[Leila and I are both California girls who fell in love with Wisconsin boys, and she’s been a dear friend to me as we both planned our own weddings the past year. Usually she’s sharing her thoughts and inspiration over at Inspired By This, but today she’s here with a lovely guest post!]

If any of you have visited my blog or website, stopped by my office or can guess what color my home is then you know that GREEN is my absolute favorite color. I don’t discriminate when it comes to Green: Lime, Chartreuse, Emerald, Mint, Olive… they all get me oh so excited!

{Elizabeth Messina}

However, green has more than surface beauty. It symbolizes living and thriving, it is growth, abundance and forward motion. We see it daily at traffic lights signaling people to move ahead, on a vine bearing new fruit, and in tiny stems pushing their way upward from the earth.

{Sunday Suppers}

Every Winter, the weather strips the trees of their leaves and the fields of their grasses, but we always know Spring will evoke life once again.  Green is everywhere: Symbolizing life is fresh and new and full of beginnings!

{Jose Villa}

As you plan your wedding, look for what inspires you! Is it a texture? A picture? A season? or a Color? If you love Green like I do then this post is for you!

May You Be Inspired!

{Leo Patrone}

A note to Kathryn: Kathryn I am so happy for you. Congrats on getting married! It’s been a wonderful time sharing in the wedding planning process together as we both prepared for our own weddings. I am moved that you asked me to be a part of this memorable journey and honored to call you a friend. The best of life is yet to come. Cherish it always.


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  1. Miss Type A

    This is so fresh and clean looking! love it :)

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  2. Rachel – theWeddingVine

    I agree, Fresh and clean we’re the first words to my mind too! Gorgeous inspiration!

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  3. Our Wedding Videographers

    What a gorgeous air of freshness. So clean and cool :D

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  4. Joy Nudd

    What a great post. My fave color is green too! Warm fuzzy and refreshing color. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  5. Leila @ Be Inspired PR

    It turned out so beautiful! I love the way you laid it out! What a joy to be able to guest blog and be apart of this amazing journey with you. Congrats on the wedding this weekend! LOVE you!

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    gorgeous! so beautiful and inspiring! congrats kathryn!!!!!!

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  7. Liz

    I must inquire, the green shoes that the bride is wearing in the photograph, where did she get those? I met my future husband on St. Pattys day and we are trying to incorporate green into the ceremony and just fell in love with those shoes!
    Thank you for the inspiration and congrats Kathryn!

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  8. Kate@MagnoliaRouge

    I’m with you Leila – green is absolutely my favourite colour too.. I’ll take any shade!! Gorgeous selection!

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  9. Erica Ann

    Love this wedding! Its so fresh and light!

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  10. kat flower

    excited to see one of my arrangements {via sunday suppers} on snippet & ink! love your blog x

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