Today I get to share Ed Peers‘s work with you for the second time, and I’m just as excited about it as I was the first time around! Not only are his photos some of the loveliest I’ve seen, but his clients are so thoughtful in the way they approach their weddings. Perfect inspiration for those in the midst of planning…

Alex wore a custom gown (in silver satin!), made by a friend from the theater, costume designer Lynn Hamilton. The bride tells us it was “based on combination of my grandmother’s dress, some dresses I tried on, some seen on blogs, and some vintage patterns Lynn had access to. The monogrammed ‘W’ back buckle was a bargain find on eBay.”

Though the wedding wasn’t especially traditional, there were a few wedding customs followed. Say Mike and Alex: “We threw confetti after the ceremony, and we accidentally found ourselves in a receiving line (a good idea in the end)!”

Guests played card games and got silly with a limbo pole, including the best man who demonstrated his gymnastic skills by somersaulting over the it.

A friend designed the Deco-inspired signage, and Alex silk screened 100 tea towels with a hilarious quote from The Princess Bride

Instead of a formal wedding cake, the couple asked their guests to bake treats. Says Alex, “One of our favorite moments was when we sneaked off into the great hall before the guests, and the cake table – beautifully lit, covered in a spectacular display of our guests’ cakes – just took our breath away. The cake table looked STUNNING, and it was such a wonderful reminder of how much our friends cared.” Instead of a cake cutting, the couple had a ribbon cutting to kick off the dessert course!

Alex and Mike kindly took the time to share some details about the day!

Why did you choose this location for your wedding?  When we first discussed our wedding, we agreed only two material things mattered – the venue and the food. We stumbled across Eltham Palace and fell in love with it. Discovering that our favorite Sunday brunch place was an approved caterer was pure kismet, and the look and feel of the day just followed – vintage (with nods to Art Deco), a bit rustic, but not overly-fussy or feminine. We’re a very relaxed and informal couple, so we wanted our guests to feel the same way.

What inspired you when you were planning your wedding?  We have a house filled with items that are antique, vintage, retro and modern, and love the informal feel it creates. Alex spent an afternoon creating a mood-room: a display of all the objects around the house that spoke about the look we were going for. We were in full agreement, and sent photos of that display to our vendors so they could see what we were aiming for. Also, as we met working in theater, we wanted a few subtle nods to that, and wanted the tone to be slightly bawdy and not too serious at all – see our cocktail names for a taste of that!

Do you have any DIY tips for other brides?  For DIY projects, make a list well before, budget this up, analyze what you can do yourself and what can be farmed out to helpful mates in the months and weeks leading up to the day. Cross off anything that isn’t something within your comfort zone (I wish I’d done more screenprinting at college – it was crazy getting 100 of those tea towels done!), but enlist friends wherever possible. As we saw it, they’re the ones who’ll shape your memories of the day, so having them involved throughout makes it all so much more special.

What advice do you have for other brides?  Don’t panic when seemingly-important things go wrong – Alex’s bespoke wedding ring, picked up the day before the wedding after a second attempt, was a disaster, and the maid of honor had to talk Alex down from floods of tears! Alex rang her mother and discovered that, when she married Alex’s father, her wedding ring wasn’t finished yet. Her mum ended up getting married with her engagement ring – so Alex did the same.



Signature Drinks: “Bitter Union” (Orange Juice, Ginger, Whiskey) and “The Mayday” (Rose, Elderflower, Melon, Sparkling Mint, Gin) // Canapes: Giant Green Olives, Crudités, Selection of Toasted Breads // Seabream Filet with Rosemary and Garlic served with Rouille / Shoulder of Lamb Stuffed with Preserved Lemons, Apricots, Spinach, Pink Peppercorns served with Salsa Verde // Braised English Tomatoes and Aubergines with Herbs, Olive Oil and Garlic / Charlotte Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Samphire / Spanish Chopped Salad with Smoked Paprika and Sherry Vinaigrette / Slaw with Roast Garlic and Lemon Mayonnaise / Asparagus and French Beans, with Lemon-Thyme Vinaigrette / Foccacia and Sourdough // Artisan cheeses / Homemade Cakes



Photography: Ed Peers / Venue: Eltham Palace and Gardens in London / Bride’s custom dress: Lynn Hamilton / Bride’s shoes: Anthropologie / Bridesmaid dresses: H&M and COS / Groom’s suit: A Suit That Fits / Groom’s shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt / Flowers: Violets & Velvet / Catering: Hand Made Food

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    Absolutely gorgeous!

