Just a quick heads up that tomorrow we’re doing a server switch, and any emails that are sent while that’s happening probably won’t get to me. But Sunday I should be all set to get emails again. Other than that, my weekend will include breakfast with Leila, catching up with my favorite blogs, meeting with our stationer to talk about invites (!), and enjoying some outdoor time with my honey. I think one of my favorite things about the summer is that there’s no need to make big plans – a simple, relaxing weekend is just fine.

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Some weekend links for you! And if you feel like it, share some of your favorite finds from around the interwebs in the comments.

Short dress, big bouquet.

Congrats to Max and Margaux!

Science never looked so lovely.

Love this sneaker roundup.

Portland pop-up postcard, via simple + pretty.

Delightfully whimsical photos, via Black Eiffel.

Tiny flashcards.

Sweet candy, sweet packaging.

Have a happy, happy weekend lovelies!

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Well dearies, what do you have planned for the weekend? My honey and I are taking a little road trip down the coast to Santa Barbara for my cousin’s wedding this weekend, and then further on to San Diego for a few days where we’ll hang out with my sister and her boys, and where I get to stop by Jonathan Canlas’ Film is Not Dead workshop. I can’t wait!

Hope you enjoy these links from around the web this week!

Frenchwomen’s secrets to aging well (thank you to Mariam).

I write like ________.

Quite a fancy business card.

Custom fingerprint paper cutting? Brilliant save-the-date idea!

My bed wants to wear Leontine Linens, via i suwannee.

Mi madre in 1967, via Nibs.

Raspberry brown sugar gratin? How did I not know about this until now?

Delightful illustrations, via Mint.

One of these days I’ll make it to this fabulous party.

Have a happy, happy weekend!

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Out for the day, but check back tomorrow for a beautiful real wedding and a romantic inspiration board. In the meantime, here are a few mid-week links for you to enjoy…

Free and printable disguise kit, via Design Crush.

Hello, pretty.

Love the packaging for Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz.

Bubble up

I love everything about these invites, but I think my favorite thing is the envelope.

Vintage stamps made easy (though maybe not cheap…), via Blah Blah Blahg.

See you tomorrow!

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This week has been delicious. Picked up tons of gorgeous fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, and ate the most magical Belgian waffle of my life. Got creative with ways to cook the monstrous zucchini from our neighbor’s garden (creamy zucchini and corn soup? yes!). My honey and I shared tasty pizza (with summer squash and pancetta) from Flour + Water, and tried honey lavender vanilla ice cream at Scoop. And I joined a gym.

Some of my fave links from the week!

Darling SmogShoppe wedding.

Sweet summer bridal shower.

Lady Rene is beautiful! via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Love the look of the Dollar Dreadful, via all the mountains.

Some belated 4th of July inspiration.

An intimate Iceland wedding.

Check out these wedding rings!

Cheerful and mysterious, via Black Eiffel.

Love = a mix tape.

Macarons and yummy packaging.

Princess and the pea.

Does your groom want a handmade-in-Brooklyn suit?

I want an Airstream studio!

This little piggy.

A post for any brides worried about losing weight for the wedding.

Napa for the curious and eccentric.

Have a delicious weekend, lovelies!

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What a week! Being back in my hometown means I don’t have to hop on a plane to see friends and family, and it also means I get to meet up with some awesome folks that until now I’ve only ever known through the interwebs. This week I had dinner with Meg (twice!), hung out at Jordan‘s craft night, and got snacks with Caroline and Daniel from Tinywater. And I’ve got lots more dates planned in the coming weeks (like a donut date with Anne).

And now, some links…

Wall of flowers.

Lady in red, via seesaw.

Fab wedding style.

I’d like to lounge around in this.

Touching story about the kindness of strangers.

Pretty Jackie with sassy short hair and a fabulous dress.

Sign painters.

It’s always sunny everywhere.

These invites are going straight into my inspiration files.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Still working on this one…

Check out my guest post on Unruly Things.

I have so many blank books in my life, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get through them all, but I think I need to add this inspiration pad to the stack.

The entire wedding party wore Toms.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear readers!

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