Our girl Kate Middleton loves hats and fascinators, and I hope it’s a trend that catches on – hats with the sole purpose of adding a little fun to your head!


How about a little fabulous for the bride?

{Above} Vivien Sheriff

{Clockwise from top left} Nigel Rayment, Gina Foster Millinery, Nigel Rayment, Jane Taylor Millinery


I am so wearing hats to weddings from now on. Maybe something a little bit wild…

{Above} Philip Treacy London

{Cl0ckwise from top left} Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, Gina Foster Millinery, Beth Morgan Couture, Nigel Rayment


…or maybe just an utterly delightful hat!

{Above} Vivien Sheriff

{Clockwise from top left} Rachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, Lock & Co. HattersRachel Trevor-Morgan Millinery, William Chambers Millinery

{Above} Noel Stewart


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  1. WellWed Magazine

    So funny that with all the Royal Wedding fever WellWed Magazine is holding its own royal event, the annual Hamptons Wedding Affair. Located at Brecknock Hall in Greenport, NY this luxury bridal event is true vintage-Americana–an event not to be missed! For more information visit http://www.aweddingaffair.com/hamptonsweddings/details Look forward to seeing all of you beautiful brides there!

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  2. Gloria @ I Do Venues

    I can’t wait to see the big event- going to a lunch for SF Bride Magazine- Love the hats- I’m sure we;ll see plenty of them tomorrow- thanks for the inspiration

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  3. Cocroft & Delbridge

    Ugh. Hats and fascinators are just so incredibly chic. I am in love!

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  4. a

    I absolutely ADORE hats, own several, and wear them whenever an opportunity presents itself.

    However, perhaps it’s just a U.S.A. thing, but two summers ago, I wore a hat to a wedding and the bride’s mother asked me to remove. =/ She said it looked like my ensemble was competing with the bride’s headpiece. I’m chalking it up to her being a total jerk. I haven’t ever read or heard anything in MIss Manners that said hats at weddings were inappropriate.

    Anyhoo – yes to more hats!!!!

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  5. Plum Pretty Sugar

    Love the Noel Stewart hat!! Gorgeous!



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  6. Kelly Oshiro

    Yes, I need a fabulous hat stat! My sister is getting married in London after all, you gotta do as the locals do!

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  7. Becca

    I am completely over the moon for fascinators, and I can’t wait until I have a wedding or two (or some other excuse) to wear one at! I just love the black-feathered fascinator Kate is wearing in the lower right-hand picture. I really hope they take off in America post-royal wedding!

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  8. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

    Fabulous collection you’ve shared here! Can’t wait to see what head “adornments” all the wedding guests will be wearing!

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  9. Forever Lovely

    These are all so fun and stylish! I wish that wearing hats was popular in the states! If it were I would definitely have a large collection :) Check out my blog for some Vera Wang wedding inspiration!

    -Forever Lovely


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  10. Jessica Beattie

    Life is too short to worry about what others think – Be bold, be brave, do what makes you feel good! Don’t worry about it being trendy or popular. I always suggest starting off with a small flower, and as time goes by start wearing larger and bolder headpieces.

    If you simply can’t resist donning a huge hat, hold a High Tea Hat party.

    Long live hats!

    Millinery = The Art of Making Hats
    Milliner = A Person who Makes Hats

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  11. Shelton

    I’m in. I love these! I’ll TOTALLY wear a hat to the next wedding if you will. Now, all we need is somebody else to get married!

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  12. Mel

    Being from Scotland, I wouldn’t be seen dead without a hat at a wedding. Which ended up looking a bit odd at my American cousin’s wedding in Chicago 2 years ago when I was the only person wearing a huge hat. No one there seemed to understand why I was wearing one.

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  13. Nicole

    I am so excited about this and truly hope it takes off. I think I might have to start wearing them to weddings to see if I can help add to this trend. So much fun!!

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  14. LAG – Southern Aisle

    I desperately want to be a hat person! Maybe I should move to England and work on honing that skill…

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  15. Diana

    Fascinators are Fabulous!

    – Diana

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  16. Dauphine press

    We are in love with this post – thank you for putting together such a great collection of inspiration!

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  17. elizabeth

    Wow, you have a great blog & business! These hats and other fabulous things are so fun! I had to post one of them to day!

    Bye, elizabeth

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  18. Kirby {Colors of Honey}

    I do hope the trend of wearing hats to weddings starts over here. the hats at the wedding were amazing! I don’t care how ridiculous some may have been, they were all fabulous!

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  19. Gizem

    Love all these beautiful hats!!!You know it is not so often wear these for a casual day.But I really want to use all of them:)

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