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    I love all of the stationary items – so beautiful!

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  4. Alejandra

    I LOVE the cheese sign!!

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    • Alex (the bride!)

      Funny story: I dictated it over the phone. He heard the pun where I didn’t. It was only when I printed it out to frame it that I saw what he did, and we all burst out laughing. The man is a GENIUS!

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    this is lovely!!!

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    Absolutely love this wedding!
    The signs are so cool! Brides’ dress is stunning!
    Joyce Goeppinger

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    Ah- so lovely! Has a an elegant Great Gatsby feel to it.

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    oooooh J’adore – c’est chique! Love this wedding, so subtle – a little vintage twist goes a long way

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  9. Sarah

    Really love the tribue to The Princess Bride in their wedding. I really hope that was their favor to their guests. That would be super cute framed with guests own wedding photos. And that dress? Super stunning. I think silver is a classy alternative to white.

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    Gorgeous – JUST GORGEOUS! And the bride’s gown, *le sigh*. Heavenly. She looks sooo lovely. Congrats to you both!

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    OH MY GOSH!!! madly in love with the Princess Bride tea towels…I WANT ONE!

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    Beautiful, elegant, and a what classy aesthetic. Fantastic photography!

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  13. Lacy

    Who prepared the stationary? I’ve been looking for something with a similar feel. Beautiful wedding and the bride’s hair is phenominal!

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    • Alex (the bride!)

      Me! Most fun of all was flexing those design muscles – I’m an event producer so don’t get to have that sort of fun any more…!

    • Alex (the bride!)

      Whoops, to clarify and give credit where due – me and Mike designed the programme, I did the tea towel and table plan, all other signage our friend Tony.

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    her gown is ever so chic!

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    Such an elegant wedding!


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  16. Alex (the bride!)

    Dear all

    Yes, this is the bride!

    I was so SUPER EXCITED to hear from Ed Peers that Snippet & Ink wanted to cover our wedding – this site was such an inspiration through the whole process, we could not have tied our own ideas together without the ideas and expertise this place provides. THANK YOU!

    In repines to all the above, thank you all so much for your kind comments and compliments! It was a fabulous day, and Ed’s photos did every minute justice.

    To answer your questions – I designed the tea towel with our favourite quote (I trained as a graphic designer), but our friend Tony did all the frame signs (he does theatre posters as a sideline!). The tea towels were indeed favours.

    I just want to give a little big-up to Vintage Style Hire, who provided many vital props to our day, as I think I forgot to mention them!

    If you’re preparing for your big day, good luck and enjoy! And remember to look to Snippet & Ink for inspiration!

    A x

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    • Abigail

      What a beautiful wedding! I was so excited to see this as I’m also getting married at Eltham Palace next year… I’m going down a similar route with a nod to art deco and I have been searching for ages for the perfect photo frames and you have them at your wedding! I wondered if you could let me know either where you got them from or if you’d sell them to me!? Many Thanks!!

  17. Alex (the bride!)

    Oh, and as a cheeky aside – not Great Gatsby inspired! Never read it! Actually, much more Jeeves & Wooster inspired! ;)
    A x

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    gorgeous gorgeousness… every detail. and, that dress — wow!

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    This wedding is delightful in every way. The tea towels are too cute!

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    gorgeous wedding – loving the emotion captured…

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    I got three of those tea-towels! YOINK!

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    Her hair! Her dress! That church! This wedding is perfection. Seems like it’s totally them, too.

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    amazing photos as usual ed!

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