I didn’t get a chance to post links last week, so some of these are probably a bit belated and you may have read them already, but in case not…

Harper's Bazaar Street Style Harper’s Bazaar Street Style

I mostly wear black. Black yoga pants to be exact. But my alter-ego wears this dress.

Hold on to summer a little longer with sea glass candy.

Jordan’s tips on how to find cheap airline tickets.

Rookie home decorating mistakes (great list!).

Can you tell I have a big crush on Stephen Colbert? I love his entire GQ interview, especially the last few paragraphs. What an amazing and inspiring way to think about life.

I will be making this frozen hot chocolate some time very soon.

Dear people who live in tiny houses.

I’ve been doing some research on logos and brand identity (for a super fun project I can’t wait to share!) and came across this branding which I love, and this hilarious “Hipster Logo Design Guide” poster.

Goat cheese ice cream with blackberry red wine swirl sounds like a yummy grown-up summer treat.

The gold leaf band on this hat is perfection.

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mascarpone-soft-serve-161 mascarpone-soft-serve-161

Mascarpone soft serve with balsamic vinegar? Yes please. (Maybe with the help of a home soft serve machine?)

I love paper and packaging and this ad melted my heart a little bit.

And on a related note… if there are photos you really care about, print them out.

Stephen Colbert on why women should be in charge of everything.

Dress the rainbow – delightful!

Online dating in the 1960s.

Tiny house jamboree.

Prickly pear margaritas – love that color.

How astronauts watch the Perseid showers.


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confetti_bar_sparkle_pink_turquoise_1024x1024 confetti_bar_sparkle_pink_turquoise_1024x1024

Gorgeous sequin sparkle confetti pack.

This toddler’s birthday party theme is hilarious.

Chicken and waffles 17 ways.

Have you ever watched the live cams of Katmai National Park? So cool when you get to see the bears catching fish!

Salted caramel flan popsicles… yummmm….

Netflix has started offering “unlimited” maternity and paternity leave.

Incredible fabric sculptures of homes.

Make your own mini choco-tacos.

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Golden Eye Iced Coffee from Camille Styles Golden Eye Iced Coffee from Camille Styles

Turmeric milk is pretty tasty, so I’m excited to try this Golden Eye iced coffee.

Darling little Valentine-y camper (anyone have a source for this pic?).

These tiny gold disk earrings are just what I’ve been looking for.

Would love to check out the Alabama on Alabama show in SF – what unique and beautiful pieces!

How kindness became our forbidden pleasure (loved reading this – such a nice idea in a world gone crazy with internet mob justice).

Tom Hanks’ letter begging to be discovered when he was 18 – this kind of made my day.

Is it possible to get tired of s’mores? I don’t think so. Especially in the form of a s’mores custard cake.


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Summer calls for fruit ice cubes.

Grilled cheese enthusiasts unite.

A chef’s tips on how to Instagram your food.

This fruit pizza looks delicious.

Make soft serve ice cream without an ice cream maker.

Drink rosé all day.

Rooftop movie night?! Yes, please!

The blessings of being raised by a low-maintenance mother.

30 designers secret tips.

This week on Snippet & Ink…

Wedding in the redwoods.

WIN $700 worth of Stationery!

Elegant Southern wedding in New Orleans. 

Tropical coconut and pineapple cocktail.

Texas wedding under an oak tree.

Princess Diana.

35 BEST wine country weddings!

This week’s Words to Love By.

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