The beginning of summer is so magical. There are so many things to love about it – the first trip to the pool or beach, an early season family barbecue, anticipation for an upcoming vacation… But my absolute favorite thing has to be the light at dusk right before the sun goes down entirely. Doesn’t this photo from Cass Bird capture that light (and love) perfectly? What is your most favorite thing about summer?

Pretty June downloadable calendar.

Take a ride on the world’s tallest bike!

The cutest citrus juicer from Honestly Yum.

Sometimes a fun new notebook really helps my productivity.

How much would you love to snuggle up in this pillow blanket?

We love the range of beautiful paper goods from The Lettered Olive, like this unique Just Married sign.

A vase that is designed to remind you to water your plants? Brilliant!

Artist Marc Johns has a unique sense of humor that I just love. This print of his is one of my favorites.

Learn how to make an ice cream cone with your Panini maker with this ice cream drumstick recipe!

I’ve loved lobsters ever since this scene from Friends where Pheobe tells us that “lobsters mate for life” – hence why I love this Top 10 Summer Wedding Gift roundup.

Check out this great inspiration for how to add a white denim vest into your summer wardrobe from Gal Meets Glam.

Congrats Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls on your new website!


Have a lovely weekend friends!

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This is truly a happy weekend post! Kathryn and Ryan welcomed their baby girl this week and the whole family is happy and healthy. As Kathryn heads into baby-landia (her word, can’t take credit), I will be taking over Happy Weekend posts. Don’t worry, I’m sure she will pop back in every so often with updates on life with Baby Girl Grady. My first post of Friday links includes new found gems, as well as a few tried and true places on the web I find myself revisiting all the time. Do you have any websites or blogs you can’t get enough of? Or maybe a video you’ve watched more times than you’re willing to admit?

Meet baby Caroline! How beautiful is she?

A “must pack” item for your next summer adventure - soaps to go! Such a genius idea  made even better with beautiful packaging!

Can’t you see these fun pins as bridesmaid gifts or shower favors? I especially like “ice cream aficionado”…

I love any kind of ballet, but this bird ballet is something else…

I’ll admit, I’m an obsessive desktop background changer. This background from the Design Love Fest Dress Your Tech series is fun AND functional.

Check out these DIY Projects – Rope Edition round up from Apartment Therapy.

Bet you didn’t know there were this many expressions of espresso! Via Fast Co. Design

If you’re a DIY bride, you’ll love these envelope addressing tips! (This post goes along nicely with our 50 of the best fonts for weddings invites post this week! Fancy that!)

Can you imagine stumbling across this geode art project? Via Knot and Bow

Still Motion has such a way of telling stories through their wedding cinema. One of my favorites.

Have you ever played around with the Adobe Kuler tool? Could be an awesome way to pick the perfect color palette for your wedding?

P.S. Thank you for having me, I’m excited to be here! – Shanley


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This weekend Ryan and I are heading up to Garden Valley Ranch to pick out a rose that we’ll plant to celebrate the arrival of our little girl (whenever she decides to make her appearance). Otherwise, with two weeks until my due date, we’re just playing the waiting game and trying to get ready as much as we can (whatever that means!). I also wanted to mention that this will be my last Happy Weekend post for awhile – but fret not! Starting next week, our awesome new intern, Shanley, will be stepping in with link round-ups every Friday while I’m on maternity leave, and she has some excellent picks lined up already (I got a little sneak peek). Until then, here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week…

Love this peek at master floral designer Ariella Chezar at work, by Tiger in a Jar.

Get in the mood for summer with fruity striped ice cubes.

DIY Fathers Day sampler gift boxes from Oh Happy Day.

Loving this burger cake and this chocolate bar cake.

Beautiful pics of Appalachian spring plus a recipe for strawberry balsamic black pepper jam.

Homemade sprinkles.

The queen in technicolor.

Sweet customizable family tree.

Summer fruits by Amy Walters, via You Are My Fave.

What a perfectly, beautifully simple hair clip.

Masking tape art and a masking tape party.

Adore the small objects from Coral & Tusk, especially the rabbit pocket doll.

Tornado relief benefit t-shirt, via Design Crush.


We’ll be off Monday to honor Memorial Day, but have a happy weekend everyone and we’ll see you Tuesday!

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With my due date just around the corner, Ryan and I are trying to really take advantage of the time we have left with just the two of us. Nothing particularly fancy, just spending as much time together as we can before baby arrives. That and figuring out how to install the carseat.

Manyara Home Manyara Home

I want to live inside Manyara Home’s Instagram feed, via This is Glamorous.

The Designer Says

I would love to visit the Rain Room.

Adorable little oven boxes for cupcakes, via Inspire Co.

Abercrombie & Fitch gets a brand readjustment.

Up and away in these flying houses!

Birthday box of chocolate.

How sweet is this proposal story?!

Wedding invitation timeline from Crafty Pie Press.

And flavored marshmallows – yum!

Such a pretty DIY rehearsal dinner invitation suite.

Have you had your rhubarb fix yet this year?

Have a happy weekend, everyone!


Crafty Pie Press is a sponsor of Snippet & Ink.

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As I get ready to become a mother, the relationship I have with my own mom takes on a whole new meaning, and I find myself appreciating her more every day. She is generous, creative, funny, open, and I hope I can give my own daughter half of what my mom has given me. Happy Mother’s Day, Mimi! I love you!

Me and my mom, April 1984.

And some links to kick off your weekend:

Gorgeous gold-flecked dress, via Miss Moss.

Spring greens.

I might need to make these best-ever skillet chocolate chip cookies

A lovely wedding certificate from Flourish & Whim.

Hilariously quirky piñatas via You Are My Fave.

Loving the covers of these Decomposition Books.

Red SOLO cups get fancy, via Design Crush.

How about a waffle bar for your next party? Or a post-wedding brunch?

Goldenrod and blueberries.

The importance of family stories, via Hither & Thither.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend, everyone!

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