It’s such a treat to see something that’s been inspired by one of my inspiration boards! The ladies at Azulsahara, were inspired by Board #476: China Cabinet to create Viena, a modern spin on that classic, preppy look. Well-known by European brides, Azulsahara wedding stationery has recently become available in the United States, so if you love it, you can have it!

I just love this look and color combination, and was inspired to round up some gorgeous blue and white china patterns – in case you’re looking for some registry inspiration…

Austin Floral Indigo  //  Botanic Blue  //  Oriente Italiano
Cornflower Lace  //  Blue Italian  //  Blue Aves
Dolphin’s Blue  //  Asiatic Pheasants  //  Prince Bleu
Charlotte Moss South Hampton  //  Anna Weatherley Blue  //  Imperial Blue
Blue Fluted Mega  //  Blue Onion  //  Pearl Blue
Landscape Shibori  //  Jasper Conran Blue Butterfly  //  Blue Fluted Half Lace

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  1. Kate

    Blue and white china is my favorite! All these patterns remind me of my mom- she has plates like this all over her house! I love them.

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  2. Nora

    gorgeous and classic!

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  3. Bekka

    Blue and white is my favorite! Here’s some more china to take a gander at. It’s actually my pattern and I LOVE it! by Ralph Lauren%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D30%26ruleId%3D69%26slotId%3D1

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  4. Hailey

    Wow, those are lovely! I am regretting not registering for China.

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  5. CN

    Blue + white china is perfect. My all-time favorite is the beautiful and classic stuff put out by Royal Copenhagen. Someday, I might splurge on a set…

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  6. Wedding Invitations

    I absolutely adore China, and filigree/blue & white designs/patterns on wedding invites. So elegant!

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  7. Angela

    Beautiful collection!

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  8. Jennifer @ Eco And Elsie

    Droooooooling! I’ve had a thing for blue and white ever since I saw Zooey Deschanel on the cover of Domino Mag (a looong time ago) and she painted a whole room blue or something. And thus began my little love affair with blue… Thank you for sharing all these wonderful plates!

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  9. Jennifer

    Don’t forget about my favorite…Hadley Pottery (…I’m addicted, so many patterns to choose from, all blue and white!

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  10. Christine

    I really love blue and white china… you don’t even need a lot for it to look great. Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Decorated Life

    Is that blue wallpaper? Great idea..

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  12. invitesweddings invitaitons

    Blue + white china is perfect.! Keep em coming!

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  13. WENDY

    Blue and white is calming to the spirit. Beautiful table capes can be made with mismatched blue transferware.

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