phoebe wahl phoebe wahl

Just delighted by this envelope!

And by these whimsical crocheted leaf sculptures.

5 ways to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Best ever excuses for not handing in your homework.

I cannot get over the back of this Katie May wedding gown – stunning!

It’s citrus season and I am very interested in this grapefruit pudding cake.

A color wheel pin to brighten up your day.

What did Shakespeare really sound like?

The fading art of diagramming sentences.

An epic takedown of elite brospeak. (Is my English major showing?)

The secret ingredient to movie theater popcorn.

Sweet DIY strawberry box for an Easter basket or spring gift.

I love botanical prints on a black background, and this dramatic clutch is no exception.

And these floral Hunter boots!

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Anna Rifle Bond Anna Rifle Bond

A lovely reminder to stop and smell the roses.

You could sleep in a Van Gogh painting!

The success of starting small.

This box of books is my new favorite thing. I want it!

I’m digging the new J.Crew sunglasses collection. Although it’s a year later and I’m still obsessed with my Ray-Bans.

This charming dessert gives new meaning to the phrase “the cherry on top.”

Speaking of cherries, I know this little pouch is for kiddos, but I’d like it for myself!

Flourless fudge cookies sound like exactly what I want to be eating right now.

This painted floral village is like a storybook come to life!

I can just imagine a spring bride in this whimsical necklace.

Or maybe in these earrings?

I’ve been wanting to try and make my own household cleaner. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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tambour embroidery from guerlain tambour embroidery from guerlain


Have you ever heard of tambour embroidery? Incredible!

I love beauty products that come in tins, especially for under $5.

one of the more important aging discoveries ever” – fascinating!

I found my perfect purse. Unfortunately it’s sold out. And it was like $1200. So not really perfect, but you know. (Since our girl J.Law was seen with this exact bag, I probably shouldn’t be surprised by either of those two things.)

Who knew chefs had such strong opinions on tape?!

These floral bobby pins would be so lovely for a bride.

So would this blush feathered clutch!

I always loved Tasha Tudor’s books as a kid, but never knew much about her. Enjoyed learning a bit more.

How magical to sleep in a hanging tent.

Did you know that jaguars live in the wild in the United States? Well at least one does.

Cheerful yellow shoes for spring.

Here’s an easy way to make your snail mail more fun!

I am fascinated by Teachur – could it be the future of college education?

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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gold pins from Furze Chan Studio gold pins from Furze Chan Studio

A beautiful collection of gold pins.

This classic, understated enamel locket would be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.

Your life is Tetris, so stop playing like it’s chess.

Mock champagne punch is the perfect non-alcoholic way to celebrate something!

I’ve been looking for the perfect mug. Is it this one? Or this one?

Barbie gets a new look (a lot of new looks actually).

Beautifully styled IKEA beds.

Hilarious illustration of a trans-Atlantic flight experience.

What’s next for hipster food?

On a related note, is $25 mouthwash really better than the drugstore kind? I adore the packaging but I’m honestly curious – if you’ve used Aesop products, do they live up to the hype (and the price tag?).

DIY lavender linen spray sounds luxuriously lovely.

A planter that doubles as a room divider.

Need some first dance song inspiration?

Win a ticket to Gump’s Wedding Chic + $250 towards any purchase!


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Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor Beetle Sphere by Ichwan Noor

It’s a VW roly poly!

One woman’s hilarious take on going Paleo.

I like the chic simplicity of this horse hair tassel key fob.

Pom pom trim curtains are so sweet – I want them in every color!

An ice skating trail through the forest.

David Lebovitz’s tips for a fondue party.

Snail mail my email.

I really love this New Year’s resolution.

Also, 57 small things to do for yourself (in the kitchen) this year.

A timeline of Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence‘s friendship.

Super fun retro-inspired goodies from Sideshow Press, via Design Crush.

The Good Beginning.

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