Boards #33 and #34 | The Great Gatsby

Today’s boards are variations on a Great Gatsby theme.

Board #33: Gatsby by Day

Mood: country club chic
Palette: pastel pink, green, white

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: cake from Brides, veil by Lynn Kiracofe Designs, Favourbrook suit from Brides UK, bouquet from MS
Row 2: Great Gatsby party, Oscar de la Renta gown from Brides UK, centerpiece by Ariella Chezar
Row 3: invitation by Bird and Banner, table from Brides, Michelle Rago frog corsage (photo by Dasha Wright), garland via {frolic}
Row 4: hat from Hats and Veils, photo from Jacqueline Property Rentals

If you want more ideas like this, take a look at this spread from Brides, and this post from Faye and Greer.

Board #34: Gatsby by Night

Mood: swanky Art Deco
Palette: black, cream, chocolate

{click image to enlarge}

Top row from left: photo from Brides, flapper, invitation from The Knot, earrings from Aspire Auctions
Row 2: bouquet via Wedding Flowers Guide, desserts from MS, pearls, garland from MS
Row 3: Stacy Kane photo via Classic Bride, vintage poster, Youlin dress from Brides
Row 4: Diane von Furstenburg dress at Neiman Marcus, image from Brides UK, April Reed cake via Love Made Visible, bouquet from MS

Update! Check out this fabulous post over at Perfect Bound – lots of Roaring 20’s inspiration.
Update! How about some of these paper goods from Tinsel Trading – I especially like the bride and groom card, and the menu.
Update! Look at this beautiful dress by Claire Pettibone – I think it work well in either of these boards.


  • Anonymous says:

    I love the Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. He never fails in his designs. And neither do you. :)

    Martha B.

  • Lauren says:

    Two great boards! I recently finished re-reading The Great Gatsby, and I love the idea of a Gatsby-inspired affair. :)

  • perfect bound says:

    You make me want to sit through AP English all over again. I love a little F. Scott with my tiara. Thanks once again for the shout out. You would like (maybe) my post on long sleeves. Very roaring.

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