Seven of my favorite cakes pulled from 2007 inspiration boards…

Favorite cake with flowers, originally posted in Board #3: Pretty in Pink, 9/4.

Favorite cake in white, originally posted in Board #6: Rock Star Nobility, 9/5.

Favorite cake with fruit, originally posted in Board #21: Homespun Charm, 10/1.

Favorite cake topper, originally posted in Board #22: Sweetness and Light, 10/1.

Favorite cake with color, originally posted in Board #47: Nordic Winter, 10/25.

Favorite cake with greens, originally posted in 12 Days of Christmas #3, 11/28.


See all of my favorites right here.

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  1. Katherine

    Ooh I love so many of your boards! But I love these 3 the best…Board #75: Rustic Cranberry and Orange (so fall in an area that doesn’t get to experience the colors of fall unless we decorate with them inside)Board #67: A Little Bird Told Me… (A mix of my 2 fav colors aqua and brown)Board #86: A Maine Coast Wedding (more blue and brown but with the beach theme thrown in-love it!)Thanks for posting all of your wonderful boards online they are so much fun to look through!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!-Katherine

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  2. Lucky Designs

    I have to say my favorites are…Board #4 – Take the Train Board #41 – So Fresh and So GreenBoard #60 – Rebeckah’s Miami-in-Toronto WeddingHappy New Year!

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  3. natalie

    My favorites are-#80 Gilded Pink#78 Frog’s Leap#10 Secret GardenI love reading your posts! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  4. Jess

    You have such a wonderful talent. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. All of the boards are so beautiful in their own way, but the three that stood out the most to me are:#4: Take the Train#68: Hunting Party#75: Rustic Cranberry and OrangeThanks for brightening the internet with such a great blog! I’m looking forward to many more inspiration boards. Have a blessed new year.

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  5. Tanya

    I had a VERY hard tim narrowing it down to only three. But I think these are the tops in my book:#97 Tanya’s Green Wedding (i might be a tad biased about that one though *smile*)#43 Waterfront Wedding (if we were getting married at my finacee’s family’s lake house, this would be my inspiration)#34 Great Gatsby (if I was having a more formal affair, this would definitely be the direction I’d go)Thanks for the great blog. I enjoy checking it everyday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Tanya

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  6. Mika

    It was really hard to just pick 3…I had to narrow it down from oh, around twenty or so. But here they are in no particular order.1. #90: Chartreuse & Raspberry2. #81: Anje’s Modern Romance3. #43: Waterfront WeddingThanks for all the inspiration! Tamika

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  7. Grace Kim

    How fun!!! Thanks for sharing these inspirational boards! Here are my top favorites:1st . Board #38: Cool White[For my 30th birthday, I’m going to have a white soirée. I absolutely love white everything!]2nd . Board #29: City Hall Champagne Chic[I grew up not liking pink like every girl for some reason, but now I embrace it – especially in such a chic palette like this.]3rd . Board #34: Gatsby by Night[Something about the style of this era is simply gorgeous.]

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  8. Yasmin

    It was hard to choose just three that I loved but here are my personal favorites, the ones that made me rethink my wedding scheme.– Board 11: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.– Board 42: Chocolate & Roses– Board 67: A Little Bird told Me.I love the mix of fun and elegant. Happy Holidays…looking forward to more beautiful boards in 2008.-Yasmin

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