After loading a moving truck in the Austin heat and humidity (if my honey is reading this: you’re my hero), and then a three-day drive, we arrived at our new home! Well, our new temporary home – we’re house sitting while my mom is away for the summer, which means we have some time to find our own place (and which also means we’ll be moving all this stuff again, just not as far). Our kitty is exploring everything, and has discovered how fun it is to slide across hardwood floors. I’m working on some great posts for you, but until I can get those finished and posted, here are some awesome links to check out…

My dream honeymoon spot.


Hero supplies for dad.

I’m thinking of going with bangs after the wedding.

Stepford wife gone rogue.

Preserving Van Gogh’s palette.

A greenhouse wedding.

You can bet I’ll be making strawberry ricotta graham tartlets this summer.

My iPhone wants one wants one, via automatism.

Adding these (totally perfect for summer) beach blankets to my wish list, via {frolic!}.

Inspired by a summer camping trip.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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This is a little like what our apartment looks like right now, except that it’s not this well styled, and it’s mostly piles of stuff rather than piles of books. (Although thinking about it, books are one of the heaviest things ever, and not particularly fun to move.) This time next week, we’ll be leaving Austin, headed for San Francisco – I can’t wait to be back there! I’m going to do my best with regular posting, and I have some really fun posts to share, but I also have a feeling things might be a little crazy over the next two weeks, so I hope you’ll bear with me. And for now, enjoy these fun links from around the interwebs…


Crayons never tasted this good, via automatism.

Oh my. Just beautiful.

Since we’ll probably have the world’s smallest apartment once we get to San Fran, here’s some teeny home office inspiration.

Just about the sweetest thing ever – and absolutely amazing!

Beautiful pics from a Tybee Island wedding.

Dear Puff Daddy, can I have an engraved laptop too, please?

Do you think my honey would go for a Paris flea market shopping honeymoon?

Loving Miss Holly’s calligraphy.

Adding a mini Polaroid album to my wedding wish list.

Yellow weddings always brighten my day.

When we come back to Austin for a visit, we’ll definitely stay here.

If I was in NYC this weekend, I’d be at the Illegal Wedding Fair.

Fabulously fun invites, and wedding, and more pics of it at 100 Layer Cake.

Rule #442.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend friends! Any fun plans for this first weekend in June?

PS – Today is National Doughnut Day. How are you celebrating?

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Last weekend my honey and I went to see Exit Through the Gift Shop, and we both loved it – it’s all about street art, and if you can find it at a local theater, it’s definitely worth checking out. This weekend we get to start the always fun task of packing up our apartment to get ready for our big move. Even though we’ve only been living in Austin for a year, I’m really going to miss it – I wish I could bring our movie theater and my favorite tacos with me. And sno-cones…

Congrats Joanna!

I’d love to get one of these as a wedding gift, via Design*Sponge.

How cute is this couple!

So glad someone is telling this story – really worth watching.

Connect the dots.

Pretty pretty cake toppers, via Clover & Bee.

Coffee party.

Appreciate beautiful branding.

Mrs. Lemonade.

Customize your chocolate. Chocomize.

Disposable tableware might as well look good, via Design Crush.

The why of weddings.

Finally, a stamp for square envelopes, via @thinksplendid.

A case for making your own wedding dress.

If I had an £10,550.00 laying around… via Keg Design.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend – here comes summer!

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I don’t know where this week has gone, but it sure flew by. I spent most of the week getting wedding things done – rehearsal dinner venue, save the dates, hair and makeup trial, and I finally bought a dress! Something about buying the dress makes it all feel even more real than setting a date and booking a venue (is that weird? anyone else feel like that?). This weekend I’m hoping to catch up on blogging, so I’ll have some fun posts for you next week. And for now, some of my favorite links from this week…

A riot of paper flowers.

New (cute!) use for pencil erasers.

Retro undies.

If you’re in San Francisco, stop by the Decorator’s Showcase.

Share your candy.

I love this cottage by the coast – a dream vacation home!

Best paper doll ever, via Design Crush.

Must remember this

Newest item on my wishlist: Fleabags.

Dig these still life photos by Carl Kleiner.

Just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I cannot wait for Rifle‘s wedding line to launch.

Look on The Bright Side!

Anyone thinking of Vargas-inspired boudoir pics?

Gelato on a stick, via simplesong.

I love Martha Stewart Weddings. Janie interviews editor Darcy Miller.

Brussels in bloom.

Mmmmm… homemade pizza… drool…

Have a happy, happy weekend!

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Happy weekend to all of you, and Happy Birthday to my little sister! She is my best friend in the world, and I wish we were closer together and could see each other more often. She also makes the best eclairs and scones I’ve ever had (which is only part of why I wish we lived closer). So on that delicious note, I’ll leave you all with this pic of donuts and birthday candles, and some fun links for your weekend.

Itsy bitsy beautiful pottery.

Calligraphy starter kit.

Adorable couple (the puppy’s pretty cute, too).

Glass sausages? via paper tastebuds

Love these mom snapshots.

Cutest cheat sheet ever (and helpful if you’re like me and can never remember what to buy organic).

Will someone please get married in a hat like this?

Dapper paper.

Places in America, via poppytalk.

Instead of a farewell brunch, how about breakfast in bed?

Fab vintage labels, via iDIY.

Excited for Sweet Paul‘s magazine!

If Monet had a business card.

One last thing before I head out for the weekend. Unfortunately, because of some exceptionally rude comments recently, I’ve decided to disallow anonymous comments for right now. Everyone is certainly entitled to having their own opinions, but I’m afraid there’s no room on Snippet & Ink for comments that are hurtful or otherwise rude to people who have kindly shared their weddings with us, and allowing anonymous comments seems to inspire more bad manners than when folks are required to sign their names. Thankfully, it’s a small minority, and in case I don’t say it enough, thanks so much to all of you who are always so thoughtful. Have a happy happy weekend, lovelies!

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