Gorgeous rings don’t have to cost a pretty penny! Between boutique designers, Etsy sellers, and vintage and estate curators there are plenty of unique engagement rings within budget. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites in varying styles, all under $2,500!

BULGARI gold, pearl, and diamond bypass Ring via 1st Dibs, $1,800 / Victorian gold, pearl and diamond ring via 1st Dibs, $2,450 / Early 1900’s moonstone ring by Erica Weiner, $340 / Graduated diamond and opal band by Erica Weiner, $1,200 / Baby pearl bud ring by Alex Monroe, $200 / The Beatrix ring via Brilliant Earth, $2,400

Five stone pear cut sapphire diamond band by Sam n Sue, $1,390 / Chrysalite 5-stone ring via 1st Dibs, $1,950 / Sensual antique natural pearl and diamond band via 1st Dibs, $2,500 / Radiant diamond and natural pearl band via 1st Dibs, $2,300 / Crescent diamond ring by Bario Neal, $2,222 / 18K Champagne five stone band by Sam n Sue, $1,050

Hermes diamond “H” yellow-gold ring via 1st Dibs, $1,700 / Square diamond stackable ring via Nordstrom, $1,395 / 18K yellow gold Yasmine ring with white diamonds by Stone via mytheresa.com, $917 / White diamond band ring by Blanca Monros Gomez via Shop Bop, $1,630 / Diamond bubble eternity band by Rebecca Overmann via palasjewelers.com, $1,730 / Baguette diamond band by Bario Neal, $2,475

Cordate ring via BHLDN, $420 / Round rose cut diamond ring by Conroy & Wilcox, $2,240 / “Wheat” diamond ring by Anna Sheffield via greenwichjewelers.com, $2,000 / Rose cut diamond stack band by Dawes Design via palasjewelers.com, $1,575 / Diamond engagement ring via 1st Dibs, $2,200 / Avens ring by Bario Neal, $2,200

The Bolero Ring via Brilliant Earth, $2,450 / Viola’s treasure signet ring by Elisa Solomon via Cat Bird, $1,260 / Savoy art deco ring via Trumpet and Horn, $1,800 / Dover art deco ring via Trumpet and Horn, $500 / Victorian-era “MIA” cigar band by Erica Weriner, $600 / Art Nouveau diamond ring via 1st Dibs, $1,800

Rose and vine ring by Alex Monroe, $200 / Knot ring by Gabriela Artigas via Shop Bop, $198 / Horseshoe ring by Erica Weiner, $500 / White topaz scallop ring by Jamie Wolf via Shop Bop, $1,200 / “Loved” ring by Nora Kogan, $576 / Rose gold bezel heart ring via Rare Earth Etsy shop, $365

Pavlova pink sapphire ring by Elisa Solomon via Cat Bird, $2,318 / Edwardian amethyst and seed pearl ring via Doyle & Doyle, $985 / Square turquoise ring by Mociun, $2,250 / Victorian Etruscan Revival coral ring via Doyle & Doyle, $2,400 / Wood nymph ring with tourmaline and diamonds by Megan Thorne via greenwichjewelers.com, $1,685 / Sapphire and diamond white gold cluster ring via 1st Dibs, $2,500

Do you have or are you considering a unique engagement ring? Which one is your favorite?

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  2. Sara

    These rings are absolutely gorgeous!

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  3. Alicebridal

    Luxurious and beautiful engagement rings.

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  4. Wendy

    Thank you for sharing such a comprehensive selection. Love all the choices!

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  5. chandra ~ oh lovely day

    great post! love so many of these rings and it is nice for couples to know there are budget-friendly options out there!

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  6. Maryn

    Love the idea of a unique engagement ring! Thanks for the inspiration :)

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  7. Jule

    Budget-friendly? Oh my… As a European (German) these sound crazy expensive to me. Why on earth would you spend that much money on an engagement ring? I just don’t get it….

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    • cg

      I agree, that’s what I thought when I read the title, $2500 isn’t budget friendly for many folks… and I’m American.

    • Shanley

      Jule, I totally agree! $2,500 is still a lot of money. This roundup has plenty that are under that amount and even under $1,000! Certainly some couples spend much more on their rings but really what it comes down to is the significance of the ring between the couple. :)

  8. CC

    I love this, It’s great how non-diamond rings are becoming more in style. I’m not a huge fan of diamonds, never have been. My dream ring would be a green amethyst.


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  10. Steve

    These rings are beautiful and to see these quality I don’t think $2500 is a big damage. Who love to wear rings can easily purchase these stunning rings. I relay like the vintage side stone rings.

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    • Shanley

      Thanks, Steve! I love rings with baguettes or side stones, too.

  11. weekenda10

    It’s a nice post. I love different type of simple ring and obviously choose for a special day.

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  12. Jewelry Expert

    For less than $2,500 you can get some really great engagement rings with many of them 1.0 ctw! at our store.

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    I really like these rings! I’ve been looking for some engagement rings that I would be interested because my boyfriend is going to propose soon and I want to get the right ring for both of us. It’s just so exciting, thanks for sharing!

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  19. wooden Rings

    Wow these rings are stunning to look at thank you for the post.. what do you think of wooden rings? i ask because i am doing wooden rings love to hear your feed back.

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