe coasters will make any day a party!

And finally, a shameless pitch: My soon-to-be brother-in-law set up a t-shirt fundraiser for my 6 year old nephew fighting cancer. Help us reach the goal of 50 t-shirt sales!


Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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