With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I find myself thinking of family and feasts, which I think would be an excellent theme for a wedding. For today’s inspiration board, using seasonal colors (flavors) of gingerbread and pear, I imagined an intimate wedding dinner at a favorite restaurant. Since my own reception was held at a restaurant, I’ve seen what a wonderful choice it can be for a wedding celebration, especially if it’s a chance to share one of your favorite places with your closest family and friends. Decorations would be simple here, just candles and fresh pears. And menus would be perfectly designed (Cynthia Warren comes to mind), with each guest’s name at the top of the menu at his or her seat.

Mood: rich, intimate
Palette: molasses and chocolate browns, pear and olive leaf greens, gold

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: wreath chandelier from Camino via Food Gal, I Do Films business card with wreath by Two Paperdolls via Design Work Life, photo of Swedenborgian Church interior by Q Weddings
Row 2: bowl of quince (thought they were pears, but apparently they’re quince) from Coty Farquhar, bouquet by Ariella Chezar for Brides
Row 3: brown Burberry plaid, pear and napkin photo by Rikki Snyder, photo of chocolate silk dress by Rodney Smith, gingerbread bundt cake from Smitten Kitchen


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  1. victoria

    This one speaks to me. Very pretty, Kathryn!

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  2. Andrea

    Oh I love this one! Very chic.

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  3. elizabeth

    you are an inspiration kathryn…xoxoxo

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  4. Lacy

    I’ve been following your site for a long time now and just saw you were featured in the Knot’s magazine as one of three best wedding bloggers! Congratulations, though we’ve all known this all along. Your inspiration boards truly are fantastic.

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  5. Kate

    Something about this board makes me want to go curl up with a re-read of Jane Eyre, which is to say, I love it.

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  6. Deborah

    Just an FYI: The bowl is filled with quince not pears. Lovely board otherwise.

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  7. Heather Gilson

    This makes me want to paint a pear today!

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  8. Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie

    Such a lovely combination!!!



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  9. Kaitlin

    Oh these colors are so warm and rich. So lovely!

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  10. Kelli Crannell {Here’s To You . . . Weddings and Events}


    Another one of your inspiration boards for me to obsess over. I love it!!!!!

    Here’s to you . . .


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  11. Grace

    I love chocolate~so I love this theme~

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