For Japan With Love

I am always so inspired by the way people come together when bad things happen, and the internet is such an amazing facilitator for action. Tomorrow I’ll be participating in a Bloggers’ Day of Silence, organized by Utterly Engaged and Ever Ours. This means no posting on Friday, as a way to bring awareness and to acknowledge the devastation in Japan.

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can participate by making a donation to Shelterbox USA. It’s so easy to feel helpless in a time like this, but every little bit counts, and with just a couple clicks you can make a difference. Together we can send some disaster relief along with our thoughts and prayers. If you want to learn more about For Japan With Love, check out these posts on Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged. Be well, friends.


  • Hana says:

    Thank you Kathryn for letting us know of this! I’m from Japan but live abroad. I hear stories of survivor’s shelter with 2000 people and only 450 blankets while it’s snowing outside and no oil for heater. No gas to move them out of the area. One rice ball shared by 4 people… More than anything they need food, blankets and gas. Even though we live far, we can help by donating and it’s true that every little helps. So THANK YOU for raising the awareness and spreading the word.

  • Thanks your post and for bringing attention to the crisis in Japan. Everyone should do whatever they can to help the people of Japan.

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