Eat Together, The Envelope Series and Have a Happy Weekend!


Do you follow the envelope series?

This couple, who have been married for 37 years, dress in matching outfits and it’s pretty adorable!

Something so easy, yet so powerful.

Congrats on your new site, Shannon!  (The before & afters are incredible!)

Have you heard of Emma Watson‘s magic powers?

These look delicious, definitely going to test them out this weekend.

Mama bear.

This old cement factory turned modern home is incredible.

Just a little obsessed with this. Do you think it’s acceptable for brunch?!

Which 90’s workout video is right for you?

Move over iPhone, I just became a watch person thanks to this!

Churros with chocolate sauce, enough said.

And finally…don’t miss what’s been going on this week on Snippet & Ink:

Modern At Home Wedding in Michigan.

Dramatic Wedding in a Forest!

Classic Kir Royale.

Modern Wedding in Wine Country.

Words To Love By No 79. (It’s from a popular Coldplay song!)


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