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This month, ArtCarved Bridal invited me to be their August guest blogger, and asked me to share a little about my personal style and what inspires me, and I have to say – it was tough to narrow it down! Some of the things that I shared were…

…whimsical packaging and labels, especially vintage and retro ones.

…arrangements of white flowers and lush foliage – they feel like a little piece of garden in a vase.

…vintage botanical prints. They just make me smile, especially when I come across a special one at a flea market or antique store.

In talking about my personal style, ArtCarved also asked me to pick my favorite engagement ring from their collection – also tough to narrow down! There were a few that I really loved, but my very favorite is the Ashley ring – it feels timeless and elegant and like everything I’d want in a ring.

I also love the Ariel (so Princess Diana) and the Ivory. Who am I kidding – there are lots more lovelies where these came from!

See the rest of my guest post over at ArtCarved Bridal (I may or may not have indulged in a one-sentence gush about my husband…), and check out all of their beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands. Which one fits your personal style?


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(Flower Credits: Ariella ChezarLisa Lefkowitz // Nicolette CamilleJana Williams)

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