Problem: You have a bunch of bridesmaids who all have different body types, different styles, and you want them all to feel great in the dress you choose for them to wear (while coordinating with each other and your wedding).

Solution: Dessy’s Twist Wrap Dress! You choose the fabric and the color, then let your ladies decide how to wear it! Halter? Strapless? One-shoulder? Sleeves? With at least 9 different possibilities for twisting and wrapping, and available both long and short, every one of your bridesmaids will feel beautiful standing up next to you on your big day. 

As a bridesmaid in a wedding later this year, the thing I appreciate most about the Twist Wrap Dress is that it gives you options. You buy one dress, and then play around with which wrap style you like best – you can even change your mind at the very last second! I love that! And with over 25 colors to choose from, the bride is guaranteed to find one (or a few) that works with her wedding palette, which means everyone is happy.

The fabric choices are all great for packing, so bridesmaids who have to travel for your wedding don’t have to worry about the dress getting messed up in her suitcase. And actually, this same quality makes the Twist Wrap Dress a great piece to take with you on your honeymoon – no reason to let your bridesmaids have all the fun! Maybe in Ginger pink or Oasis blue?

I’d love to know… how would you wear the Dessy Twist Wrap Dress? Share your favorite style in the comments!


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