Crocheted magnolia leaves, movie theater popcorn at home, and have a happy weekend!

phoebe wahl

Just delighted by this envelope!

And by these whimsical crocheted leaf sculptures.

5 ways to wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Best ever excuses for not handing in your homework.

I cannot get over the back of this Katie May wedding gown – stunning!

It’s citrus season and I am very interested in this grapefruit pudding cake.

A color wheel pin to brighten up your day.

What did Shakespeare really sound like?

The fading art of diagramming sentences.

An epic takedown of elite brospeak. (Is my English major showing?)

The secret ingredient to movie theater popcorn.

Sweet DIY strawberry box for an Easter basket or spring gift.

I love botanical prints on a black background, and this dramatic clutch is no exception.

And these floral Hunter boots!

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