As I write this I’m sitting here with my honey watching the NFL Draft, and I have to say, I don’t really get it. I mean, I get it, but I don’t get why people want to watch it. Am I missing something? Now the Oreos I’m eating as I watch it? Those I get. Mmmmm…

Some fun links for you to kick off your weekend:

Cheerful yellow and a cute short-haired bride.

Gorgeous monogram font.

Don’t you want to buy your undies here?

The bad-ass inside me loves this. The bride in me loves this.

Won’t you invite me to your mad tea party? via mint.

The music room.


I’m thinking this bag would like to come to the beach with me.

Backpacking kitty.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.

Bumper stickers for your shoes and modern in miniature, both via A Cup of Jo.

Love story, 1980.

Wooden churches in northern Russia, via banquet.

After two years teaching kindergarten there, the Mississippi Delta holds a special place in my heart, via wishfulfillment who taught there, too.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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Gosh. There has been so much going on lately, I don’t even know where to start! My honey and I are making another interstate move in just a couple of months, our wedding planning is back in full swing, and then there’s all the fun of tax time (glad that’s over). Lots of good things, but overwhelming, too – you know? Today, we’re off on an early-morning flight to Wisconsin for a cousin’s wedding, but I wanted to leave you with some fun links to kick off the weekend…

{via bippity boppity boo}

On the map, via Oh Joy!

This little piggy.

Best homework ever.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Favorite entry in The Sartorialist’s vintage photo contest.

Pretty little doily stamp.

Unexpected patterns on pretty rings.

Train hopping, via a desert fete.

These pretties would sure look nice on my ears (your ears, too).

Wish I had a hilarious Uncle Sugar.

Only Oscar could make me love a giant pink bow.

Tiny people, via Paper Tastebuds.

Shades of toast.

I’ll never get sick of chalkboard paint.

And some fab decals to slap on it, via A Cup of Jo.

Fabulous gold clutch, via Mrs. Lilien.

Say Happy Mother’s Day.


How do you improve on chocolate? Awesome packaging never hurts.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies! Any fun plans?

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My one-week trip home to San Francisco turned into two, and while it was wonderful spending time with friends and family, it was just too much time away from my honey. But I’m headed back to Austin today, and can’t wait to see him and our little kitty girl (her name is Lady Bird and she’s the cutest). Not sure what weekend plans are, but they probably involve eating all the tacos I wasn’t eating while I was away. What about you?

Cute as a button.

My luggage needs an upgrade, via The Bride’s Guide.

Sweet paper cake toppers.

Happy banners to hang in your house, via Greedy Girl.

Fabulous yellow dress.

Haven’t been talking much about wedding plans, but my pretty friend Biz made this for me.

Did you see Jordan’s best-of week? Like the treasure hunt party? Or the bookworm invites? Or my most favorite dinner party of all time?

Revisiting conspicuous consumption.

Tiny book of big type.

I’m terrible at journaling, but I think I could commit to a line a day, via lovely little things.

This ottoman wants to live in my house.

Inspired by Roman & Williams, via A Bryan Photo.

Swimming pig!

Music love
, via Mint.

How fabulous is dress #5?

Photos of storms. Breathtaking.

Julianne Smith has made two lovely garters inspired by Snippet & Ink inspiration boards, and all proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Pink Initiative. Check them out here and here.

Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!

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This weekend looks like it’s going to be a blast. Tomorrow, my entire family (Huge family. Huge.) is getting together to celebrate my grandmother’s 100th birthday. She is the most amazing woman, and I feel so honored to call her my Grandma Chris. And then on Sunday, I get to hunt Easter eggs with my darling nephews. What could be better!? I hope you have as much fun planned for your weekend!

French napkins for your next party.

Amsterdam layover.

I’m stealing this idea. Because I’ll never get sick of balloons.

Charming vintage advertisements.

Baby profiles
are the cutest!

Playing cards* from Eunice’s gorgeous wedding.

Have a happy, happy weekend!

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Hi all! I seem to have caught a cold, which was at least polite enough to wait until the day after my birthday to hit me, but which is keeping me laid up in bed. So, no fabulous wedding inspiration for you today. Instead, some links that I’m enjoying…

I love Paris in the springtime.

Brave enough to try making your own french fries?

Adding this plaid bag to my wish list.

The most beautiful city? I say yes.

I don’t care how the bon-bons taste. The packaging is delicious.

Charm school

Try the cinnamon truffle. Mmmm…

Congrats on the cover, Elizabeth!

Am I the only one who wondered where those pretty toothbrushes in the magazines came from?

Happy Tuesday, friends! Hoping to be back tomorrow with wedding inspiration…

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